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Effects of Parenting Styles and Disciplinary Strategies on Children

In the world of parenting, there are different ways in which parents’ discipline and raise their children. These styles vary due to the mode of punishment, communication, nurturing and expectations. In some cases, how parents raise their kids also carries some similarities across other parents. As a result, these styles of parenting have therefore been classified based on what similarities they share. They include authoritative style of parenting, permissive, authoritarian and uninvolved styles of parenting. This essay will therefore take...
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Parenting Styles and Their Significant Impact on a Child's Personality

From the beginning of life, the family is the main institution of education. It is the starting point of the entire educational process because what a child acquires in his family in his childhood, he keeps throughout his life. The importance of the family as an educational institution is because the child has been in it for a significant part of his life, and by the length of his influence on the personality, none of the educational institutions can be...
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Parenting Styles and Their Influence on Child Development

Socializing agents are said to play an important role on a child’s social and emotional development, such factors are family, peers and schools. Socialization is a process that occurs throughout our lives, but the most socialization should be done in childhood, throughout this period we learn how to interact with people and their social expectations. Family is seen to be the most important agent when it comes to socialization this is because it is the first environment that a child...
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My Parents' Parenting Styles and Their Influence on Me

There are three types of parenting styles which are permissive, authoritarian, and authoritative. Permissive parents believe that their kids should not be monitored constantly, should be able to think on their own, and have little control over them (Berks & Meyers, 2016, p.394). The second parenting style is authoritarian, which parents expect their child to follow their rules and are in control all the time (Baumrind, 1966). The last parenting style is authoritative, which parents are more involved in their...
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Parenting Style: 'Tiger Mom' Vs Western Style

Parenting is a ‘pass it on’ feature in life. When two adults decide to have a child, they commit themselves to raise that child and doing so by gathering for possibly everything that the child will need. These comprise of food, shelter, education, pleasure and many others. The ‘Tiger Mom’ parenting style is most likely to produce happy children who grow up to be happy and productive adults than the Western parenting style. This is because tiger parenting is stricter,...
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Speech about Benefits of a Combined Parenting Style

The early childhood is an extremely important period and it forms the basis of the child’s adult life. Being a kindergarten teacher, I discover that children are potential and parents give numerous and different resources to develop their children in different aspects. Nowadays, children’s social ability, problem solving ability and personality are the issues that parents concern about. On my point of view, one parenting style is not enough cause children’s potential is a miracle, we need to have different...
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Amy Chua’s ‘Tiger Mother’ Parenting Style

Amy Chua is what some may consider, a Chinese-American superstar. She is a Harvard graduate, professor at Yale Law School, an author of five books, and a devoted mother to her two daughters, Sophia and Louisa. Despite her countless achievements and success, she is undoubtably most famous for her 2011 memoir, ‘Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother’. Following The New York Times release of an excerpt from her book, Chua experienced enormous backlash from Western-parents all over the United States....
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Analysis of Potential Impact on Children's Development of Variations in the Parenting They Experience

A child’s upbringing can have a huge impact on their emotional development. Each parenting style can determine how a child will behave and how successful he will be in life. Bad parenting can make a child more prone to make criminal offences and if a child is neglected then this can often lead to the child becoming depressed. Some religious parents believe that raising their child to have faith in God, teaches children how to behave responsibly. Religious parents tend...
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Basic Styles of Parenting

No two units of dad and mom are the same. Each has outstanding views about energy of will and a one-of-a-kind set of values they select out to instill in their children. But at the equal time as one-of-a-kind in style, dad and mom have the equal intent – to create a world full of love for their kids and to information them each and every step of the way. There are the 4 crucial styles of parenting: authoritarian parenting,...
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Parenting Style and Child Development

Parental control differs from family to family. Clinical psychologist, Diana Baumrind, contributed to the empirical study of types of parenting and its effects on child and adolescent development (Gfrerer, Kern, Curlette, White, & Jonyniene, 2011). Her longitudinal research composed a model of three specific styles: permissive, authoritarian, and authoritative (Gfroerer et al., 2011). Characteristics observed throughout a child’s development can predict behavior in early adulthood. Generally, individuals can experience bullying as the perpetrator or the victim. Bully perpetration refers to...
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