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The average price of gas has been constantly inflating our economy. Of many countries, the US is one of the few places where a household commonly owns more than one automobile. Due to the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine, gas prices have skyrocketed. Russia ended up pulling the plug on the gas and oil supply. Tesla, an electric car manufacturer, has been a market leader with long-term benefits due to the zero need for gas. This leaves V8s and...
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Oil is a commodity that is desired by multiple players and is essential in order to sustain the needs and lifestyles of consumers, businesses, and employees that depend on the natural resource to heat their homes, transport their products, and generate their paychecks. The top oil and gas companies in the world include Phillips 66, ExxonMobil, BP, and Royal Dutch Shell to name a few. The companies that profit from oil include the oil and gas companies, utility companies, and...
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Gasoline has been around for over a century and will continue to stay around for a while. It is used for almost any common motorized machine. Before this gasoline product was patented in Massachusetts back in the 18th century, its very close relatives kerosene and petroleum were commonly used. Currently in today's pandemic gasoline prices have been cheaper and dropping due to a couple of factors that will be discussed in this paper. The different market structures play a big...
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Summary According to an article published on the 23 May 2019 on a website called ‘Moneyweb’, it was stated that fuel prices took majority blame for the increase in the cost of living. The article speaks about how the fuels prices have had an effect on transporting, goods and services as well as many other aspects in different industries. Statistics have been collected from ‘Stats SA’ or commonly known as Statistics SA’s Consumer Price Index (CPI). Analysis In April 2019,...
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Economics is regarded as the social science that is concerned with the distribution, production as well as usage of goods and services. In economics, demand and supply are those factors that are said to decide price, producers would like to sell at a specific price i.e. supply, and customers will be able to buy the product by determining the price of the particular commodity. Supply refers according to the varying amount of commodities that producers will supply at various costs...
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