The Difference Between Male And Female Sports In Asia

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Female sports are not respected as much as male sports. Female athletes do not have the same rights as male athletes. There are males coaching female teams but few females coaching male teams in Asia. Female sports are not taken as seriously as male sports in Asia, and in some countries such as; Iran and Saudi Arabia, females cannot watch live male sports (Braunschweiger).

Women are not allowed to go into stadiums to watch male sports in Iran (Braunschweiger). They are not even able to watch from nearby rooftops (Braunschweiger). A lady named Mina was taken out of a men’s volleyball game in a stadium because she is female. When she was kicked out, she went to watch by a nearby rooftop, but soon enough they kicked her off of there too (Braunschweiger). Mina says, “excluding women from stadiums is part of excluding women from society, Iran has to see the consequences for not letting women go to the stadiums” (Braunschweiger). After this happened to Mina, women in Iran started protesting and making signs about women rights (Braunschweiger). They said things such as “I have half the freedom” (Braunschweiger). Iran got a new President in 2013, Hassan Rouhani (Braunschweiger). Mina hoped that he would let women into the stadiums, but he did not (Braunschweiger). Iran has promised that once 35 women are arrested for going into the stadiums, women will be allowed to watch men’s football games (McKernan). This has not happened yet (McKernan). Women have not given up yet, they are still fighting in Iran to be able to go into stadiums (Braunschweiger).

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All over Asia, women have always had trouble getting into the Olympics (“Asian women in sports journalism”). In 1900, women were only allowed to play 3 out of 86 events in the Olympics (“Asian women in sports journalism”). In 2008, women played 26 out of 28 sports, without baseball and boxing (“Asian women in sports journalism”). Finally, in 2012 for the first time, Asian women played every sport in the Olympics (“Asian women in sports journalism”). Only 14 percent of Pakistan and Bangladesh women play sports, which is pretty low, in the UK, 36 percent of women play sports (“The unsporting life”). An anonymous writer says, “the most important factor should not be gender, but quality”(“Asian women in sports journalism”). In Islam, there are hardly any Muslim women playing sports because they feel like they are not able to or people do not let them (“Muslim Women In Sport”). There are some barriers also for women playing sports such as; dress code (some places and teams do not allow what some Muslim women wear) and, the lack of women only teams, because of this, there are not as many women playing sports in Asia (“Muslim Women In Sport”).

In some countries in Asia, the government does not allow female Olympic teams, such as; Brunei, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia (Ahmed). They are not allowed because of government, cultural and religious reasons (Ahmed). If women wanted to play in the Olympics in Iran, they are only allowed to do pistol- and rifle shooting, at the Barcelona, Sydney, and Athens Olympics (Ahmed). The only country in the world that does not let women play any sports at all is Saudi Arabia. That is, until 2012. In 2012, women in Iran were able to play in the Summer Olympics for the first time in history (“Women’s Sport In Saudi Arabia”). In 2018, Saudi Arabia finally allowed women to enter some stadiums, such as; King Fahd Stadium, King Abdullah Sports City and Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Stadium (“Women’s Sport In Saudi Arabia”). Ali Al- Ahmed says, “Their presence has allowed Saudi Arabia to escape criticism” (“Women’s Sport In Saudi Arabia”).

In conclusion, male sports are taken more seriously than female sports in Asia, and in some countries females are still not allowed to watch live male sports (Braunschweiger). The amount of women in Asia playing sports in the Olympics seems to keep going up. Some stadiums have opened for women to watch live male sports (“Women’s Sport In Saudi Arabia”). Women should be treated equally as men, but in some cultures, that’s just not the case.

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