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Remembering Own Roots As a Way to Success

If you were to ask me where I’m from, I only have one answer. If you were to ask me where I grew up, again, I have only one answer. That’s because, even after travelling to different places around the world, I always trace my roots back to one or two places; places where my heart will always be. Recently, I was in Mangalore for a marriage function. I was invited there by my friend, a well-established real estate businessman,...
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Analysis of Success of the Film 'Amelie'

‘Amelie’ is a romantic comedy movie, produced by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, in 2001. He became famous for this film. He was not only making romantic movies, but also, he was making horror action movies, such as ‘Alien: Resurrection’. Before this movie, he already used a lot of digital processing technology and he had his unique world. According to Jeunet’s interview article, he said that his idea was to tell a positive story. Amelie is quite depressed, pretty lonely, and quite neurotic,...
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How Can Data Analytics Professionals Create a Long-Term Strategy for Career Success?

Data analytics has been one of the hottest jobs for a while now, and according to IBM, the demand will further increase by around 30% in the next two years. Such proliferation of skilled professionals is due to the increase in the use cases of analytics across several business activities. Thus, data analytics professionals need to continuously keep track of the latest trends in the analytics landscape and up-skill for delivering values. Consequently, to thrive in their profession, data analytics...
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Essay on Setting Life Goals to Achieve Success

Personal responsibility to me is very simple. My definition is being in command of all of your actions and learning from your mistakes and successes. People suppose that if you create an error that you have failed, however the way I see it is if you allow failure to be failure then you will not succeeded. By learning from what you did wrong from your own mistakes, you’ll be able to produce success and learn from what you did wrong...
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How to Succeed in a Career Path?

Since I started a post-graduate study, school assignment or exam become not the only part of my life, I couldn’t help but notice I will step into the real world very soon. I have to consider my career choice and wonder what quality and ability I need to possess to have a wonderful career, especially when we want to be executives. Above all, we should be responsible for ourselves, and realize we are the determinant of our fate. If we...
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Potential Impact of Conspiracy Theories on the Success of a Design Solution: Analytical Essay

This essay will demonstrate that rather than automatically dismissing conspiracy theories as fanciful and irrelevant in product design, the designer should acknowledge them and carefully consider their potential impact on the success of a design solution. Examples of non-mainstream ideas and beliefs that have been incorporated into the design of products will be provided, including where product designers will be aware that these ideas and beliefs exist due to the emergence of a conspiracy theory. It will be shown that...
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‘Hidden Figures’ Vs ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’: What Is the True Meaning of Success

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time” (Thomas Edison). “Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming. Success is an attitude” (John Wooden). In ‘Hidden Figures’, directed by Theodore Melfi and ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’, directed by Gabriel Muccino, we meet characters who...
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‘The Social Network’ and Mark Zuckerberg's Success Story

Upon the release of the American biographical drama film ‘The Social Network’, it received universal praise, making it one of the best films created in 2010. The film follows the real-life story of Mark Zuckerberg and the uprise of his global social networking platform, dwelling on themes such as friendship, power, class and more. While the film discusses the sudden popularity of Facebook and the consequences that followed, it is important to explore the embedded concepts of innovation and technological...
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Essay about Lin-Manuel Miranda: Rise to Success and Musical 'Hamilton'

In recent years, one of the most discussed and highly venerated musicals on Broadway is undoubtedly the hip-hop sensation known as Hamilton. The show has made millions of dollars since it opened at the Richard Rodgers Theater on August 6th, 2015 (Vine). Hamilton was a smash hit far before it even stepped on the Broadway stage. Then President, Barack Obama, even went to see a preview of the show in June of 2015 before its official opening night (MacGregor). Written...
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Analysis of Huge Success of ‘Hamilton’ Musical

“Hamilton” is probably one of the most popular Broadway shows today, right up there with “Wicked” and “Cats,” and it is all thanks to the one and only Lin-Manuel Miranda. He turned his dreams into a reality, even when it seemed hopeless and others kept telling him to give up. He kept going until he created and starred in the musical he had been writing for years, but it definitely wasn’t his first success. While the musical was a huge...
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Revealing the Secret of K-Pop's Global Success

