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Creating A Kindness Society

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In today's modern society the connection between humans is fading away faster and faster and will probably be gone in about 45 years to come if nothing changes. People no longer feel the need to know the person right next to them or talk to others during their free time. This disconnection is caused by the rapid advancement of TECHNOLOGY, everyone seems to be very caught up with their devices to see and understand what is actually going on around them. Furthermore, although media has relieved us from our kindness duties, there are still people who have not tagged along the train and still practice acts of kindness. But there is a possibility to change these outcomes because what if these new technologies that are advancing day by day where paired with kindness and be used as a way of changing the lives of many. This essay with explain and explore ways in which acts of kindness can benefit humankind and how technology can be implied in these acts of kindness.

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Firstly, What is kindness? Kindness in most dictionaries is defined as being caring, gentle, friendly or generous, but I believe that the meaning of kindness can be extended further and emphasised in a much better way. The Australian Kindness Movement which states that an act of kindness is a message from one heart to another in an act of love or it could be unspoken exemplifies a more dipper understanding of the topic. To add on, Kindness, when it is allowed to flourish, is a flowing current that supports the being of man which is extremely basic in our world. To add on Kindness is something that everyone should strive to express throughout their life. Showing kindness to others is a basic aspect that is commonly learned during childhood.

Secondly, in my own opinion kindness is a quality that can be passed on to another person. When a person observes or sees another person helping out and being kind, they become inspired to act the same way, an example is a study done by Piliavin in the New York where there where to people under critical conditions one was a cane victim and another a drunk victim, both of these victims where to fall on the ground in the middle of the subway and Piliavin the experiment-or was observing to see how many people would help and how diffusion of responsibility would affect the people. I do not think their is any other feeling that compares to how one would feel when they see someone being kind and helping out a stranger, in my own experience when I find myself in the type of encounter where I see other helping out and being kind I can not resist the urges of wanting to do the same thing because it is our human nature.

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