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Essay on Early Childhood Development: Western Views Versus African Views

Children begin to learn about the world around them, from a very early age, including during the prenatal, perinatal and postal periods. Children’s early experiences the bond they form with their parents and their first learning experiences, deeply affect their future physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. What is Early Childhood Development? Early Childhood Development is a stage in human development. It is a process by which humans change qualitatively and quantitatively over time. It generally includes toddler hood and...
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Essay on Childhood Development: Using Social Determinants of Health and Heather O’Neill’s Lullabies for Little Criminals

Many factors in society contribute to the overall outcome of an individuals’ childhood experiences, health, and wellbeing. An individual’s concept of societal norms and how they should behave are also heavily influenced by these factors. The novel lullabies for little criminals demonstrates how social determinants of heath influence the main character, Baby, to act in a self-destructing manner. These social determinants of health include housing and educational districts, income and poverty, and addiction. All of these can be used to...
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Essay on African Views on Early Childhood Development

South Africa’s Early Childhood Development (ECD) Department (2015) established South Africa’s National Early Childhood Development Policy, which focuses on ensuring that all children, from birth to grade R, have access to high quality DIT supplies. The focus of the policy is to provide all disadvantaged young children in South Africa with access to ECD so that they have the opportunity to receive early stimulation. Children in a non-stimulating environment will experience growth retardation, language delay, social withdrawal, cognitive delay, and...
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Discursive Essay on Childhood Development Across Cultures

In this essay, I will be exploring how childhood development across cultures is proven to be invariant, through the stages of development produced by Sigmund Freud, Erik Erikson, Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky. Although there are small differences between each region due to cultural upbringing the main stages of development are expressed in similar ways. Through Freud’s conscious theory the developmental stages are accompanied by the Id, Ego and Superego to further each stage and create growth within children. The...
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Trauma And Mental Health Issues In Childhood Development

Introduction Childhood, just the word gives some the feeling of joy and nostalgia while others get the memories of past trauma and treachery. The way you were brought up and raised will affect you all the way through your life, it can change how you perceive the world and the way your brain is physically assembled. How and why can a glimpse in your life affect you for the of it? One’s youth can be affected in more than one,...
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The Components Of Childhood Development

The study of Child Psychology allows educators and carers to understand the behaviour of each child. It is, foremost to know that each child develops at different a pace. As educators, ensuring and helping a child successfully meet the completion of the four domains of development which are Physical development, Social development, emotional development, Cognitive and Moral development. Research says that a child’ s development begins from birth. Successful child development has a significant influence over a person’s lifetime. Early...
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Is Childhood Development Invariant Across Cultures?

Abstract Culture has a major role in childhood development. Whilst all cultures teach more or less the same skills to children, certain skills are specific to some cultures. Within this literature review, the theories discussed illustrate the differences and similarities between cultures shown through cross-cultural studies, and how they can influence a child’s development. Thus, it is seen that childhood development differs between cultures, although all children go through the distinct developmental stages. This literature review will discuss the sense...
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Early And Middle Childhood Development Changes

Introduction Early childhood refers to the period between birth and six years while middle childhood is the period of child growth between seven to eleven years of age. During this age, the child goes through a period of transitions physically, socially, and emotionally. This forms the most significant period of child development. It is in this period that children learn and obtain abilities and skills that enable them to interact and communicate with their environment. Changes that occur in this...
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The Benefit Of Art Psychotherapy In Early Childhood Development

I feel that in regards to John’s case study the benefits of art psychotherapy would have helped John with his well-being and emotions. David Edwards suggests from a modern perspective, art therapy may be a method of therapy in which creating images and objects plays a dominant role in the psychotherapeutic relationship when it is recognised with the art therapist and client (2013). Edwards also goes on to explain the importance of the therapeutic change in art therapy, on how...
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Parenting Style and Child Development

Parental control differs from family to family. Clinical psychologist, Diana Baumrind, contributed to the empirical study of types of parenting and its effects on child and adolescent development (Gfrerer, Kern, Curlette, White, & Jonyniene, 2011). Her longitudinal research composed a model of three specific styles: permissive, authoritarian, and authoritative (Gfroerer et al., 2011). Characteristics observed throughout a child’s development can predict behavior in early adulthood. Generally, individuals can experience bullying as the perpetrator or the victim. Bully perpetration refers to...
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Parenting Styles and Their Influence on Child Development

Socializing agents are said to play an important role on a child’s social and emotional development, such factors are family, peers and schools. Socialization is a process that occurs throughout our lives, but the most socialization should be done in childhood, throughout this period we learn how to interact with people and their social expectations. Family is seen to be the most important agent when it comes to socialization this is because it is the first environment that a child...
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Analysis of Potential Impact on Children's Development of Variations in the Parenting They Experience

