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I observed that the toddlers were behaving admirably. I didn't notice any negative conduct. The toddlers were associated with the staff and other toddlers who were from different gender, color, or culture. The toddlers' conduct was positive toward the staff and different children from various cultures or sex. The staff treats all the toddlers the equivalent. I saw that the center gives the correspondence between the toddlers. The program advances social and enthusiastic skills through direction and order. The staffs...
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There are so many written portions on Child Abuse and its effect on toddler Development in world literature for the last 50 years. From this written literature erected almost 10 years of posted literature. The reviewer is attempting to overlook some chosen literature as stated above in defining and assessing in the precis stage below What is Child Abuse? Child abuse is any structure of cruelty to a child. It is any conduct that motives damage to a child. It...
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Name of Learning Material(s): Sensory Pillow (Different texture fabrics and materials) Age Group: 12 to 18 Months Description of learning materials and anticipated use: My learning material is a sensory pillow, that is stuffed with three different materials, inside so the child can feel and explore the materials in and on the outside of the pillow. The material that is used in the stuffing is, regular pillow stuffing for the first half, beads for the second half that are sealed...
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The audio recording is conducted during an indoor playtime and was engaged using cue cards, relating to the best interest topic of the focus child, to better enhance the communication. The purpose of this work is to analyze the pedagogical significance and quality of interaction which could potentially affect an infant or toddler’s learning outcomes. “Pedagogical documentation is a process that helps educators, families, children, and communities to understand and value children’s learning” (Arthur et al., 2018). After a thorough...
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I have discovered what the toddlers most love to do and what keeps them busy for even short periods of time. I have geared my ideas toward boys because they normally have higher activity levels, but I'm sure these ideas would work great for girls too. It is well known that kids love to play with everything except their toys, and I have definitely found this to be true with toddlers. Many of the toddler program activities are inexpensive or...
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The age group of 1-3 years or “toddlers” as they are referred to is an age group of children that go through an overall vast change. The toddler will steadily grow in height and weight as they continue to grow. “The average toddler weight gain 1.36 to 2.27 (3 to 5 lb) per year. Length/ height increases by an average of 7.62 cm (3 inches ) per year. ” ( Carman S.R. K, 2019). Adequate nutrition is important as the...
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​When it comes to the health of toddlers, you wish nothing but for a healthy child. One of the biggest controversies in this generation within toddlers is whether we should immunize our children. Immunizations or vaccinations not only protect adults from infectious disease but also children “by introducing a vaccine into the body that triggers an immune response” (Immunize Immunization Canada, 2018). As toddlers are still developing, so are their immune systems. According to Allison Kempe, vaccinations are recognized as...
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There are many ways in which child could have learned to deliver temper tantrums. Firstly it could be emulation or he might have observed someone showing the same behavior. Secondly, it could be possible he might have seen or observed such behavior in the environment he lives or is associated with, like the home, school or any other places. Positive reinforcement can be defined as the probability that a particular behavior can or will take place in the future by...
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