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Income Gap and Unhappiness

The income gap is when the gap between the wealthy and the poor is very big. This is an issue that is still affecting many people to this day, it is an economic impact that many people have to face. However, the income gap does not only stop at being an economic issue, but it could also have a political and social impact. For me, I take the stand that the income gap causes an unhappy society. The income gap...
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Strong Inheritance Tax as a Possible Solution to Growing Poverty and Inequality

Poverty is an increasing issue in modern day that stems from wealth inequality. Families that hold wealth throughout generations are making an increasing gap in income in the United States which is making the poor even more poor. Poverty can have several negative effects on a person’s long-term health, including heart attacks, inflammatory diseases, and even can attribute to a premature death. While some argue that a more aggressive progressive tax is the best way to solve things, the most...
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Wealth Gap Between Whites and Blacks

In the United States (US), the household wealth of a median white family in 2019 was $147,000, while the median black family owns $3,600 – just over 2% of what the median white family owns (Collins, Asante-Muhammad, Hoxie, & Terry, 2019). The wealth gap between whites and blacks not only suggests that there is an inequality of outcomes, but also an inequality of opportunities. The economic opportunities provided by wealth range from security against disruptions in income to the ability...
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The Government Should Reduce the Gap to an Advisable Level Between Rich and Poor

How would you feel if you were one of the 800 million people who went to bed starving each and every night? At this very moment, countless people are forced to bear the pain of poverty and starvation, through no fault of their own, while millions of individuals in developed-countries binge on excessive amounts of food. These same insatiable people waste enormous amounts of money and resources to maintain their exorbitant and disgustingly luxurious lifestyles. When five cents may seem...
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The Problem of the Wealth Gap in Contemporary American Society

America, the land of plenty, has always experienced an abundance of wealth, but has the unequal distribution of this wealth become our downfall? It’s easy to see that people in the United States are getting richer. However, a fraction of the wealth is becoming an issue towards the less fortunate. According to the film ‘Inequality for All’, Robert Reich exhibits the issues concerning the wealth disparity that lies between the upper and lower class in America and notices a significant...
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Wealth Gap Between the Rich and the Poor in Australia

Similarly, in 1901, every Australian had the right to vote, however in 1902 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders were not allowed to vote in Federal Elections until 1962. They were also not considered in the census until 1967 (Australian Electoral Commission, 2017). A White Australia Policy was employed in 1901 and it was not entirely eradicated until the 1970’s. Non-white Australians and women who worked were often viewed as a risk. As a result, they were paid significantly less, which...
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The Education Gap and Inequality in Los Angeles

It is known and obvious that there is an education gap and inequality between schools in lower income cities versus schools in higher income cities. Students who do not have the resources or money to attend a college will likely drop out of high school instead of achieving their goals but students who do have all the resources and will go onto college. This is inequality within education and it is unfair because all students deserve to have all the...
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