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Essay on Italian Crisis of 2018

The Italian economy has been hit by a deep-seated political and economic stir which has led to an unprecedented financial crisis. Italy is the only eurozone country to enter recession in 2018 after two consecutive quarters of contraction in the business cycle. Alongside the 2010 debt crisis of Greece and 2018 currency crisis of Turkey, Italy stands alone to be the only eurozone nation to experience recession for the third time in the past decade. The Italian Economy: A Background...
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Essay on Currency of the United States

Did you know there are only two people that weren’t presidents on our U.S. dollars? There are some familiar faces on the U.S. dollars as we see today. There were presidents on U.S. dollars, but not on every dollar, two were never presidents at all actually. Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton are on the ten and one hundred dollar bills. In fact, Franklin and Hamilton were not U.S. presidents at all. According to, U.S. currency has the following: George...
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What Would You Do if You Won the Lottery: Essay

I found in the fantasy, that one day I went to Agra to see the Taj Mahal in the organization with my companions. Close to the transport remain of Agra, a few people selling lottery tickets pulled in me. Much against the desire of my organization, so I purchased a lottery ticket from the Haryana government. I was extremely restless to see my number when its outcome showed up in Nav Bharat Times. Without a moment’s delay, I bought a...
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Essay on Acquisition of Money and Possessions

Twenty-first-century America is an extremely consumerist society. Seventy percent of its GDP comes from consumption (Kulman 58). It has more shopping malls than it has high schools. An average American spends six hours shopping every week, while only forty minutes of the same week goes to playing with their children (Frantz). A consumerist attitude has long been connected to things external. In his book “The High Price of Materialism,” Tim Kasser connects consumers with extrinsic goals, which he relates to...
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Essay about Gold

Gold is a soft, corrosion-resistant element and is the most malleable and ductile metal. Gold is a great thermal and electrical conductor. This element is generally alloyed to increase its strength. The Melting point of gold is 1337.58 °K and contains a boiling point of 3080 °K in recent years gold has had a significant impact on the economy it’s known to rarely decrease in price, and many people have lately invested in gold. Gold is a jewelry metal and...
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Essay on Why Teachers Should Be Paid More

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to sign a petition that will help teachers get a raise on their average salary compared to athletes Thesis: Instead of paying pointless athletes millions of dollars, Teachers deserve to be praised in the best way possible due to their financial struggles, the ability to instill qualities that students will use in their daily lives, and the countless work hours in and out of the classroom that goes unnoticed. I. The Attention Step Attention:...
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What Does Retirement Mean Today?

We are living in an age, where many people not only have a higher life expectancy, the majority also lives healthier, stays healthier, appears to stay young longer and therefore many people want to stay busy, maybe even then when they could retire. Those factors would suggest, that retirement is a broad term, leaving quite some room for the individual to arrive with decisions which suit their individual lifestyle. What I have observed though within the younger generation that for...
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Role of Gold Rush in the Formation of Australia's Colonial Identity

Australia. The place where multiculturalism and diversity thrive. The place where over 20 religions are practiced and over 200 languages are spoken. The place containing rich history and stories that have passed down by many before us. The place that most of us call home. We as a country have formed a long-lasting colonial identity presenting ourselves as a multicultural society that welcomes all ethnicities and backgrounds. Over time we have formed this identity through a number of significant events,...
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Is It Better to Do a Job You Hate for a High Salary or a Job You Love for a Low Salary?

It is true that the salary is always an important issue in choosing a job. While many people believe that it is better to do a job they hate for a high payment, I agree with those who argue that choosing a job people love even it has a low wage or job satisfaction is more important. There are three primary reasons why choosing a job people love is better. Firstly, job satisfaction increases more productivity. When doing a job...
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Essay on Incredible Gold

Gold is a lustrous yellow, malleable, chemical element that has a higher atomic number than other natural elements. It has been around practically since the beginning of time and has held its value for most stretches of that time. Gold is of interest today because of said value, and for the fact that it is popular enough to be used but rare enough that not everyone can have it. Believe it or not, gold is fairly abundant, but what contributes...
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Essay on Time Is Gold

