Essay on Pros and Cons of Giving Money to Homeless

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 'A Practical Way to Help The Homeless Find Work and Safety' TED Talk Analysis 'A Practical Way to Help The Homeless Find Work and Safety' is a TED talk by Mayor Richard J. Perry, who decided to make a change in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Perry created an inspiring speech for his TED talk that can catch the audience's attention in a heartbeat. Mr. Berry begins by questioning if the homeless meant what the sign had written on it. He shares with the audience that there is a better way than panhandling. Also, shares facts about how helping the homeless find jobs can help them become successful. The point he is trying to come across is that helping panhandlers look for jobs can make a change instead of handing money. Especially when people see the homeless asking for money and giving it to them at no cost.

His way of helping is by approaching homelessness, as Ellie Anzilotti states in her article, 'Since it launched, “There is A Better Way” it has provided 932 day-long shifts to 302 homeless individuals.' That is 302 homeless individuals who did not have a home or food to eat, but now they do. Since then, that has given him the motivation to keep going with his foundation to be able to help more individuals. To begin with, people tend to see the homeless and ask why is it that they do not have a job, or how they got there. In reality, no one is helping them to get a job or trying to help. When Perry talks about how the foundation all began, he explains in detail how he saw a man holding a sign. He begins his TED talk by holding a sign and asking the audience if they have seen someone hold one. This illustrates how Perry came up with the idea to help the panhandlers. It shows what type of person Perry is, such as caring, loving, and helpful.

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This TED talk is credible because it shows how there are good people in this world, just like Mayor Richard J. Perry's story. Perry builds a strong argument by talking about a real issue of panhandlers and what they go through in their lives; he chose people that he encountered and a plot that the audience could relate to. As a final point in the TED talk 'A Practical Way to Help The Homeless Find Work and Safety,' Perry gives motivation to others to end homelessness. When Perry begins his TED talk, he shares a story on how there is a better way to help others. The mayor explains how he had thirty signs up in thirty intersections with these words, 'If help or shelter needed call 311' and how a man was holding a sign below his sign with the words, 'Will work for food.' This led him to do something rare for his community and to create a better solution. He explained how he took into consideration what the words said on the sign and took the man's word.

Perry gave that man a job and helped him get shelter, and the homeless man became successful. Ever since Perry wanted to prove that there is a solution to help the homeless by not just giving money but by helping them get jobs. The hotline of his foundation rang every day for people who needed jobs and were living on the streets. It all began because he considered the man's words and used material he did not use. For example, Perry's old van was not being used and picked up homeless people who had called the hotline. This proves that taking someone's word or trying to help can become a successful plan. Giving these points, Perry made sure that in his Ted Talk, he could engage the audience to at least consider what he was trying to come across. It is easy to judge someone from the streets and not ask for help. When giving panhandlers money at no cost, is not helping that is feeding their addiction. The argument of Richard J. Perry's TED talk is to inform people that a change can happen. A great example is Mayor Perry’s foundation which all started because he cared for his community. He believed that the homeless to put effort into working to have a better life. It became successful and now fewer homeless are seen in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  

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