A child’s upbringing can have a huge impact on their emotional development. Each parenting style can determine how a child will behave and how successful he will be in life. Bad parenting can make a child more prone to make criminal offences and if a child is neglected then this can often lead to the child becoming depressed. Some religious parents believe that raising their child to have faith in God, teaches children how to behave responsibly. Religious parents tend...
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Essay on Positive Effects of Technology on Child Development

Child Development and New Technology We are going to be taking a looking at child development and new technology, there are many arguments for and against this topic, I am going to give you some advantages of new technology for children and the disadvantages. Advantages of New Technology There are many advantages of children learning with the help of new technology, one of which is developing their hand-eye coordination. Children playing games online can be very useful in developing hand-eye...
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The Shocking Effect of Technology on Child Development

Technology has become an imperative part of modern society. It affects the way we communicate – whether it is in work or social settings, technology helps us to reach out to more people and expand our network of relationships. Although our generation has generally been able to channel technology into a productive space, many people have questioned whether technology is having the same positive effect on the rising generation. Today, children’s use of technology has become more common and apparent...
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My Journey through Human Development

Development is defined as a pattern of change that begins at conception and continues through one’s lifespan (Santrock, 2018). In this paper I will discuss my observations on five different stages of human development. These five stages include a six-month-old, a two-year-old, a ten-year-old, a seventeen-year-old, a forty-nine-year-old mother, and an eighty-four-year-old. I have applied the knowledge gained in my Psychology 211 course to each developmental stage. To keep their identities confidential, I will refer to each person as Subject...
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Effect of Hearing Problems on the Development of a Child: Analytical Essay

Hearing is an important aspect of our everyday lives. If there is some sort of damage to either one’s outer ear, middle ear, or inner ear, hearing loss can arise. Hearing loss can occur both at the time of birth or over time as a result of an injury or disorder. Any type of hearing loss that emerges in children will affect their ability to hear, but it can also alter their ability to develop speech, language, and social skills...
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Violent Video Games and Potential Risks for Children Development

The World Health Organization (WHO), have recently made a decision to classify ‘video game addiction’ as a mental health disorder. Due to video games becoming increasingly popular and due to approximately 91% of children worldwide playing video games, it begs the question, are children imitating behaviors and actions seen in violent video games? A statement has been released by the American Psychological Association, stating that there is a relationship between participation in violent video games and heightened aggression levels, aggressive...
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Video Games Make Kids Violent

Violence can be manifested in various ways, although the most frequently used is attacking, which means disrespecting in rude manners to the people around a person. Video games and violence has been a main topic in todays world revolving around the younger generation. Video game addiction also known as gaming disorder is generally defined as problematic, and a compulsive use of video games, that results in significant impairment to an individual’s ability to function in various life problems over a...
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Childhood Studies: The Active Role Of Playing In A Child's Growth And Development

The idea of playing an active role in a child’s growth and development greatly appeals to me and my ability to interact with children has been deeply influenced by external factors such as playing a key role in the upbringing of my younger siblings, my role as a qualified level 2 cheerleading coach as well as my work experience within local primary schools. The Childhood studies sector intrigues me as I am keen to learn about child development, children’s needs,...
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Effects of Childhood Abuse on Cognitive Development and Function

Over the years, there have been a lot of controversies and several different theories on how we function, learn, comprehend. Why some people have or where disabilities stem from, and speculation on if abuse in any of its forms causes issues with trust, love, instability mentally, physically, and emotionally. There have been significant amounts of progress throughout the years, enabling us to study the brain and help those affected to have fulfilling, productive lives. To change our negative perspective of...
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Impact of Coronavirus on Child Education

Abstract Online learning often means that the parents themselves are well educated to assist with the lessons and have enough time. Moreover, it will make it more burdensome for parents who are also affected by COVID-19 to provide equipment for online learning. Face-to-face learning will resume on 8 March 2021. All primary school students will resume the school term on 20 January 2021 with face-to-face learning. Impact on Child Education The education of nearly 1.6 billion pupils in 190 countries...
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Factors That Promote Childhood Obesity: Lifestyle Preferences And Socioeconomic Status

How to Scale Down Childhood Obesity Declared by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a worldwide chronic health threat, linked to children with copious amounts of body fat and a body mass index (BMI) in the 95th percentile, is childhood obesity. Universally accepted and endorsed by the CDC, BMI is a weight mechanism that calculates body fat by dividing a person’s weight in kilograms by the square of their height in meters. With that said, the primary...
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Reflective Essay on Early Childhood Education

While I was conducting my interview I found out many things that were to lead me to being a teacher even more than before. during my interview of Mrs. Louella Komuves, I was reassured that being an early childhood educator is what I would like to be. During the interview I learnt that to care for children, you only need certification, also that a lead teacher in a preschool required an associate degree, and that to teach in public school,...
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