Growing up it is often emphasized that ‘Time is gold’. It is a common ‘favorite motto’ that is usually written in every grade school’s journal or diary. Though at the young age I haven’t got a clue of what that means until I get to the point that also in high school, I get to comply to lecture requirements. Teacher got stricter with deadlines and failure to comply to sure requirements would result to a consequence or even a failing...
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Essay on How the Gold Rush Made Melbourne a 'Marvelous' City

Dating back to 1880, the nickname ‘Marvelous Melbourne’ was given to our city, this was introduced when Melbourne was progressing into a major world city. This was a result of the Gold Rush. The Gold Rush caused Melbourne to become one of the richest cities in the world. During this time of the Gold Rush, Melbourne expanded rapidly, causing the population to rise by. This essay will investigate the creation of Melbourne and how it came to be a ‘Marvelous...
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Difference between Retirement and Pension

In this paper I am going to answer the following question: “What is the difference between pension and retirement?”. But first I have to start with definitions. Retirement is someone’s withdrawal from active service. In most countries, a worker is said to have retired from service when they have attained a mandatory age or served for a period time in an organization. This age varies from country to country. In the United States, for instance, this age is 62-67, depending...
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Essay on Relationship between Economic Growth with Sustainable Development and Stock Markets

Bernard and Austin (2012) argue that traditional theorists believed that financial market in general has no correlation with economic growth, this proposition aroused studies on finding the effect of financial market on growth. Ample of studies have conducted on the traditionalists and established association between stock market and economic growth. In developing economy like Bangladesh and Nigeria, the development and growth of stock markets have been widespread in recent times. Despite the size and illiquid nature of stock market, its...
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Job You Love Vs Job That Pays Well

Job is an important factor, and without work life is impossible as it provides us with money which is essential for life. It not only fetches money for a better living, but also provides everyday learning. If you work a job you love, your life will be very different in everything. And although you spent a lot of time in a job you love or a job that pays well, your achievements and your psychological comfort and passion are different....
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Analysis of Credit Creation Limitations

While banks would prefer an limitless potential for creating deposit to make bigger profits, there are many limitations. These limitations make the system of developing deposit non-profitable. The barriers of the deposit advent technique will be discussed in this essay. Amount of Cash Affects the advent of credit with the aid of business banks. Higher the money of business banks in the shape of public deposits greater will be the savings creation. However, the quantity of money to be held...
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Cryptocurrency: Arguments in Its Favor and Increased Media Attention to It

Usually, when we make a transaction, the payment is processed by a credit card company or a bank. However, this could lead to risks such as protecting data from hackers, taking longer for international payments and expensive. Therefore, cryptocurrency helps to keep data secure and protected using mathematics as it only exists in computer networks. With digital currency like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the media attention has gained as there’s public knowledge in the modern marketplace. The main argument in favor...
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Essay on Carbon Credit

The world, as we know it now, has witnessed a gigantic transformation from the discovery of chemicals and gases to the current situation when the same have become a threat to life on the planet. This transformation has resulted in, perhaps the greatest untackled issue of modern life that is, climate change. Climate change highly owes its existence to the uncontrolled massive emissions of greenhouse gases, especially carbon. When more and more quantities of greenhouse gasses are exposed in the...
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The Covid-19 Pandemic and Its Potential Negative Effects on Greece, 'Weakened' by the Debt Crisis and Strong Migration Waves

Greece’s international reputation took a battering during the European debt crisis that dominated the first half of the last decade. The country was widely perceived as irresponsible, corrupt and inefficient. The country’s financial situation was sound when it entered the EU in the early 1980s, but it deteriorated substantially over the following next thirty years. While the economy boomed from 2001 to 2008, high spending and mounting debt loads accompanied the growth. The end of 2009 and 2010 marked the...
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Essay About the Causes of the 2008 Financial Crisis

In 2008 the world’s economy had its biggest crisis since the Great Depression in 1930. According to Britannica, this epidemic “began in 2007 when sky-high home prices in the United States finally turned decisively downward, spread quickly, first to the entire U.S. financial sector and then to financial markets overseas” (para. 1). The individuals and firms associated with this were commercial banks, savings and loans lender, mortgage offices, insurance companies, and the entire banking investment industry. It affected many other...
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Adam Smith's Key Ideas in 'Off the Rent of the Land'

