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Based on a research, it has been estimated that Unilateral Hearing Loss (UHL) are more likely to occur in 0.83/1,000 newborn children (Prieve& Stevens, 2000). Children with UHL face a unique set of challenges as they grow older (Bess & Tharpe, 1984; Culbertson & Gilbert, 1986; Giolas & Wark, 2014). According to American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, UHL defines as having normal hearing in one ear but there is hearing loss in the other ear where it may be a range from...
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What is hearing loss? One of the less frequently asked questions, for obvious reasons which is it is something seem to be not so vital. Until it happens to you which will be too late. I can confidently say I am very fortunate to be part of the masses that were taught and enlightened about hearing loss at a young age, of which I still wish I knew about it way earlier. As an aspiring sound engineer studying at an...
3 Pages 1170 Words
Hearing loss is when your ability to hear is reduced. Hearing loss can develop by two main factors, exposure to loud noise for an extended amount of time and/or ageing. Noise induced hearing loss is often sensorineural, this is where the problem lies between the inner ear and the brain. The world is a loud environment, in the average everyday life the ear is exposed to a wide range of harming decibels. In this essay on hearing loss the focus...
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Abstract Objective: The goal of this study was to explore the awareness, knowledge and habits of UKM students towards recreational noise-induced hearing loss (RNIHL). Methods: A cross-sectional study was performed through online survey and a Malay version of Knowledge, Awareness, and Behaviors (KAB) questionnaire was given to the health science and non-health science undergraduate UKM students. Two-way ANOVA was conducted to compare knowledge and awareness between health science and non-health science students while the spearman coefficient was conducted to correlate...
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A Speech and language therapist (SLT) is considered an expert in the treatment and management of communication and swallowing concerns across the lifespan. An SLT should have a comprehensive understanding of hearing and the auditory mechanism in order to identify individuals who may have impaired hearing, resulting in communication challenges. This report examines the different categories of hearing loss and the challenges and consequences that may arise for clients in this area. A mild hearing loss is evident in air...
4 Pages 2031 Words
Hearing is an important aspect of our everyday lives. If there is some sort of damage to either one’s outer, middle, or inner ear, hearing loss, total or significant loss of hearing, can arise. There are different types of hearing loss that can affect children that can either happen at birth or occur over time. Hearing loss in children can affect not only their ability to hear, but also their ability to develop speech, language, and social skills as they...
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The process of hearing can be described as a series of events in which the energy of sound is transformed from vibrations in the air captured by structures of the outer ear (e.g. pinna) and further transferred through the ear canal to cause vibration of the tympanic membrane and ossicles of the middle ear, which then become traveling waves in the fluid contained within the cochlea. This leads to stimulation of the inner ear hair cells that, in turn, stimulate...
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Hearing is an important aspect of our everyday lives. If there is some sort of damage to either one’s outer ear, middle ear, or inner ear, hearing loss can arise. Hearing loss can occur both at the time of birth or over time as a result of an injury or disorder. Any type of hearing loss that emerges in children will affect their ability to hear, but it can also alter their ability to develop speech, language, and social skills...
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