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Speech about Benefits of a Combined Parenting Style

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The early childhood is an extremely important period and it forms the basis of the child’s adult life. Being a kindergarten teacher, I discover that children are potential and parents give numerous and different resources to develop their children in different aspects. Nowadays, children’s social ability, problem solving ability and personality are the issues that parents concern about. On my point of view, one parenting style is not enough cause children’s potential is a miracle, we need to have different methods to teach them to prepare their future. Therefore, a combination of parenting styles is needed. For me, each component of the authoritative parenting style seems to have its own benefits. However, authoritative and authoritarian parenting styles should be combined to teach children sometimes.

Firstly, authoritative styles may promote the ability of social. There is evidence that authoritative parents help kids become more empathic, helpful, conscientious, and kind to others (Krevans and Gibbs, 1996). Children live and gain the first social experiences in the family. They learn in the interaction process within the family that, how they should behave towards those people around them. Moreover, children learn social skills by making observation with being models of their parents, other adults, siblings and peers. This is an unwittingly and non-systematic learning method (Avcıoğlu, 2007). Authoritative parents take their children's opinions into account and they validate their children's feelings. Therefore, your kids may learn from you to use listening and feeling to build a closer relationship with others in the future.

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Besides, authoritative styles may upgrade children’s problem-solving ability. Parents communicate lots of warmth to their kids. They avoid using harsh or arbitrary punishments. When their children make mistakes or misbehave, they talk with them about it. They listen to their children's concerns, and take them into account. They help kids figure out what went wrong, and explain the consequences of good and bad behavior. Parents who avoid reprimanding kids for intellectual mistakes (e.g., 'I'm disappointed in you') may have kids who are more resilient problem-solvers and better learners (Kamins and Dweck, 1999; Schmittmann et al., 2006; van Duijvenvoorde et al., 2008). Every day there are teachable moments and authoritative parents capitalize on these learning opportunities. As a result, using these common every day occurrences, parents ask their children thought-provoking questions which creates children who are logical-thinking problem solvers.

Finally, both authoritative and authoritarian styles are helping children to develop their own personality in a positive way. The authoritative parent aims to inspire cooperation by fostering positive feelings, and teaching kids the reasons for the rules. On the other hand, the authoritarian parent believe kids should follow the rules without exception. Morin (2017) mention that different parenting styles develop children’s different positive personalities. As a result, we can see that authoritative and authoritarian styles can develop children’s different positive personalities. For instance, children of authoritative parents become more extroverted to share their feeling and take responsibility in different roles. Children of authoritarian parents easily to build up their self-discipline, obedience, become more independent and purposeful to do anything. Therefore, authoritative and authoritarian styles help you to promote children's unique personality to prepare for their future.

To sum up, the outcomes of authoritative parenting are extremely positive to develop the ability of social and problem solving. At the same time, the combination of authoritative and authoritarian style also can bring out benefits which is developing positive personality. Regarding these three elements, I think your children’s social life and personality can be bright in their future.

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