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Engineers are the creators of our future. I find it a captivating feat how over the past century, the world we live in has drastically changed due to the rapid technological advancement in engineering. To become one of the leading engineers of our future and to design a sustainable world for future generations is a fulfilling challenge I aim to achieve.

My deep-rooted interest in Science started from a young age when I read ‘The time for Kids Science Almanac’ and ‘Popular Science Almanac’. These books sparked my interest in the world of science and technology which led to my decision to become part of my elementary school’s Science Club. The club activities not only stimulated my mind but also allowed my curiosity to grow. I have always found myself interested in learning about how things work and this interest has grown with me over time. Being able to understand the working process of any machine always leads to a unique experience of satisfying my interest.

In 2013, I moved from the Philippines to the UK. Boarding my first long international flight allowed the borders of my imagination about how far technology can grow to expand. Like any child, I was fascinated by the remarkable concept of flight. From observing birds and insects fly to being able to personally experience it was exhilarating. This experience led me to question the mechanisms of flight and through inquiry and research, I was introduced to its engineering aspects.

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Immigrating, although the adjustment period proved to be challenging, did not interfere with my academics for the most part. The change motivated me to perform better academically and after two years, I was one of the most excelling students in my secondary school. It also allowed me to build my confidence and communication skills. Understanding that maths and science go hand in hand, I persevered to excel in these subjects and participate in any extracurricular activities available. In Year 10, I took the AQA Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics and achieved a grade of A. In 2018, I won the Outstanding Maths Student Jaguar Land Rover Education Award for the Solihull borough. I also took the UKMT Senior Challenge and obtained a bronze award. This year, I participated in the 'Inventing the Future Innovation Camp', an engineering competition, where my team and I secured the position of the Midlands Final Winner. We were challenged to create a sustainable transportation system that could be used by the public for the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Within 3 hours, we researched, designed, and created a presentation on a futuristic concept of an elevated bus that ran on hydrogen fuel cells and used solar power. Partaking in this competition was an unforgettable experience and emphasized the importance of teamwork and communication in engineering.

In my spare time, I enjoy learning new languages. I took Spanish as a GCSE and achieved a Grade 9 in it, however my learning hasn’t stopped there. I continue to teach myself Spanish and have recently started Korean. As an individual whose first language is Tagalog, I work hard to improve my English while making sure I don’t forget my mother tongue. From an early age, I’ve realized how much language barriers can impact communication, relationships, and confidence and so I take it upon myself as a challenge to further my proficiency in multiple languages.

As my knowledge in science and maths developed, my interest in aircraft and spacecraft grew. The subjects I study now such as Mathematics and Physics form the foundation of engineering and modules such as mechanics have been particularly enjoyable. Studying further mathematics has been more demanding than I anticipated, however, the extra challenge it provides is stimulating, especially those from the further mechanics content. The opportunity of using mathematical techniques and the application of scientific concepts and theories to solve real-life problems is gratifying and I hope to elaborate upon these during my degree.

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