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In today’s world financial assets are very valuable. A financial asset can be described as a liquid asset that gets its value from ownership claim. Examples of financial assets, according to James Chen, include: cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and bank deposits (Chen). Imagine not having to work as hard but still being able to bring in a hefty annual income. The easiest way one can multiply their assets is to invest in the stock market. Nowadays there are many...
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The worldwide stock market and stock exchange is an extraordinary concept in which users which include both individuals and companies alike both invest their money into different organizations, so in due time the amount of investment will increase. This world altering development was first implemented in the year 1602 by the Dutch East India Company, when they officially issued out the first ever documented paper shares, which allowed shareholders in the company, which are essentially the members of a corporation...
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There are wide-ranging effects on the economy when currency and stock markets move, whether on the domestic or global economy. The economic growth is significantly affected by market fluctuations resulting from technical factors such as inflation, deflation, demographics of investors and discount rates. Central banks consider exchange rates when it comes to monetary policy, controlling money supply for promoting economic growth by forcing up and down the interest rates depending on the current needs of borrowing and spending. Tighter monetary...
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Part of the objective of Securities and Exchange Board of India is to hold requirements for truthful and orderly markets. In order to help gain this goal, the Securities and Exchange Board of India regulates a range of stock market participants. These encompass the following: Stock Exchange An inventory alternate is an organized market that brings all the investors or merchants together. It enables the sale and buy of shares through unique shoppers and sellers. Most of the trading in...
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The Stock Market Crash of 1929 was very important and crucial to everything as during the times of the 1920s the U.S market itself actually was benefiting and profiting by immense numbers and statistics, making this inevitable crash worse than what it would’ve been, if things weren’t skyrocketing up the board. Now stocks and their prices rose to levels that weren’t reached before, and because of this the general idea and practice of investing in stocks rose to an intense...
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This paper aims to examine the effect of the spread of Covid-19 on the Egyptian companies trading in stock markets. The outcome of such an infectious disease is regarded as serious. It actually affected stock markets worldwide. Using an event study method, our results indicate that the stock markets in major affected countries and areas fell quickly after the spread of the virus. Egypt is one of the highly affected countries with a high rate of deaths. Further panel fixed...
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The impact of a changing demographic structure on the price of financial assets, especially stock prices has been the subject of extensive research and discussion for some time (Quayes & Jamal, 2014). Data gathered from the U.S Census estimated there were 65 million US born baby boomers accounting for more than 20% of the US population in 2014 (Colby & Ortman, 2014). Thus, when we consider the vast stake the baby boomer generation have on the stock market, it is...
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Bernard and Austin (2012) argue that traditional theorists believed that financial market in general has no correlation with economic growth, this proposition aroused studies on finding the effect of financial market on growth. Ample of studies have conducted on the traditionalists and established association between stock market and economic growth. In developing economy like Bangladesh and Nigeria, the development and growth of stock markets have been widespread in recent times. Despite the size and illiquid nature of stock market, its...
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