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The Meaning Of Kindness

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Kindness is one short word but associated with many positive traits. Being generous, helpful, hospitable, considerate, polite, compassionate, thoughtful, and having affection are associated with kindness. All of us learned this virtue in different places like in school, in church, and inside our home. Many people teach us how to be kind and how to do something good to other people but still, it is our choice if we want to show kindness to them.

Kindness should always come from the heart, not fake but full of willingness to show it to other people. The main reason why people are showing kindness because they truly understand the real meaning of love that they received from above and they want to pour it out to other people. There are two kinds of kindness, one is genuine and the other one is pretentious. People with genuine kindness will not check if there are people who are looking at them before they do and show it. Meaning genuine kindness does not choose the place, time, and person to show it. Genuine kindness will not be base on how many people will know it but it will always be based on the motive of the heart. Second is pretentious kindness, some people are showing kindness for them to be popular and for them to gain sympathy. This attitude is full of pretentious and this Is only based on their selfish motives and also on how many people will see them.

Kindness can make our place a happy one. Being kind will not cost anything but it can make a difference. Helping with others, saying nice words, and treating them with compassion is part of being kind and these actions can change someone's life. Showing kindness will always be beneficial to other people but it can also be your continuous motivation to do good to others. Whatever you have done well to them will be done to you soon. Much better to choose to be kind and do good to others than to choose to do something that will hurt other people so, in the end, you will not regret anything.

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Kindness is a reflection of who you are. If your heart is full of kindness, it will automatically overflow to the people around you. It will be easy for you to be a cheerful giver and you can give to others generously, it is easy for you to be thoughtful because you know how to value people around you, it is so easy for you to help those people who are in need without hesitation because you are doing it for the interest of other people, and it is also easy for you to treat people around you nicely because you know that they deserve it. Thinking others interest first make you humble in any situation and your kindness in your heart will continue to bloom.

Kindness is a virtue that is so important wherever you will go and whoever you are with. Believe it or not, kindness is something that all people have. No matter how you talk and do bad things to others, still there is kindness in your heart that no one can remove. All of us were born with kindness in our hearts even a robber, addict, thief, and other people who committed crime still have kindness.

Showing kindness always starts at home. If you can show kindness to your siblings and all family members then only you can be kind towards others. There is something wrong if you are only kind to your friends, neighbors, and colleague but to your family is the opposite. Kindness should be shown in the family first. We have learned many things from our home with our family including kindness. So, applied the kindness that you have learned in your family first then after to others.

Kindness is for everyone, kindness is everywhere, kindness is always free and kindness can change people. We believe that when we do good to others, others will also do good to us. So, show your kindness genuinely to others even in secret and surely others will show the same to you. Being kind to others will not only change them but it will also make you be a better human.

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