Women In Tennis Teams

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Before I talk about girls tennis team at McKinley let me give you little background about tennis. Tennis is a game in which 2 or 4 players strike a ball with rackets over a net stretched across a court. The usual form is played with a felt-covered, hollow ball on a grass, clay, or artificial surface. The opponent looks at you with fear as you swing your ball, the thrill of the hunt is with you as you stare down your opponent ,after you swing the ball your opponent strikes back with the same speed. You miss, but that’s okay because all you're doing is playing a game called tennis. Tennis has some unique rules to it, is great for the body, and is a very social sport. A large amount of people play tennis casually.

Often you will have a thrill when rallying with someone. Many times if you are caught in a long rally both players try their best to win. Both players will feel thrill as they eye the ball and swiftly counter it to the opponent's side when they can. This thrill removes all outside thought and you focus on the game. The player controls the speed, the placement, and the spin of the ball. But playing tennis at a school is different putting away competition. I generally feel like when I played tennis it more like a friend game than playing as competitive. But Tennis at McKinley isn’t good as the boys team but they aren’t that bad too. So what if the boys won trophies the girls got more time to win. I also feel, doing girls season it’s cool, when fall starts to hit.

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At McKinley, Mr. Smith coaches the both boys and girls tennis team along with coaching he teaches American History, World History, and Personal Finance. My past experience with Mr. Smith and his coaching, I had Mr. Smith class for 2 years for American and World History and also as a tennis coach. He is two different person in class and in the court. Whenever I had Mr. Smith as a teacher, he always made history fun with fun activities, him singing/rapping to us about history and also he would play the character that we would be reading about. But at the court he is no more fun smith, he has his straight face and focusing on tennis nothing more then tennis. Tennis is Mr. Smith favorite game an nobody can messed with him teaching tennis but I think I learn a lot about tennis through Mr. Smith because I didn’t know anything about tennis when I started playing tennis. But by the end of the season I was kind of swigging the racket good, I got much better in playing.

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