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Persuasive Essay on Why Minimum Wage Should Be Raised

Everyone believes that America is the place where all your misery and issues disappear, however in America there a more people in poverty than rich people. We often describe New York as a place where many wealthy people live, due to the fact of expensive rent prices, big corporations, and outstanding education. Due to this stereotypical stereotype, people that live in poverty are often looked down upon or not even cared about. Society often talks about the wealthy but never...
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Relationship between Fuel Prices and the Cost of Living: Newspaper Article Analysis

Summary According to an article published on the 23 May 2019 on a website called ‘Moneyweb’, it was stated that fuel prices took majority blame for the increase in the cost of living. The article speaks about how the fuels prices have had an effect on transporting, goods and services as well as many other aspects in different industries. Statistics have been collected from ‘Stats SA’ or commonly known as Statistics SA’s Consumer Price Index (CPI). Analysis In April 2019,...
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Conflicts of Interest between Companies and Customers Regarding Oil and Gas Prices: Essay

Oil is a commodity that is desired by multiple players and is essential in order to sustain the needs and lifestyles of consumers, businesses, and employees that depend on the natural resource to heat their homes, transport their products, and generate their paychecks. The top oil and gas companies in the world include Phillips 66, ExxonMobil, BP, and Royal Dutch Shell to name a few. The companies that profit from oil include the oil and gas companies, utility companies, and...
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The Oil Crisis of 1973-1974: Causes and Effects on the American Economy

The objective of this study is to explain the impact that the 1973-1974 oil crisis, stemming from the countries known as OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries), had on oil prices, the American economy and the world economy. This essay discusses the causes of the oil crisis as well as the extent of the impact on the American economy. Some of the macroeconomic concepts that will be explored are inflation, wage-price controls and monetary policy. It is evident from the...
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An Analysis of the Likelihood of a Second Oil Embargo and America's Preparedness for It

The world’s economy is dependent on the availability of crude oil, which supplies the fuels needed for the transportation of labor, raw material, and most importantly final goods. Not only does oil fuel our economy, but it also yields over six thousand useful products, including fertilizers, plastic, and rubber. The Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) supplies 42.4% of the international demand for crude oil, while also accounting for 43.52% of the world’s proven oil reserves or 724.71 billion...
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OPEC and the 1970s Oil Crisis

Oil is very important because it is used to produce many goods and mostly used in heating and transport. This is why the supply of oil is in the hands of a small number of producers who are based in countries where oil reserves are found. These countries get together and agree on the quantity of oil to produce and the price to charge. According to Mankiw et al., (2019), a group of firms acting in unison is called a...
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Consequences of the Oil Crisis of 2008 for the Gold Countries

Economic crisis is a circumstance in which the economy of nation encounters an unexpected downturn brought on by a financial crisis. The economy confronting a financial emergency and experiencing a falling GDP, an evaporating of liquidity and rising prices due to deflation. An economic crisis can appear as a recession or a depression. Our planet experienced many crises, such as the Great Depression in 1930’s which is known as the mother of all financial crisis and lasted about 10 years,...
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The Fall of Detroit and the Role of the Oil Crisis of 1973 in It

The city of Detroit, Michigan is considered to be one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Surprisingly, Detroit was not always a dangerous city, in fact, Detroit was once looked upon as the most desirable place to live in the United States of America. In the mid-20th century, Detroit was said to be the most powerful, uprising city in America. This was due to the preeminent role that Detroit played in the motor industry at the time. Detroit...
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The Education Gap and Inequality in Los Angeles

It is known and obvious that there is an education gap and inequality between schools in lower income cities versus schools in higher income cities. Students who do not have the resources or money to attend a college will likely drop out of high school instead of achieving their goals but students who do have all the resources and will go onto college. This is inequality within education and it is unfair because all students deserve to have all the...
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Strong Inheritance Tax as a Possible Solution to Growing Poverty and Inequality

Poverty is an increasing issue in modern day that stems from wealth inequality. Families that hold wealth throughout generations are making an increasing gap in income in the United States which is making the poor even more poor. Poverty can have several negative effects on a person’s long-term health, including heart attacks, inflammatory diseases, and even can attribute to a premature death. While some argue that a more aggressive progressive tax is the best way to solve things, the most...
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Reasons Why Minimum Wage Should Be Raised Essay

