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My Personal Experience of Studying Abroad

I am from Mexico. The city where I live is called Obregón city in Sonora State (at north of the Mexican Republic). I attend to Obregón city campus. I came to John Abbott almost alone; I said this because the other two girls that are here too were only classmates for me, until now that I know them much more. I made friends here, so yes I do have friends studying at John Abbott. This is my first time studying...
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Border-line College Dropout: Personal Experience

The first day of college my freshman year caught me completely off guard. Growing up, like most people my age, I was taken care of by my parents. Once I got on my own, I relied on my roommate, Cait. Cait has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. However, things don’t always work out. Cait dropped out and again I was left to fend for myself. I slowly stopped going to class, doing my homework,...
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Essay about My Clinical Experience

Learning plans are a key component of student learning in professional practice settings. The learning plan is a dynamic document that informs the learner, preceptor, and faculty advisor in relation to selecting learning opportunities. The idea is that learning evolves over the course of the practical experience as students’ learning needs unfold, therefore these plans are revisited and revised throughout the semester. The student is to reflect on their own personal knowledge base from past courses and clinical experiences to...
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Significant Impact of Marcus High School Cheerleading on My Personal Growth

As a senior looking back upon my four years apart of Marcus High School Cheerleading, I have grown immensely as a person. I have learned many qualities about myself, both positive and negative. This program has carved me into the person I am today and helped me to realize the person I ultimately strive to become. Throughout the years I have gained the insight of coping with stressful situations, managing my time wisely, faking it until you make it, and...
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The Issue of Hazing in University Campuses

Hazing is a problem affecting adolescents and young adults on many college campuses (Allan & Madden, 2008). Between 1838 and 1969, 35 deaths transpired on university campuses as a result of college hazing or alcohol abuse. Within 30 years, that number increased to over 210 deaths (Nuwer, 1999) and has continued to rise. High profile hazing deaths have caused criminal conviction of college students, the indictment of college administrators, and millions of dollars in compensatory damages awarded to the families...
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Role of Sororities and Fraternities in College Life

Brotherhood and sisterhood. Those two words have such a significant meaning. There is a difference between friendship and brotherhood or sisterhood. They create a bond that is completely different from others. If one needs help, advice, someone to lean on, they will always know either their brother or sister will be there for them twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Sororities and fraternities are a huge part of college campuses across the entire nation, if they were...
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Mathematics as a Major Academic Interest

Mathematics can be extremely complex at times, yet I love the satisfaction of ending the problem with the correct answer. The joy of completing a particularly hard question, or the sudden realisation of a particular topic making perfect sense, makes the challenge and the hard work worth all the frustration and dedication put into it. Studying maths at A-level has been the most enjoyable and fulfilling part of my sixth form years, and the logic and reasoning required for the...
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University of Pennsylvania Should Adopt Shadow Grading for First-Semester Freshman

For as long as I can remember, one of my biggest dreams was to attend a top school, and I sacrificed thousands of hours of sleep and fun to make it a reality. But when I stepped into class on my first day as an Ivy League student, I felt no excitement, just dread. I had barely made it through high school with my sanity intact, and now I had to do it all over again on what seemed like...
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My Online Course Experience

I never imagined that by the development of technology virtual meeting, conferences and online classes is one of the way to connect people from different countries. Teacher and students from different countries enrolled in same college share their knowledge and experience by virtual online classes by the help of Internet and media. In today’s society online courses are widely used in colleges providing easy access to course materials, classroom discussions and feedback to instructors. The course materials and activities may...
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Educational Tour of Cebu and Bohol

I had an educational tour of Cebu and Bohol which are 2 of the biggest tourist areas in the Philippines. My college SLU organized our trip with the goal of sharing us to visit and gather knowledge of what it is like to experience ourselves about tourism, and to observe the common traits related to HRM which consists of work that involves lodging and food service that is most important in the hospitality industry. The outing is regarded to be...
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Essay on Time Is Gold

Growing up it is often emphasized that ‘Time is gold’. It is a common ‘favorite motto’ that is usually written in every grade school’s journal or diary. Though at the young age I haven’t got a clue of what that means until I get to the point that also in high school, I get to comply to lecture requirements. Teacher got stricter with deadlines and failure to comply to sure requirements would result to a consequence or even a failing...
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My Life's Purpose: An Essay

I used to think my life was meant to be planned out by my parents. They set their expectations to be higher than I could achieve, and designated me on a path to pursue the life they never got. As a result, their intentions led me to learn to think more for myself and create my own ambitions because of how conflicted my beliefs were compared to theirs. I started learning how to change my life and figured out what...
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College Essay: Once Bitten Twice Shy

Finally, I’m starting to write my college essay. I don’t know what is hard, constructing it or trying to think of my achievements, I was raised to be modest about my achievements, whatever they might be. Applying for college is nothing but bragging, and it makes me uncomfortable. Every college essay you are likely to see it entails achievements from top to bottom, that’s not me! Not yet, I don’t have it all figured it out. I’m still getting myself...
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Reflective Student’s Perspective on College Experiences

College is an important path that adults need to consider taking in their life. Considering one’s culture, beliefs, and environment, people will see college as a need or a want. Transitioning into college without any prior knowledge is stressful which can cause the person to not go to college. This essay will be covering a student’s perspective on her college experiences. The positive and negative factors that she had to overcome will show how she developed as a student and...
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College Experience and Bachelor of Nursing Degree

Background, Goals, and Aspirations The decision to enter a college to become a nurse was a turning point in my professional development. I have always wanted to promote well-being among vulnerable populations and encourage patient education, and the experience gained in college shaped me as a nurse. Although the studying process will be quite challenging, and I realize that the actual nursing experience is yet to be acquired, I am positively certain that my career goals will be met respectively....
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Reflections on the Received Academic Education and Motivation for Its Continuation

Completing my college degree is of utmost importance to me. I consider this as a major gateway for job opportunities such as a promotion within my current profession field, an increase in higher wages, and the opportunity to apply for management positions within my place of employment. The purpose of this paper is to discuss my academic background and what motivates me to select and attend GCU. In addition, discussing my program of study or degree, my future goals or...
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My Experiences During My Time as a Dominican Student

As a student, I am just a regular student who simply enjoys every second of my while at school with my classmates. My four years here in St. Dominic College of Asia is a wonderful journey for me. This journey is the time where I learend a lot of life lessons, a time where I matured as an adult, and the time of self-discovery & self-growth. it’s like a ride in a rollercoaster there will ups and downs, there will...
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Valuable Lessons I Learned While in College

While attending Southwest Tennessee Community College, I have learned things this semester that will contribute to my success as a college student. As a college student, I have learned college will place you in situations where the answers will not come easily. One of the valuable lessons I learned while in college is discipline, and without discipline going through college successfully will become a struggle. In college, you will have plenty of opportunities to take your learning into your own...
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College As An Important Life Experience

College is all about different experiences and life lessons and goals. Living with questions of what if is no way to live at all. I met a woman at a protest this weekend in Downtown Atlanta- She is twenty- two years old and she has had the experience of being Miss Freshman and Miss Grambling State University at her school in Grambling, Louisiana, where she also graduated this Spring 2020. If we may, we will call her Queen. It was...
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College as an Integral Part of Our Life

The college experience and benefits could be described as a photo album. Imagine looking back upon your education and seeing a picture of each encounter and gain. My album would include three main folios. The pride taken by myself and my family upon receiving a bachelor’s degree. The abundance of knowledge of both things you believe you will never use and those things that surprise you when you do. Along with the differences in people you befriend and come across...
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