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Connected, but Alone: Reflective Essay

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As I listened to the TED talk of Sherry Turkle, I realized that technological know-how brings us to a tricky connection to a delusion world. Turkle states that technological know-how turns into an effective psychological device that controls humans. Nowadays, human beings use technology to join extra regularly than have physical communication. This state of affairs is authentic and observable. Some reasons would possibly be due to the fact of painful truth that no one is listening to us, in which we believed that science is more successful. We can't deny the reality that it is handier to make a dialog through the virtual verbal exchange using our units than speak to anyone face-to-face, right? However, does the use of technology lead us to real connections to others, and is it successful in making a lifestyle that we can love?

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According to Turkle, technological know-how is making a bid to redefine human connection. It can manipulate us on how we care for every other and ourselves, but it additionally permits us to confirm our values and our direction. If we let technological know-how control us humans, humans are indeed residing their lives in a fable world. It is now not top that we are always structured on technology to make the entirety take place the way we prefer it. We only maintain our lives extra tricky because we can't make it occur in real time. As time goes on, we enjoyed nothing until we forgot the fee of solitude, the value of having real-time for ourselves. Because of being enormously dependent on technology, we additionally suppose that we are physically reachable to any person we are talking to, but the truth is we are lots extra concerned about the aspect which we are usually handed, our devices. But it is never a cease for us to rethink the impact of technology. We have to put in the idea that people create technology, therefore, we should be the one who is successful in controlling it. We have to think about how to use the technologies successfully and effectively to increase a more self-aware relationship with others and with ourselves.

Turkle cited that having a consistent connection helps human beings alter themselves, it's shaping a new way of being. This suggests that human beings ought to have steady connections to the actual world. We have to locate a real associate in life, an actual connection to ourselves and others, to battle the struggles of being alone. Let us also use applied sciences in the right route to make the life that we can love.

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