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Essay on Positive Effects of Technology on Child Development

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Child Development and New Technology

We are going to be taking a looking at child development and new technology, there are many arguments for and against this topic, I am going to give you some advantages of new technology for children and the disadvantages.

Advantages of New Technology

There are many advantages of children learning with the help of new technology, one of which is developing their hand-eye coordination. Children playing games online can be very useful in developing hand-eye coordination by following objects on the screen and interacting with them. Also their understanding of interacting with systems, for example knowing that pressing the right button will invoke the desired action.

Technology can be great for helping young children with their problem-solving skills, working their way through levels of games, and solving any challenges that are presented to them to get to the next level is a great way for them to learn problem-solving. Even using the device makes them more adept at this.

Language skills are another part of development that can be greatly improved using technology. Children knowing that they can ask a computer anything they want to know makes them curious to do some research. Many children will use their voices to enter demands into search engines and then read and evaluate the results that are generated. Over time their language will improve and they will become more efficient at finding the information they want.

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Disadvantages of New Technology

Although there are many advantages that can come from children using technology in the early years there are also just as many disadvantages. Children using technology more often can lead to relationship problems and issues with social skills, the more time children are spending on technology the less time they are spending with family and friends. They are more likely going to stay at home chatting with friends online rather than going out and meeting them in person.

The overuse of technology over time can be damaging to children`s health and well-being. The more time children spend in front of screens is less time they are spending outside playing, running, and burning off calories. These habits can eventually lead to significant weight gain and poor health. Talking to children about the importance of a healthy balance between screen time and physical activities can be beneficial to tackle this problem.

When using technology, we can be faced with harmful things such as phishing, virus, and other dangers that can be disguised as advertising. As adults, we usually know what is safe and what could possibly be harmful and should be avoided. As children can go online and search for anything it is vital that they are always being monitored by adults. Using parental controls can be a great way of controlling what your children have access to on the internet.

Children overusing technology can have a detrimental effect on the amount of sleep they get and the quality of sleep that they have. A lack of sleep can have serious consequences on our brains, during our sleep the brain starts to clear things that aren`t important and restore the nerves to wake up again and be ready for a new day. Sleeping less means we are depriving our brain of its essential needs and it will be difficult to carry out normal tasks the next day. Balanced screen time is vital for children so they can have an improved quality of sleep.


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