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Economic Inequality Essays

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The Problem of Political, Social and Economic Inequality in the Modern World

The 21st century discord is a majorly increasing problem in today’s world in regards to political, social and economic inequalities. These issues are growing at an astonishing rate and if they are not resolved soon, they will cause us to degrade as a human race and destroy the infrastructure for future generations to come. Social inequality is when resources in a given society are distributed unevenly, typically through norm of allocation, that engender specific patterns along lines of socially defined...
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The Link Between Inequality in Chile and Peru and the Legacy of Neoliberal Reforms in an Era of Authoritarianism and Dictatorship

Inequality, in its myriad of social and economic forms, is a persisting issue in Latin American society. As of 2014, Latin America was found to be the most economically unequal region in the world: just 10% of the richest Latin Americans controlled 71% of the region’s wealth (Ibarra, 2014). When wealth is concentrated in the hands of the few, often so is power. It is argued that, for many Latin American nations, this is partially due to political systems being...
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Globalization as One of the Main Causes of Economic Inequality in America

This essay will focus on how globalization is a major cause of inequality and is destroying the middle class in the United States and allowing the rich to thrive. Globalization includes the spread of products, technology, ideas, and culture, among other things between countries. I will be discussing how specifically economic globalization has been a major factor in the cause of the severe wealth inequality in America. Globalization has allowed the United States, and its businesses and people to become...
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The Problem of Economic Inequality in Modern South Africa

Today South Africa is still not a free and fair democracy as defined in our Constitution. There are huge divisions in society due largely to the past apartheid regime. This disparity manifests as economic inequality including income, employment and educational inequality. It also manifests as social and geographical inequality and the lack of basic services to certain residential and rural areas. Numerous laws have been created to address this disparity, yet we are still viewed as one of the most...
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Problem of Income Inequality in the United States

On May 7-9, 2018, UCLA staged a vigorous three-day strike. For a long time, not only UCLA, but also the entire UC system (UC system). More than 20,000 of the lowest-level employees (not professors, but meager labor) have been protesting, the financially fascinating University of California is actually on pay so embarrassing. Their ‘humble’ status is the cornerstone of keeping the University of California’s huge machine functioning. They include chefs, repairers, cleaners, porters, drivers, health care workers, and more. If...
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Economic Inequality and Its Implications

Inequality can come in many different forms like gender, racial or social inequality. In this essay, I will focus on economic inequality as it often exaggerates and contributes to the other types of inequalities mentioned. Economic inequality comes in two forms mainly: income and wealth inequality. There are many different measures of inequality: using the Gini Coefficient, ratio measures or looking at the wage gap. Generally, high levels of economic inequality are a bad thing for a country with negative...
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Essay on Inequality in the Distribution of Wealth

Inequality in the distribution of wealth is an issue in the majority of societies. The US faces a similar problem where there are considerable disparities in the distribution of income and wealth. The existing studies and statistics reveal that Hispanics are hugely affected since they occupy the lower end in the distribution of wealth and income compared to other ethnic groups. The problem leads to the reduced participation and representation of Hispanics in democracy due to the lack of influence....
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Economic Inequality as an Inhibitor to Democratic Change

High levels of economic inequality have frequently been cited as a reason for why democracy may not be effective in a certain nation, or why democracy cannot prosper for long periods within a country. Democracy in this context is referring to a nation that holds free and fair elections with broad participation, along with a rule of law that contains checks and balances on power (Treisman, Lecture 1). Inequality can be determined using the Gini coefficient, a number between 1...
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Social and Economic Inequality in India and South Africa

For the beginning, I would like to define the notion of economic and social inequality, before we move to the main idea of this research. Economic inequality has two meanings: it can either refer to income distribution or wealth distribution among countries. Income distribution and wealth distribution refer to the national income divided among citizens of a country. According to McCarthy (2018), ‘social inequality is traditionally defined as the existence of unequal opportunities for different social positions or statuses for...
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How Should the US Reduce Economic Inequality? Essay

Over the past few decades, America has been experiencing a great deal of alterations. One of those changes involves the growth of the country. The expansion rate in America has been rapidly growing since 1950. Decreased death rate and an increase in average human age are some of the leading causes of skyrocketing population. Growth has tended to be more rapid, especially in lower-working categories. However, social disengagement arising from growing inequality has not altered. Poverty and inequality are interlinked...
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