Proposal Essay By definition, the minimum wage is the lowest wage permitted by law or by a special agreement. It was initially introduced with the purpose of stabilizing the post-depression economy and protecting workers in the labor force. In this day and age, the minimum wage is designed to create a minimum standard of living to protect the health and well-being of employees. Despite varying across states, the federally imposed minimum wage stands at a long-obsolete $7.25 an hour. This...
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Socio-economic Conditions in 'What is Poverty' by Jo Goodwin Parker

“What is poverty?” by Jo Goodwin Parker may be a denotative interpretation of poverty. UN agency the poor area unit and the way the society’s stereotype is injustice. Parker with success describes the poor people’s issues and also the purpose of read that society has for those who sleep in poorness. Apparently, in Seventies the socio-economic condition people was awful and also the indisputable fact that Parker wrote the essay in 1971 may be altogether relatable to the socio-economic conditions...
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A Look at The Acceptance of Immigrants from Syria

According to the Syrian Network for Human Rights 206,923 civilians have been killed during the span of Syria’s civil war. It is estimated by the SNHR that 57% of these deaths are due to aerial bombardment. Those that are lucky enough to live through the air raids experience many after-effects, the largest one being P.T.S.D. If they so happen to be injured during the bombings they would be forced to try and make it to one of few makeshift hospitals...
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The United States and Eradication of Poverty in The World

Poverty is a situation wherein human beings aren’t able to afford basic needs. Its definition is short and sweet, but its implications are vast and complex. President Kennedy’s inaugural remarks remind us that “The challenge of global poverty is not new.” Historically, poverty has been an epidemic, killing thousands of people year after year. Over the past several decades, however, there have been very impressive improvements in some parts of the developing world. The United States has witnessed a flourishing...
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Economic Problems and Issues of Turkey and Ways to Solve Them

Economy is a region of the creation, dispersion, or exchanging, and utilization of products and enterprises by various specialists. Comprehended in its broadest sense, ‘The economy is characterized as a social space that stresses the practices, talks, and material articulations related with the generation, utilize, and administration of resources. Economic operators can be people, organizations, associations, or governments. Monetary exchanges happen when two gatherings consent to the esteem or cost of the executed great or administration, generally communicated in specific...
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Economics Assignment on Three Biggest Economic Challenges Faced by the Australian Economy

An economic problem or challenge occurs when a country fails to meet the needs or wants of its population with the scarce resources it has. It could be said that when an economy fails to meets its micro and macro-economic goals it creates an economic problem for them. Since 2007 the world has seen a setback economically and even the most stable countries have faced challenges in their economy. While developing countries are spending more on rectifying issues with poverty...
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Impact of Recession in India

Recession means when the economy of a country falls, and some undesirable situations also occurred due to recession. These causes down fall in employment rate, fall in wages rate, and fall in retail price. Recession may be occurred for two months four months but not more than one year. If it does then these are the not good sign for that country and for global economy also. In 2007 global financial crises occurred this also a recession. It started from...
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Assessment of Bernie Sanders’ Talk, The Well-being and Financial Issues of The Us Population

On May 26, 2015, Bernie Sanders, one of the runner ups for presidential candidacy, holds his “kickoff” event in his hometown Burlington,Vermont. On that day, Sanders discusses the overall being of the American people and the economic problem that hovers over the nation today. The problem is the economic inequality among social classes in America, in which is making the middle class of this country disappear and shrink for the last forty years. In his attempt to run for presidential...
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The Principles of The CPI Calculation in Inflation Rate in Economics

The CPI calculation in the inflation rate is considered as a combination of many goods, which are accumulated within the year. The same products are used in the following year and the next, which means that in the calculation of the inflation rates. The amount of goods and services used in the calculation remains the same with a slight change. On the other hand, the GDP deflator is calculated as a factor of flexible goods and services in the country....
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Competition Authorities and Their Role in Price Control in the UK

The coronavirus pandemic is the first time that all economies across the world have faced such a severe global challenge since the recovery from World War II, and it would be fair to say that the UK have been among the worst affected. In this report, I will investigate how the UK Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) have adapted to price rises in the economy, how they should ensure a strong recovery in the future, and then conclude whether it...
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Justifying the Fairness of Price Gouging Using Ethical Theories

