Anti Discrimination Laws And Their Effects

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One out of five people faces discrimination. It is the unjust treatment of people towards others on the basis of caste, color and even looks. People are discriminated for looking ugly. They are deprived of basic rights just because they are not beautiful according to our society. There should be laws introduced against looks discrimination so that people in our society are treated with equality. Although, the financial cost is considered a burden. However, anti-discrimination laws should be introduced because mental health, morality, and economic inequality are viewed as graver issues.

Firstly, discrimination causes mental health problems. Many people who face looks discrimination on a daily basis are not only diagnosed with depression but also sacrifice their lives just because they look ugly according to the beauty standards fixed by people of our society. According to research, discrimination causes stress that leads to mental health issues like depression and anxiety. One can have trouble falling asleep when subjected to discrimination which disturbs ones daily life routine.

Secondly, Discrimination based on looks is highly unethical. Unfortunately, it does prevail in our society to some extent and also affects a lot of people especially acid victims. Acid is a harmful chemical, if thrown, can destroy one's whole face and its features. It is extremely difficult for acid victims to survive in a society in which major decisions like job opportunities, housing, earnings etc are made based off of one's looks. Non-discrimination is a core human right and discrimination based on looks is unethical behavior.

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Moreover, Economic inequality is a significant reason to introduce anti-discrimination laws. In job sectors, most people are judged on the basis of their looks. Good looking people are always preferred over people who are not very good looking or are average looking. Employers always opt for those who look more presentable in terms of their looks even if they do not deserve. They are granted promotions and better wages which cause income inequality. Rich people are becoming richer and poor people are becoming poorer, taking inflation and other economic issues in the account. Therefore, It gives rise to inequality which ultimately affects the whole nation.

In contrast, to practice anti-discrimination laws finances are required. It is a very big hurdle for the government as our government is already in debt. To execute anti-discrimination laws and eradicate inequality the firms should have enough capital to provide the ones who face discrimination based on their looks. It is a long procedure of court hearings, job allocations etc. Hence, it is an expensive process and financial burden cannot be overlooked. However, the above-stated reasons -for introducing anti-discrimination laws to benefit our society- outweigh the financial cost.

There should be anti looks discrimination laws introduced to help the people in need and to make our society a better place to live with lesser suicides, more ethical behavior and less income inequality to make people better off. In the future, if laws get implemented, our society will become an even better place to live and not just survive.

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