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Essay about the Effects of Technology on Relationships

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Technology is around every corner we turn. Not only do they help with communicating they also help with accessing the Internet. Without the Internet, people can not shop, communicate, play, and much more. Over time, technology has helped relationships form with social media, dating apps, and electronic interactions. Many people think this is a helpful way to form relationships, but there are also harmful things technology can bring It. It does not help form relationships because it can distract others from face-to-face interactions, decreases personal connections, and cause miscommunications and misunderstandings.

How is technology affecting interactions? Socializing can harm relationships. As the years go by, technology has become harder to resist, like checking phones on dates, family dinners, and much more. People are less likely to develop empathy and understanding during meaningful conversations on technology. According to, 45 percent of teenagers feel annoyed when friends get distracted by technology while they are spending time together. 44 percent admit to allowing their attention to get taken away by technology while in personal interactions.

Even though technology has influenced the world in many positive ways, research shows that mobile technology affects communication in a negative way when it comes to personal connections. Technology can decrease communication and relationships with one another. Internet use today has been proven to cause feelings of loneliness or busyness. People can also gain feelings of exclusion when they see friends or family spending time together without them. This can lead to the loss of friendships and personal connections with others.

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Although technology is a very advanced way to communicate, people tend to misinterpret what others say to them through text messages and emails because there is an inability to detect tone. Understanding whether the person is being funny, sarcastic, rude, joking, or serious, which is very important. Conversations also lack context, which leads to misunderstandings and relationships with each other. This is a main issue in society today. One can not determine if a person's tone is negative or positive through text.

However, technology affects many in positive ways. It helps people communicate with others from close to faraway places for friends and family who can’t always meet in person so that they can stay connected. Technology also helps with long-distance relationships, which can increase communication with each other. It is also helpful for work and business because others can communicate with customers, clients, coworkers, and bosses. It can also increase business productivity and better customer service.

In conclusion, many people think technology is helpful, but it can also bring negative issues. Distraction from face-to-face interactions, decreasing personal connections and causing miscommunications are all a few ways technology can harm others. There are no clear answers as to whether technology is good or bad for human relationships and society as a whole. But the way people use technology determines its effects on one another. When technology is used correctly, it can have a great impact on oneself.

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