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The Features Of Kindness Quality

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Kindness is a virtue that these days is seldom found. These days, people are so busy fulfilling their own wants and needs that they ignore those of others. For the rest, being kind to others is out of the question. Kindness is the quality of being respectful to others and considerate. It is a quality not shared by everyone.

Kindness simply means that people around us are good. It can be accomplished by being respectful to them, giving them emotional support, financially assisting them, improving their confidence, or simply encouraging them. Not only are good words and kind deeds performed by us a boon for the recipient, but they are also a blessing for us. It gives us a sense of pride and pleasure when we support others with their activities, be nice to them and do other such acts of kindness.

It is said that a person with a friendly disposition and an interest in others is kind. These individuals have empathy for others. Whenever there is a need, they assist others around them and never hesitate to go out of their way to put a smile to the face of others. It does not necessarily mean doing something major for them to display compassion towards others. It can be anything as tiny as being nice and providing someone with emotional support. It can be anything as simple as putting a smile to everyone surrounds you. These acts of kindness do not take long, but can make a huge difference in the life of the other person.

You don't have to be a millionaire to be good to the people around you and give support. You just need to have a heart that's healthy. Each one of us has something for the world to offer. We just need to accept what it is. Besides, we need to understand the need for people around us to be compassionate. We need to realize that if people are kind to each other, the world will become a much happier place.

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We have to be kind to others and support in whatever way we can if God has been kind enough to give us the things we need. While we have to participate selflessly in acts of kindness without expecting anything in return, it is said that no act of kindness, even the smallest, goes unnoticed. This is because, at all times, God is watching us. And for being honest in his ways, he is known.

As compared to the occasions when we get into fights, or criticize others or raise our voice, being kind in general and being friendly with others keeps us in a good mood. Likewise, giving someone even a little support makes us feel good about ourselves. Helping and being kind to others gives us an immediate sense of contentment. And everything we offer comes in abundance back to us.

However, if we show kindness to someone in hopes of having anything in exchange, it is not considered an act of kindness. Rather, it is an act of selfishness. What is the most prevalent characteristic that individuals search for in a relationship? It's nothing more than kindness. No one wants to be friends with individuals who are rude, arrogant, vain and haughty. Those who are polite, soft-hearted, kind and supportive, everybody likes. We have to be kind to those around us, but as it is said that charity starts at home, we have to start with our loved ones.

Many individuals are kind and friendly to their neighbors, friends and colleagues, but with their immediate family members, such as their wife, parents, children , and siblings, they are rude. They scold them, pay no attention to them, and sometimes indulge in their claims. No matter how good they are with people outside or the amount of charity they do, such people can not be considered kind. If they are not kind at home, to preserve a good appearance outside, they are merely wearing a facade.They are frustrated inside, in fact, and all of their frustration comes out at home.

If an individual is really kind at heart, both at home and outside, he will be equally kind. Being kind to individuals without wanting anything in return promotes inner harmony and joy. It makes it sweeter for existence. It is not daunting to practice kindness. It should be the greatest aim of each of us to show compassion to those around us. Try it and see if this can be one of life's most joyous moments.

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