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Factors Affecting Students’ Academic Success

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Determining the factors that influence the academic success of students has been the subject of many studies over the past couple of decades. Academic success is defined as the acquisition of learning objectives, which are primarily measured through a grading system (Jay & Zain, 2019). A vast wealth of related literature is available to anyone seeking to study more on this topic. A knowledge of these factors is not only important for the students, but also for the educators since research findings on this subject can serve as a basis for further learning and teaching improvement. Various studies show that academic success can be influenced by multiple factors that can be student-related, social-related, and university-related. However, the presence of these factors does not in any way, eliminate a student’s responsibility for his or her own success.

Student-Related Factors

Student-related factors are those that are internally related to a student’s engagement to study and learn. These factors include the individual’s habits, attitude, cognitive abilities, and personality. In a study conducted at the University of Southern Queensland Australia, the researchers have found out that the most significant predictor of a student’s academic success in the university is his or her previous academic success in high school (Burton & Dowling, 2005). To increase the reliability and validity of their research, they have created a learning profile for each of the participants. This learning profile includes several assessments that measured the student’s cognitive abilities, personality traits, and learning preferences. The participants’ grade point averages (GPA) have also been obtained. Results of their study show that those students who have been academically successful previously have carried with them their habits and the discipline which began even before they have entered the university.

A student’s personality has also been a factor that can influence his or her academic success. One study shows that extroverted students are likely to perform better than introverted ones (Burton & Dowling, 2005). Various courses now require group projects and presentations that require teamwork. For this reason, extroverted students are more likely to become successful because they are more inclined to socialize and more comfortable doing team projects.

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Another interesting study determines the relationship of a student’s sense of purpose in life to his or her academic achievement. The study shows that when a student has a sense of life purpose, he or she tends to be more engaged in his or her studies (Smithikrai, Homklin, Pusapanich, Wongpinpech, & Kreausukon, 2018). This self-engagement leads to self-motivation for learning. The student then becomes more proactive and willing to learn.

Social-Related Factors

The family is also an important factor that influences a student’s academic success. A study shows that students who are experiencing family problems are less likely to develop a proactive attitude in learning (Mustaq & Khan, 2012). Aside from stress from studying, family stresses such as parental support, family income, parent’s level of education, and other negative situations at home can affect the student’s motivation to learn.

University-Related Factors

The university must ensure that it has adequate facilities that can promote student learning. These facilities include both material and immaterial. Material facilities include laboratories, libraries, classroom facilities, among others. Immaterial facilities include the competence of professors and teaching methodologies (Mustaq & Khan, 2012). A study shows that students who have access to great school facilities are more engaged to learn (Jay & Zain, 2019). Moreover, the challenge for tertiary education is to create a curriculum that can cater to growing cultural diversity in the university. It is not enough to acknowledge diversity. The aim of educators should be to achieve a state of inclusivity for everyone.


A student’s academic success can be influenced by several factors. These factors can be student-related, social-related, and university-related. However, whatever external environment a student may be in, his or her power to make the right choices remains unrestricted. Learning responsibility still lies on the student. The university can facilitate this learning and the family or another social group can support this learning. Ultimately, however, the power lies on the student if he or she will be passive or become an agent for his or her own learning and academic success.


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