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Continuing Academic Success Essay

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Academic success and vocational calling in college to me looks like giving it your all, no matter if you are struggling in a class or are the most intelligent student in the class, and being responsible for your duties, whether it is helping people out if they are struggling or finishing up work or studying for a test.

Academic success is also your academic achievements, getting good grades, soaking in all the knowledge being fed to you, and seeing how you turn out post-college getting into the career you have worked and studied so hard for. I feel it also means to be well organized, prepared, and ready for whatever is going to happen next in your day, week, month, or even years to come. There are many strengths that can help me reach my view of academic success and two of my strengths are focus and discipline. “Focus needs a clear destination. So each week I set goals that serve as my compass helping me to determine my priorities.

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Focus is powerful because it forces you to filter.” ( With focus, you can filter out any distractions and stay attached to what you are studying or working on. I plan on using focus to set goals that can guide me, helping me stay on track and get things done. It can help me be efficient and stay more organized by setting goals each week to stay attentive to my classes and be less tempted to procrastinate and push assignments aside. My other strength is discipline.

Discipline requires you to be organized and planned. With discipline, your world needs to be predictable and you have everything planned out as routines. Having Discipline helps me stay organized with what I need to do or with what I turn in to my classes and helps me plan out the days coming and going. Discipline will help me be successful toward these goals because I can develop good habits and routines to help me stay responsible and finish assignments.

I want to reach these goals that I view as academic success to a very high point where I will find a nice career that I will love and enjoy and be able to continue to use my strengths to get there. I will be planning out my days and setting up healthy routines that will help me succeed and stay focused on what I see as being successful.

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