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Communication in Relationships Essays

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Testing the Reliability and Validity of the Couples Illness Communication Scale: Analysis of the Role of Communication in Relationships

Introduction Currently, one in three adults suffers from one or more chronic conditions (Marengoni et al., 2011). A chronic illness is defined as a disease lasting three months or more that cannot typically be cured by medication or vaccination (Blackwell, Lucas & Clarke, 2014). If a prognosis is perceived as catastrophic it is more likely to result in negative psychological consequences such as depression, a decline in the ability to cope for both the patient and their support network (Taylor.,...
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Importance of Communication in Relationships: Analysis of Revolutionary Road and On Chesil Beach

The relationships between the central characters in Revolutionary Road and On Chesil Beach are ravaged by poor communication as a result of personal conflicts. As Mortimer Adler said, “love without communication is impossible” and this rings poignantly true for April and Frank as well as Florence and Edward in their respective texts. For both couples, their fundamental personal conflicts shatter their communication and this is arguably the crux of the downfall of their relationships. Societal oppression, however, also plays a...
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The Features Of Human Relationships In The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was published after the abolition of slavery in the United States, however the story is set before the Civil War, where slavery is legal and is the system that keeps the American South booming. Throughout the novel, Twain uses Jim, a runaway slave, to demonstrate the humanity of slaves. In contrast, Twain splits his other main characters into two groups: those who profit directly from slavery such as the slaveowners Miss Watson, the Grangerford household...
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Overview of The Principles of Effective Communication in Relationships

The principles of effective communication are general skills, interpersonal skills, and written communication skills. To succeed in this employment agency industry you need to follow to these principles. These are skills that can be built up from time to time and it helps communicate effectively in the workplace both verbally and in written format (Writer, 2013). According to Gonzalez (2018), interpersonal skills are capabilities to effectively communicate, socialize, connect, and cooperate with people in life, whether it be an individual...
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Social Impact of Facebook on Relationship

Facebook is basically a social networking website. People use this site after a free registration upon which a platform to connect with other people online is availed to them. Users have accounts into the system and they can exchange a lot of items such as personal pictures, short messages and any other electronic item. Facebook makes it possible for users to come up with profiles that describes them. Facebook has a provision to make users connect which other by requesting...
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Role of Communication in Relationships for Health Care Work: Analytical Essay

Communication for Health Care Work i. Health care workers (HCW) in a community care setting have a duty to promote patient confidentiality. It is both parts of good care practice, and essential to building a strong relationship between the HCW and the patient. Everybody has a right to have their personal details kept confidential. It is ‘seen as a fundamental ethical principle in healthcare and a breach of confidentiality can be a reason for disciplinary action’ (UK Clinical Ethics Network,...
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Different Types of Communication Behaviour

Behavioural Communication is defined as a psychological construct which influences individual differences in the expression of feelings, needs, and thoughts as a substitute for more direct and open communication. Specifically, it refers to people’s tendency to express feelings, needs, and thoughts by means of indirect messages and behavioral impacts. It can be argued that much of our communication is, in fact, non-verbal. Different types of communication behavior Aggressive: Aggression is defined as an unplanned act of anger in which the...
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The Importance of Communication Skills

Communication is the key to professionalism; the reason why communication is the key to professionalism is that ever since I have been introduced to the world outside of high school, I have been forced to develop my communication skills. At first, I was confused as to why that is important. In fact, I began to question the importance of the way I deliver my message – which shouldn’t be important as long as I get to the point right? I...
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Communication As the Key to Success in Relationships: Analytical Essay

A successful relationship occurs only when a consistent effort is made and maintained by both partners. Many times, couples enter relationships under the notion that since they are with someone they love, no conflicts will take place. Couples are cheerful and carefree when their relationships are moving smoothly and without the occurrence of any problems. However, when disagreements arise, many couples choose to ignore their disputes, instead of addressing them. To cope with the challenges in their relationships, couples will...
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Importance of Communication in Relationships in Co-working Spaces: A Caribbean Study

The first journal that we chose to review is Coworking Spaces: Culture, Communication, and ICT for Development: A Caribbean Study, written by Deborah Dysart-Gale, Kristina Pitula, and Thiruvengadam Radhakrishnan. It was published in the Journal of Transactions on Professional Communication, volume 54, issue number 1 in 2011. These research problems are to development projects in information and communication technologies may fail if local users perceive them as incompatible with existing work practices or cultural values. The social service department of...
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