If we were to travel 15 years back, who would have thought that South Korean music industry or otherwise known as K-pop would rise to become one of the world’s leading recorded music industries. With worldwide fanbases, statistics have shown that South Korea succeeded on becoming the sixth largest global music businesses in 2017. Needless to say, the total streaming revenue on 2013 reached up to $89.78m. These findings lead us to one concrete question – ‘How do K-pop music...
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George Martin's Role in the Beatles' Musical Success

The title of ‘The Fifth Beatle’ has been given to various people affiliated with the band over time, but nobody is quite deserving of the title than Sir George Martin. He was the composer, arranger and producer for the majority of the Beatle’s career and his inputs are a direct link to some of the band’s greatest influential contributions in music history. His relationship with the band started early, in 1962 he heard one of their demo tapes and arranged...
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Oprah Winfrey and Her Journey Towards Success

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them” (Chris Grosser). Oprah Gail Winfrey was born to Vinita Lee and Vernon Winfrey on an isolated farm in Kosciusko, Mississippi, United State on January 29, 1954. Her name was supposed to be Orpah, from the Bible, but because of the difficulty of spelling and pronunciation, she was known as Oprah almost from birth. She was black. She was very determined woman, she lived her most of time under the poverty. She lived with her...
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Motivation Leads to Success: Analysis of Sam McGee, Annie Johnson, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi

Motivation Leads to Success In the Cremation of Sam Mcgee, Sam asks his friend to cremate him. This is a very strange challenging request, but his friend, Cap decides to do it anyway. Similarly, in New Dirrections, Annie Johnson is facing disatififaction in her marrige and decides to step off the road and cut a new path. So, she has to take care of her two small boys with very little money, a very challenging decison and task. Likewise, in...
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Critical Analysis of the Success of Jamestown

Being an adventurous person, I would leave England to the unknown world for some factors. One push factor that will entice me into leaving England is going into another world to discover a different life and how the individuals in the given country live. With new discoveries, there are distinct possibilities in not only acquiring new products for various business opportunities in England But also exposure to an environment that will make me grow as an individual due to the...
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Evaluation of the Success of the New Deal Regarding the Expansion of Its Success: Analytical Essay

Many tend to agree that the New Deal was one of the most radical political steps America’s government took during the age of modern history and politics. However, the rate and terms of its success is debatable. The idea of liberating America from a depression with kenneyist ideals is enlightening but ultimately it is seen that the only thing that could stop the masses of unemployment and lack of trust in the economy was the military industrial complex america built...
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Hard Work as the Key of Success

Nobody is great without work. Hard work is always the baseline of great goals. Nothing remarkable comes without it. Getting organized is hard work. Setting goals, making plans to achieve them, and staying on track is hard work. So, in this essay I am going to take a look at ‘Work hard until you succeed’ and ‘Hardworking is the key of success’. There’s no substitute for hard work. Greatness is not handed to anyone; a lot of hard work is...
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Reflections on the Possibility of Standardized Testing to Measure Ability

How do you feel when there will be a test coming up in school? What if it’s a really important test, like a midterm or final test of the school year? I mean you definitely have to spend the time to review and memorize it, right? But have you ever wondered if the standardized test actually measures ability? Most students know that standardized tests have been a major part for them in the United States due to the reason that...
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Never Give Up To Achieve Success: My Story in Gymnastics

Everyone has a passion whether it’s big or small. My number one passion is gymnastics. Gymnastics is a fun and very serious sport at sometimes. You can also receive a chance to meet new people. Statistics show that over 5,000 people do gymnastics to have something fun to do. By doing this sport you will most likely never be bored. So being able to have gymnastics as a passion means that you like to be active. I started gymnastics when...
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Communication As the Key to Success in Relationships: Analytical Essay

A successful relationship occurs only when a consistent effort is made and maintained by both partners. Many times, couples enter relationships under the notion that since they are with someone they love, no conflicts will take place. Couples are cheerful and carefree when their relationships are moving smoothly and without the occurrence of any problems. However, when disagreements arise, many couples choose to ignore their disputes, instead of addressing them. To cope with the challenges in their relationships, couples will...
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John Steinbeck: Way of Life and to Success

