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When Columbus sailed the ocean blue in fourteen-hundred and ninety-two, the world as we know it changed forever. Kings and queens, as well as their subjects, were now introduced to the New World. Filled with new resources that Europe had lost, filled with new and different species of plants, and animals like turkeys and buffalo. They had a readily accessible guide and labor source in the natives who befriended them. Despite the legacy of the conquistadors and the decimation of...
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Gold is a soft, corrosion-resistant element and is the most malleable and ductile metal. Gold is a great thermal and electrical conductor. This element is generally alloyed to increase its strength. The Melting point of gold is 1337.58 °K and contains a boiling point of 3080 °K in recent years gold has had a significant impact on the economy it's known to rarely decrease in price, and many people have lately invested in gold. Gold is a jewelry metal and...
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Australia. The place where multiculturalism and diversity thrive. The place where over 20 religions are practiced and over 200 languages are spoken. The place containing rich history and stories that have passed down by many before us. The place that most of us call home. We as a country have formed a long-lasting colonial identity presenting ourselves as a multicultural society that welcomes all ethnicities and backgrounds. Over time we have formed this identity through a number of significant events,...
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Gold is a lustrous yellow, malleable, chemical element that has a higher atomic number than other natural elements. It has been around practically since the beginning of time and has held its value for most stretches of that time. Gold is of interest today because of said value, and for the fact that it is popular enough to be used but rare enough that not everyone can have it. Believe it or not, gold is fairly abundant, but what contributes...
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Growing up it is often emphasized that ‘Time is gold’. It is a common 'favorite motto' that is usually written in every grade school's journal or diary. Though at the young age I haven't got a clue of what that means until I get to the point that also in high school, I get to comply to lecture requirements. Teacher got stricter with deadlines and failure to comply to sure requirements would result to a consequence or even a failing...
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Dating back to 1880, the nickname ‘Marvelous Melbourne’ was given to our city, this was introduced when Melbourne was progressing into a major world city. This was a result of the Gold Rush. The Gold Rush caused Melbourne to become one of the richest cities in the world. During this time of the Gold Rush, Melbourne expanded rapidly, causing the population to rise by. This essay will investigate the creation of Melbourne and how it came to be a ‘Marvelous...
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Gold’s Gym, originally started by Joe Gold, is an American chain of international co-ed fitness centers. He opened the first Gold's Gym, with homemade equipment, in August 1965, in Venice Beach, California, way before gyms existed. The gym got popular when it was in a documentary, ‘Pumping Iron’ (1977), and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dave Draper used to train there. Each gym offers a variety of cardio, weightlifting and strength training equipment as well as group exercise programs. Its corporate headquarters...
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The first colony of Australia was established at Sydney by Captain Arthur Phillip on January 26, 1788. They believed the land was terra nullius or empty land as they couldn’t see any evidence of buildings, crops, land development, fences, borders or governments. This assessment was incorrect as the land belonged to the Aborigines as they had lived there for over 60,000 years. Chinese migration and settlement in New South Wales has a long history. Early records show evidence of Chinese...
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