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In this essay, I would first start by introducing the essay and defining what parenting style encompasses. I would explain the importance of a good parenting style by referencing to the impact of the child, in both a positive and negative manner. With this, I mean in what ways a child can grow to become if the child grows up with either a bad or a good parenting style.

After a brief explanation on the topic, I would explain what different types of parenting styles exist, and the implications of them (authoritative, authoritarian, indulgent, neglectful). I would explain what each of them means and how each of them impacts the child.

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I would like to dedicate one or two paragraphs on what unhealthy and healthy parenting styles look like. Unhealthy parenting styles can be abusive parenting, dogmatic parenting, depriving parenting, or over-parenting. The second part would be signs of what a good and healthy parenting style looks like. This includes showing the child that they matter and showing love and compassion. Being involved in their lives, establishing rules, but also letting them grow to be independent beings is very important. Mutual respect and explaining to the children the rules and punishment that you set is vital so that they understand what they did wrong. In this way, they will develop cognitive understanding and try not to make the same mistake again. All of these descriptions are a part of being an authoritative parent.

Lastly, I would give a summary of the essay and conclude with what the goal is within Islamic parenting.

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This is a website article with the title: “Parenting”. It starts with an introduction to what healthy parenting looks like. It teaches the readers what the basic principles are, what to avoid, and other tips such as the importance of physical fitness.

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