Jackie Robinson And Discrimination

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Being a leader requires high skill and can be challenging at times but will inspire others to work hard and be productive. The skills required for being a leader is crucial to the success of a business and development of all employees. Leadership is the ability for an individual to be a role model for others within a business and provides a clear path for others to follow. Many people think that being a leader and being a manager is the same, but that is false. The difference between a leader and a manager is that a leader sets a path for others to follow, while a manager is held accountable for the works of others. A leader often influences others to follow the path they have created for them and maximize their full potential. In order to be an effective leader, one must possess certain traits. Some traits of a leader include, creative, positive, confident, trustworthy, committed, honest and inspirational. Many people wonder whether leaders are born to be who they are, or are they made to be who they are. As one of the greatest NFL coach Vince Lombardi stated, “Leaders aren’t born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work.” (Lombardi). If you want to become a leader, you will have to work hard to inspire others to reach their full potential. While doing so, you will improve the work of others around you, as well as yourself. Anybody has the potential to become a leader through hard work and dedication. An individual can become a leader by learning to inspire others and help people fulfil their potential, learn from their own mistakes, being able to make critical decisions, and lead by example. Overall, leadership is the ability to assist someone to accomplish a common goal through inspiration and influence.

There are many people in todays society that have established themselves as leaders, but the one who stands out the most is Jackie Robinson. Robinson was born on January 31, 1919, in Cairo, Georgia. He was the first ever African American to play in Major League Baseball and broke all barriers and paved the path for other African Americans to follow in his footsteps. There are many reasons as to why Robinson shows the qualities of what it’s like to be a leader. For one, Robinson shows others how to embrace challenges and to never back down from anyone, no mater what the circumstances may be. For example, Robinson did the unthinkable back in 1947 when he joined the National league as an African American. He was not afraid of the possibility of being rejected by the teams within the MLB, which shows his determination for success. Also, Robinson shows his qualities of being a leader by being able to stay focused throughout all the discrimination and racism he faced throughout his life. For example, throughout his life, Robinson was told he would never make it, and was always separated from other due to his skin colour. Although he faced all this criticism, he was still able to stay focused and fulfill his dream of playing baseball professionally. Overall, Jackie Robinson possesses many traits that prove him as a leader to others.

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Jackie Robinson owns many qualities that makes him a different leader from others. Robinson is not only a leader in sports, but he was also a leader in civil rights and a leader in business. As stated before, Robinson led the way for African Americans to take part in the MLB without being harassed or facing discrimination. Robinson was a leader in civil rights as he was a civil rights activist. Robinson was verbally abused due to his skin colour during his time in the MLB, but he stayed calm and showed leadership by staying focused and taking a stand for himself. Due to Robinson’s leadership, many people were inspired to take a stand in a civil rights movement. Also, Robinson was a leader in business as he paved the way for African Americans to believe in their own abilities. Robinson left baseball in 1957 and worked as the first ever black vice president of a major corporation called Chock Full O’Nuts. By doing this, Robinson inspired other African Americans to look up to him as a role model and believe that they themselves can achieve all things in the world of business.

A major story that involves Jackie Robinson and discrimination is the story of how Robinson faced racism during his time in the MLB and did not fight back. During his time as a baseball player, Robinson was discriminated and was even sent death threats by both fans and players. He took all the abuse nonstop without fighting back until finally in 1949, Robinson spoke out against all the racism, and became an enemy to racial discrimination. His story taught other African Americans to ignore the hate that is sent their way and use it as fuel to enhance their own performance. This story shows the way Robinson was seen as a role model to many individuals and shows the path that Robinson created for others to follow. In conclusion, Jackie Robinson was a pivotal leader in our world and helped pave the way for African American athletes to succeed in major national sports.

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