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Women Representation In Sports

Sports is one of the most popular activities of mankind across the world. It is well valued between all ages, gender and races. However, in early years of modern Olympics, women were not well represented. Women participated for the first time at the 1900 Paris games only in tennis and golf. Then, women’s athletics and gymnastics started in the Olympics 1928. Through time, more women’s events were added. In 2012, women’s boxing was introduced, resulting with no remaining sports that...
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Sports Programs In Girls Empowerment

Haseena (2015), in his study on women empowerment in sports notes of the low participation of women in sports globally, including India. He urges the utilization of already existent tools to empower women teams. Hassena, however, singles out Kerala state, which has good female participation across various sectors such as social, political, and sports. His focus on women in sports makes his state of the great global attention that the state has achieved due to the role of its women...
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What Is Peculiar About Women In Sports?

Gender has been a huge divider in society since time can remember. The way men were raised was completely different than how women were raised. Women were raised to be gentle and also how to be a housewife while men were the ones who were brought as being better than woman simply because they were stronger and could do more. Over the years some of those things have changed however women are still being mistreated and brought up in a...
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Media Portrayal Of Men And Women In Sports

Media carries an impactful role that can affect society’s perspectives of different genders, races, and cultures. Whether it is a negative, or positive effect, media plays an ongoing significant role that can change the outcome. There are numerous types of worldwide media such as: newspapers, magazines, television advertising and radio. Social media and television have been rising and influential platforms that many people in this century engage with. Many people have the option to stay updated with their family, friends,...
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Women In Sports: Fair Or Unfair?

Competition in sports has mainly been emphasized throughout the creation of sports. When people generally think about sport stars and Olympic stars the general picture individuals paint are male superstars. The popularity ratio between males and females has increased for female athletes many years after the passing of the Title IX law. Not only has the Title IX law reduce the discrimination of any individual in any education program or activity but it has allowed female athletes to showcase their...
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Gender Inequalities In Sports And Physical Activity

The social cultural factor of focus will be gender ideologies in society, including the participation in physical activity and sport. Due to the negative connotations and judgments with women and girls participating in sport or being physically active, there is a low number compared to boys and men. The reasons as to why there is a significant gender gap with participation of sport and physical activity is due to the gender ideologies society has placed on the certain roles and...
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How Does Gender Inequality Happen In Sports?

Bad Mentality Most people still think that women are too weak to play sports. One example is from a WNBA player; Elena Delle Donne who stated “It is hard to fall in love with a sport or team or a player if you have never seen them and do not know much about them … I wish I could just play basketball and have that be my thing. But if I have to give some media knowledge or PR ideas,...
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Women Should Be Seen In The Same Light As Men In Sports

In the last one hundred years women have made tremendous progress in many parts of life. Of that there can be little doubt. The latest Today women can compete in sports, once completely dominated by males; and they excel at it. But even today women in sports are not portrayed in the same light as their male counterparts. Women are just as capable as men in the area of sport, but the media is not publically showing this. Problems with...
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The Relation Of Women, Sports And Stereotypes

When people hear “female athletes” they immediately think they’re “too sensitive,” “not good enough” or “weak.” Women are stereotyped as the “universal caretaker,” meaning that women are responsible for everything that needs to be completed within the household; for example, cooking, cleaning, or laundry. This stereotype on women has entirely ruined any female’s social approval to become an athlete. Female athletes are repeatedly criticized when stepping outside the publicly “normal” sports or when they partake in sports that involved competitive...
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Title IX's Restrictions on Women Athletes of Color

Sports participation and scholarships opportunities for all women athletes, including colored women has increased due to Title IX. However, there is still work to be made for women of color to gain equal representation and opportunities in athletics. In the textbook, ‘Women and Sports’, Ellen S. Staurowsky introduces emerging sports by defining it as, “NCAA Institutions increased women’s sports opportunities, but these increases have primarily been witnessed for white women and thus: have resulted in limited increases in participation rates...
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Invalidity of Title IX in Relation to Women’s Athletics

