Reflections on the Minimum Wage Based on Barbara Ehrenreich's Article ‘Serving in Florida’

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In the United States, there are many unjust laws that lead to social inequality. In today's world, wage inequality has grown over the past 30 years, which creates many problems for people.

Currently, minimum wage workers don’t make enough money to sustain a comfortable life. In the article ‘Serving in Florida’, the author Barbara Ehrenreich decided to do a research assignment by working a series of low-paying jobs and wanted to see how it felt like working with minimum wage pay and see if that will affect her lifestyle at home. Her first job was as a waitress with an 8-hour shift with $2.43/hour pay plus leftover tips. She later found out that all her tips and paychecks didn’t add up quickly with her bills and rent. In a recent article that talks about minimum wage pay, people that work in restaurants mostly rely on tips to make a living because their normal pay is way less. Barbara Ehrenreich compares working at Jerry’s as a harsh workplace because the managers treat her unfairly with less pay and there were no breaks to be taken. She cannot even eat food or the manager will hiss to her “no eating” (p.365). In her article, she explains that the restaurant’s work environment is so bad that she can’t take a break because there is no breakroom, and the only time she can stop is only to use the restroom. Barbara Ehrenreich also explains that everything in the kitchen is a big mess. In the end, she found out that minimum wage pay is very difficult because the pay won’t cover a lot of payments needed in real life.

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Barbara Ehrenreich's experience, reflected in her article, as well as the experience of a large number of Americans, says that the minimum wage needs to be raised. If the president didn’t increase minimum wage pay, then no one would be able to make a living or pay rent, and later on, there would be more people living out on the streets. A solution to alleviate the problem should be the government raising the minimum wage pay and allowing equal rights among others. Having minimum wage pay increased a little higher should be necessary because people can get paid equally with other coworkers around them. The pay raise can also help the workers pay off their rent or their utility bills they have to pay by themselves, and it will likely decrease inequality around them.

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