In this paper, I will discuss the ideas of Adam Smith in his book ‘An Inquiry into The Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations’, specifically, chapter 11 in the first book which is called ‘Off the Rent of the Land’. The chapter is divided into four parts: off the produce of land which affords rent, the produce of land that could afford or not, the variations in the value of the produce, and digression concerning the variations of...
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Reflections on Whether There Should Be a Mandatory Retirement Age

Do you ever wonder when is the best time to retire from work? Can you envision yourself sitting in a rocking chair, having idle time and reflecting since the day you were born? Mandatory retirement for workers over the age of 65 is ideal in today’s society. A law that enforces a mandatory retirement will help today’s generation and many more to come in the near future because as workers pass the age of 65, they become no longer physically...
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Essay on the Economic Crisis in Greece

Greece is a country in South Eastern Europe consisting of 2 mainland peninsulas and thousands of islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian Seas. It is 15th largest economy among the 27 Europe Union. Greece is a developed country with high standards of living and high human development index. Participation in the European Monetary Union was a landmark development for Greece. It bestowed on its government and private sectors a rare historical privilege: the ability to borrow in open financial markets...
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Coming New Financial Crisis in Italy

Italy’s presidents have been in conflict with Europe because of their problems ever since they achieved power in the year 2018. They say that various European countries’ technocratic rules have caused economic trouble and they blame Europe’s rigidness for the country’s downturn after the 2008 financial crisis. Since then, Italy’s growth has slowly moved along at just barely below 1 percent, behind most other European economies, and the amount of youth in Italy is at a staggering 30 percent, surpassed...
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Reflections on Whether Retirement at 65 Should Be Compulsory

Many countries have their alternative ways of evaluating their workers. Basing on the country’s laws and policies, some have set the age of sixty years whereas others set the age of sixty-five years because the retirement age for public servants. an honest example is that the Asian and European countries with the retirement ages as sixty and sixty-five years severally. Since the thought of the health standing of a person stands to be the premise for my argument. Then the...
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2008 Financial Crisis Essay

The global economic crisis affects many countries worldwide. It’s a period of severe difficulties which financial institutions, markets and consumers experience simultaneously. It started in 2007, the full impact of the crisis wasn’t felt until the bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers an investment bank in September 2008. Juneja mentioned that in the years to come they were many jobs lost and a decline in GDP of many countries was witnessed. What started as the subprime mortgage crisis quickly morphed into...
4 Pages 1814 Words

Education and Employment: An Essay on the Relationship Between Education Demand and Employment Supply

Most of the public discussion and literature about economic development and education generally, most especially employment and education, is based on two major economic processes. First, is the interaction between the politically responsive supplies and the demands that are economically motivated in determining the number of schools provided, who can access these places, and the kind of instruction given. Second, is the important difference between private and social costs and benefits of the different educational levels as well as the...
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Digital Currency and Its Impact on Monetary Policy

Since the catastrophic global financial crisis, which was directly caused by the burst of the housing bubble and mortgage default, in 2008, the Federal Reserve alone has injected roughly 7.6 trillion dollars into the global economy by the end of 2019 in order to facilitate the recovering of the economy and mitigate recessions. An alternative asset which is called digital currency or cryptocurrency emerged in 2009 due to the rising distrust of central banks and the worries over inflation. The...
4 Pages 1655 Words

Essay on the Financial Crisis in Greece

Everyone knows that Greece is famous for its rich history, mythology, and architecture. But they cannot rely solely on tourism to keep their economy afloat. There were some key mistakes and mismanagements from their government threw them into a deep, deep hole. When Greece joined into Europe, they were doing well financially. In 1981, the party that rose to power was the Panhellenic Socialist Movement, spearheaded by Andreas Papandreou. They stayed in power due to what some would call bribing...
3 Pages 1176 Words

The Financial Crisis: An Essay on Its Causes and Consequences

A financial crisis is a situation when businesses and consumers are unable to pay their debts, asset prices depreciate, and financial institutions go through a shortage of liquidity. There are several types of crises, including stock market crash, financial bubble or a currency crisis (Dabla-Norris et al., 2015). All these crises have similar causes, and the consequences are much more alike. Among the most common causes of the financial crisis include a mismatch in liquidity. On rare occasions, financial institutions...
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