Title IX – the best document for the progression of female athletics… more like the beginning of increased criticism, setbacks and discouragement for women in sports. Since Title IX, which states “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance”, became law the opportunities for women have exponentially grown in numbers. However,...
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Girls Basketball: A Waste Of Money

A well-established girls basketball team at Dixie seems like a dream, an expensive dream at that. School funding and Booster Club money help Dixie’s sports teams. With their money, teams are able to buy the appropriate supplies that they need to play. It is helpful; however, they are wasted on one team in particular: girls basketball. If Dixie wants to benefit the school, they should get rid of the girls basketball team because they lack skill and talent, the money...
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Status And Interaction In Groups: A Look Inside The King’s College Women’s Ice Hockey Team

As of February 6th, 2019, I began to look at the status and interactions in groups. The group I chose was the King’s College Women’s Ice Hockey team. I decided on this group because it was easily accessible to me, as I am a member, and we are frequently together. The key to this project was to observe and take notes without having the rest of the team know in fear they may act differently. I had to keep the...
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How Instrumental Sports Challenge Emphasized Femininity

Introduction It is safe to say that we currently live in a time that fights for gender equality. The “norm” is no longer the idea that men are superior to women in any way. There are now multiple genders and each one is becoming more widely accepted throughout our world. These are key things that cultivate humanity. The acceptance of others is key to ensuring a society functions at an optimal level. Although people are trying to push for equality,...
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Women Struggle In The Sport Industry

The struggle for women to acquire sports equality has been a long and incomplete battle. The first time women participated in high-performance sports was in 1900 during the Olympic Games in Paris, France. Even then they were limited to sports that were considered to be less physically demanding such as golf and tennis. (1) The idea that sports are exclusive to men emerged as a result of society’s view of what the ideal woman should be. During the Victorian time,...
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Is the Future of Women in Sport Supported in Third World Countries? Essay

Women in sports, both beginners and professionals, have existed throughout the world for centuries in all multiplicities of sports. Female participation and fame in sports enlarged drastically in the 20th century, especially in the last quarter-century, reflecting changes in modern societies that emphasize gender parity. Is the future of women in sport supported in third world countries? Although the level of participation and performance still varies greatly by country and by sport, women’s sports are generally accepted throughout the world...
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Should Women Be Allowed To Compete Against Men?

Women and men have never been allowed to compete against one another at a higher level. They have always been separated into two divisions of competition. Women and men’s basketball, women and men’s tennis, baseball and softball, and women and men’s gymnastics to name a few organized sports that are divided by gender. Why has there never been an instance where women and men have competed against each other? Whether it be one-on-one or on teams, there have been rare...
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Sports Participation: A Road Way To Women Empowerment

INTRODUCTION Sport is a useful tool which can be used to equip women with leadership skills; confidence and self-esteem reduce marginalization and to destroy stereotypes. Women have been fighting for their rights and equality all throughout history; they were not even allowed to watch the Olympics. When women were allowed to participate in sports, they had to go through gender testing to make sure they were not men trying to cheat the system. Furthermore, the coverage of women’s sports failed...
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What Is Society’s Outlook On Female Athletes Compared To Male Athletes?

How can we as a society say we are perfect if we still discriminate against the females in the athlete world? This generation of female athletes are still being discriminated for being women. Society is judging them based on how much better men are at playing the sport, but how can you judge a woman by comparing her to a man. The reason many sports leagues have men and women separated is because women were not born the same as...
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Female Sports Deserve The Same Recognition As Male Sports

Hundreds of major league baseball (MLB) games are televised nationally every year with the players being paid an average salary of 1 million dollars. Depending on their skill and how eager an organization wants a player it can go up from there. Did you know that there was a pro softball league? Most likely not, the softball league consists of 6 teams with the average salary below 100 thousand dollars. Female athletes are paid 40% of what male athletes are...
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Women In Tennis Teams