Part 1- Steinbeck Introduced to the World “Muscles aching to work, minds aching to create – that is man.” (John Steinbeck). Steinbeck failed many times in his life before he became an excellent author. John Steinbeck Jr. wrote award winning novels about The Great Depression and the migrant workers that lived during that time. His creativity and composition was influenced by people, songs and other books. John Steinbeck lived shy and modestly as a child to boldly and confident through...
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Was Reconstruction a Success or Failure Essay

African-American History: How did African-Americans envision their freedom after the 13th Amendment and to What Extent were They able to Achieve their Goals during Reconstruction? Using Eric Foner’s definition of Reconstruction, the period lasted from 1863-1877, beginning with the Emancipation Proclamation, the freeing of slaves in rebel states, and ending with the compromise of 1877 (Foner, 2014). African-American definitions and expectations for freedom differed between individuals during this period, but the themes of autonomy, economic independence, and education were constants...
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Is College Necessary for a Successful Future: Essa:y

What are the consequences of going to a large university? College is a significant part of life for each person who is planning for a successful future, and students are looking for the right place to complete this part. There is around 4,000 college in the United States (Asthana, 2016). Some students decide to go to a small university and others to a large university. The ones who chose large universities don’t know what is beyond this decision, whether it’s...
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Why Failure Is Key Of Success

We always celebrate winning with the people we love but forced to face failure alone. We reached the point where we can’t accept failure because we are afraid of shame. We forget that accepting failure is an important part of learning. Failure can vary from one person to another and from one personality to another. It depends on the responsibilities a person has, as well as the age of the person. The definition of failure changed multiple times throughout my...
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Failure As The Key To Success

Failure should not be seen as the snake that leads us back to square one, but rather the ladder that pushes us closer to the top. I remember when I was 8 years old, I was playing tennis with my family. It was my parents against my brother and me, and obviously, my parents were letting us win. After some time, my parents starting to hit get some points in. Slowly, I got frustrated and started shouting “Hey, get the...
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The Correlation Between Success And Failure

Success normally envisaged the core element every human being reckoning to achieve in life. It is not a cake walk to shoot in one day. It requires doing toughest and unlikeable things to do in life. Ceasing discomfort opens path to success example PM of India sleeps just five hours. This is a perfect example of coming out of comfort zone. There are many more examples you can draw by looking around the globe. The inspiration can be taken from...
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Baseball Success Of Jackie Robinson

When it comes to impact, Jack Roosevelt Robinson or as most call him Jackie Robinson is conceivably one the most historically important baseball players ever, ranking with legends such as Babe Ruth in terms of his influence on the national pastime. Ruth shifted the way baseball was played; Jackie Robinson shifted the thoughts and mindsets of people all across America. The first time Robinson entered the field as a Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947, more than sixty years of...
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How Do You Define Success?

Have you ever wondered what true success really is? Back in the days when I was a little kid, I was also asking myself the same question; I thought that possessing material things was the way to go. I believed that focusing on money, having luxury homes, or buying expensive vehicles was the best way to be successful in life. I still remember sitting down on my couch and daydreaming about having all these things. Not that long ago, I...
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Reflections on Whether Hard Work Always Equals Success

Over the pass of time, many people were whining about their work and benefit. They said they could work 8 hours long but they could never really succeed remaining stuck in the same position during years or maybe during a lifetime. Well, I will argue that the key to success does not only depends on hard work but on luck, constance, perseverance and contacts. To start with, luck is a very important point to one’s success however one thing doesn’t...
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Key Components Of Scientific Success

In the debate between Howard Sankey and Kristian Camilleri there was a key aspect of the topic that both the affirmative and negative interlocutors failed to address. This key component was that of “success”, and the feature of science that has led to its success. In the debate, Howard argued that there is a scientific method which is used broadly throughout science. However, his main argument wasn’t regarding whether this scientific method was the reason for the success of science,...
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