To begin with, the issue of fairness arises with companies’ attempt to gain an advantageous market position through the exploitation of consumers’ unalterable needs in an unusual market condition (Crane et al., 2019:375). Thus, the justification to exploitative pricing’s fairness is being debated with the following two ethical theories. Firstly, consequentialism determines morality and ethicality solely based on consequences (Robertson and Walter, 2007). Utilitarianism, as a paradigm, asserts a universalism and maximalism view where ethicality depends on maximizing the greatest...
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Assessing the Ethics of Price Gouging During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The topic of exploitative pricing has been a long-standing theme irrespective of the world situation. However, due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the controversy of excessive pricing on unforeseen circumstances has become a central debate again. According to OECD (2020), attributable to the coronavirus, the business environment has been subjected to instability resulting in the disruption of supply chains. The insufficient production and difficulties in product distribution, simultaneously, with increased demand, has led to shortages in certain products (ibid). As...
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Pros and Cons of Raising the Minimum Wage

Minimum wage is the compensation payable to laborers as fixed by law. Should the minimum wage be raised? I have mixed emotions regarding this topic. If minimum wage is raised, it would hurt most organizations, there would be fewer open positions. I think if the minimum wage were raised from $7.25 it would probably hurt public and private entities. Especially during the pandemic, most companies are not flourishing. Raising the wages would mean bigger paychecks and those small businesses may...
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The Benefits of Raising the Minimum Wage: An Essay

In 1938 during the Great Depression, President Roosevelt established The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, which introduced the federal minimum wage to the United States. It was introduced as a way to stabilize the post-depression economy and as a way to protect workers in the labor force by establishing a certain amount of pay. In the beginning, the minimum wage was $0.25 per hour and has been raised twenty-two times since. However, since the 1960’s there has been no...
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Minimum Wage Establishing: Criteria and Main Approaches

Along with the general elements of wage formation in developed countries, there are national differences. The specificity is typical, for example, for Japan, where the life-long employment system plays an important role. This system is associated with the existence of three types of tariff rates in Japanese companies – personal, labor and synthesized. Personal rate is associated with lifetime employment and is established on the basis of a combination of a number of characteristics, the most important of which are...
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Raising the Minimum Wage Will Reduce Poverty: An Essay

Neediness keeps on developing in America. The lowest pay permitted by law in the United States is $7.35- every 60 minutes awfully low in the present society. Key costs, for instance, gas and lodging costs, have gone up fundamentally since the lowest pay permitted by law was last changed in 2007. The laws making the lowest pay permitted by law were proposed to improve the way of life and abatement neediness. Raising the lowest pay permitted by law is a...
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Strengths and Weaknesses of the Minimum Wage Increase

The minimum wage increase has been an ongoing conversation among almost everyone which it should be because it is a very important topic. Increasing the minimum wage has seen many pros and cons. Many people are unaware of what the words minimum wage even mean, and that is the lowest amount of pay that an employer is allowed to pay their employees by law. On October 1st, 2017 minimum wage in Ontario was $11.60 and in January 2018 minimum wage...
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Unethical Management Practices of Valiant Company

The share prices of Valeant dropped in just a few weeks from $ 262 to $ 27. This was due to the main reasons – the company’s pricing strategy, the company’s $ 600 million overestimation of its target earnings and the debt problems. Valeant used a pricing strategy where they increased the prices of the drugs of the acquired company to abnormal amounts every time an acquisition occurs. It was noticed that there was a 5500 percent increase in one...
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Benefits of Raising the Minimum Wage

As per Article 1 Section 1 of the US Constitution, Congress is the legislative body of the government; they are the only ones to make laws in the US. Further Congress has been divided into two sections Senators from each state and house of representatives which has delegates from each state depends on the state population. It will be a violation of the constitution if any other government institution or entity make law in the US. Raising the minimum wage...
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Economic Inequality as an Inhibitor to Democratic Change

High levels of economic inequality have frequently been cited as a reason for why democracy may not be effective in a certain nation, or why democracy cannot prosper for long periods within a country. Democracy in this context is referring to a nation that holds free and fair elections with broad participation, along with a rule of law that contains checks and balances on power (Treisman, Lecture 1). Inequality can be determined using the Gini coefficient, a number between 1...
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