Before I talk about girls tennis team at McKinley let me give you little background about tennis. Tennis is a game in which 2 or 4 players strike a ball with rackets over a net stretched across a court. The usual form is played with a felt-covered, hollow ball on a grass, clay, or artificial surface. The opponent looks at you with fear as you swing your ball, the thrill of the hunt is with you as you stare down...
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Inequality Against Women In Golf

Women suffering never ending discrimination within golf clubs is no surprise. In the past golf has been renowned for being a predominantly male dominated sport. However, not just male dominated, but dominated by old and rich white men. For a significant period of history, the most thought that “the word GOLF is an acronym for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden” (Scottish Golf History 2019) [1]. Though this misconstruction has been proven false, women who play, currently face large prejudices almost daily...
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Women Equal Right In Sports

No matter how much time and effort goes into making women’s sports earn the same amount of money and get the same exposure, the fans are always going to be gravitated to male-driven sporting events. For, example the WNBA Finals and the NBA finals are two teams competing for the same type of banner and the same ring on their fingers, but the NBA finals will get national coverage on the ABC channel with millions of viewers, while the WNBA...
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Gender Inequalities In Sports Media Today

Introduction Gender inequality caused by the media’s often unfair representation of women’s sport is still a prominent issue in society today. Women are still underrepresented and oversexualised by the media in order to harness a wider range of viewers, (Trolan 2013). According to Harris (2007) historically women participated mainly in sports which were deemed elegant enough to fit the gender stereotypes of being a woman, this in turn led the media to cover women’s sport with social ideology in mind....
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Women And Men Should Be Equal In Sport

Last year at Wimbledon, a journalist confidently announced in a press conference that Sam Querry was the first American tennis player to reach a semi-final of a Grand Slam since 2009. It was left to Andy Murray to point out the fact that he was the first male player to do this and that both Serena and Venus Williams have achieved this feat numerous times since 2009. This is just one of the many examples of inequality and “casual sexism”...
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It Is Acceptable For Women And Men To Be Paid Differently In Professional Sports?

1. Lionel Messi, $127 million, soccer player 2. Cristiano Ronaldo, $109 million, soccer player 5. Roger Federer, $9.4 million, tennis player 8. LeBron James, $89 million, basketballer 21. Connor McGregor, $47 million, boxer 63. Serena Williams, $29.2 million, tennis I’m sure most of these names sound familiar to most of you. According to Forbes, These are some of the highest paid athletes in the world. Serena Williams, a legendary tennis player is the only woman on the top 100 highest...
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The Difference Between Male And Female Sports In Asia

Female sports are not respected as much as male sports. Female athletes do not have the same rights as male athletes. There are males coaching female teams but few females coaching male teams in Asia. Female sports are not taken as seriously as male sports in Asia, and in some countries such as; Iran and Saudi Arabia, females cannot watch live male sports (Braunschweiger). Women are not allowed to go into stadiums to watch male sports in Iran (Braunschweiger). They...
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How Does The Media Affect Society’s Perceptions Of Women’s Sports In The Modern Era?

The media affects society’s perceptions of women’s sports through either conforming to or challenging conventional gender norms and generating interest. Sport has traditionally been considered a male-dominated area and many people hold the belief that women’s sports simply aren’t as interesting. However, is this a reflection of the skill of female athletes or of the media coverage they receive? Especially in the modern context, the media, as the primary source of information, shapes societal thought. In recent years, women’s sport...
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Women And Men Compensation In Sports

The compensation gap between women and men spans almost every industry, and this also goes for sports (Olivia Abrams/ One of the highest-paid NBA players, Lebron James, will make $37,436,858 during the 2019-2020 NBA season while one of the highest-paid WNBA players, DeWanna Bonner, will only make $127,500 during this season ( While some say both men and women equally play and practice as hard for their team, critics say that men average more minutes than women in sports...
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