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The Effects Of Misogyny In Kate Manne's Work

In her article What is Misogyny? A Feminist Analysis, Kate Manne explores and re-conceptualizes the term misogyny from the commonly upheld definition, which she considers naïve and inscrutable. In this paper, I will explain Manne’s argument regarding her conception of the term misogyny. I will also provide an objection that a critic may raise to invalidate Manne’s argument and ultimately a response that Manne could give. I will then argue that while the objector provides a valid counterargument to Manne’s...
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The Aspects Of Misogyny in Hamlet

Allan G. Johnson, a sociologist, defines Misogyny as ‘misogyny is a cultural attitude of hatred for females because they are female’. (Johnson, 2000). In the play, Hamlet, there are just two individuals from the cast who are female characters. One is Gertrude who is anticipated as a forbidden, cutthroat and a prostitute. The other, Ophelia, is cast to be an innocent and oblivious young lady. Together, these ladies portray the female sex in William Shakespeare’s play. Both the characters are...
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Misogyny in Victorian Age in Dracula

The word misogyny means a strong dislike of women by men. This word describes the common phenomena of sexism in the Victorian society, and even, today. The book Dracula written by Bram Stoker in 1897 is a gothic horror novel. It introduces the character Count Dracula and describe the story happened relate to him. The story began with Jonathan Harker visit Dracula in Transylvania and was imprisoned, during this time he slowly discover Dracula’s secret, that Dracula is actually a...
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Western Values VS Eastern Values: Tradition And Religion As Tools Of Misogyny

Introduction In order to discuss about misogyny, definition of misogyny should be clarified. Misogyny is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls. Misogyny manifests in numerous ways, including social exclusion, sex discrimination, hostility, androcentrism, patriarchy, male privilege, belittling of women, disenfranchisement of women, violence against women, and sexual objectification. Besides misogyny can be found within sacred texts of religions, mythologies, and Western philosophy and Eastern philosophy. The overt kind is when women are hated simply because...
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Misogyny in William Shakespeare's Hamlet' and John Webster’s ‘The Duchess of Malfi’

R. Howard Bloch argues misogyny is “a discourse visible across a broad spectrum of poetic types”. A pervading mindset which has permeated society since time immemorial, “so persistent is the discourse of misogyny” Bloch states “that the uniformity of its terms furnishes an important link between the Middle Ages and the present”. At the same time, while he allows that there have been changes within the discourse, he maintains that this “suggests that the very tenacity of the topoi of...
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The Layers of Swift’s Alleged Misogyny in ‘Gulliver’s Travels’: Analytical Essay

Loaded with exceeding evident detestation of the female body and follies, Jonathan Swift’s most works serve largely to contributing towards tarnishing the Dean’s reputation as a misogynist male writer. However, before passing such a crude judgement upon the Dean, it is crucial to take into account some of his other writings; including those that he did not perhaps intend to publish throw accurate amount of light upon his latent reformative intention of the overwhelming vices of women in general. The...
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Misogyny as Alexander Pope’s Purpose for Writing 'The Rape of the Lock'

When bringing up the topic of misogyny in history and literature, many tend to shrug their shoulders and say “well, that’s just how it was back then,” or “women just didn’t have the same rights. It was the tradition.” Even a certified educator approved by eNotes Editorial on argues that “…during Pope’s day, women had no rights. Feminism was a far-off idea. Pope’s attitude toward women would have been considered within the norm.” What some people do not realize...
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Is Euripides' Medea A Feminist Or A Misogynist Play?

Abstract Euripides’ Medea challenges the dominant views of feminity in the patriarchal society of Greeks. While pursuing her ambition Medea disregards many of the feminine characteristics of the patriarchal Greek society. By focusing on the character portrayal of Medea, this paper argues to prove Medea a feminist text. And such tragedies represent Euripides feminist and liberal views as well relative to the society he lived in. Introduction Many literary evidences, primarily from comedy, tragedy and oratory, show that ancient Greece...
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Arguments For Incorporating Misogyny Into Existing Hate Crime Legislation

In late 2018, the UK government agreed to a fully funded review with a wider scope of considering the recognization of misogyny as a hate crime following the withdrawal of an amendment to the up-skirting bill put forward by Labour MP Stella Creasy. This would in turn enable police to record a wide array of actions considered as public harassment of women. As offenses that are seen to be motivated by hostility towards certain races, religions, sexual orientation and disability...
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Chauvinism vs. Misogyny

Misogyny can be traced to greek mythology while chauvinism originates from france in the early 19th century. Misogyny in greek mythology is shown by Pandora, the first woman made by Zeus who carried a box that unleashed evils. This woman was created to punish mankind. From the very beginning, women have been seen as a danger, a threat. Women aren’t weak, they are all too powerful and everyone else was afraid of that, thus the negative connotation they have had...
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Criticism of Social Misogyny in Georges Bizet's Opera 'Carmen'

Adhering to the nature of opéra-comique, an exotic location, tragedy and depiction of the working class, Georges Bizet put a twist on this customary style of opera and created ‘Carmen’. The opera, set in Seville about the year 1830, is about Don José. He is enticed away from his duty as a soldier and his beloved Micaëla by the gypsy factory-girl Carmen he lets out of custody. Later, he is persuaded to join the smugglers with whom Carmen is affiliated,...
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Misogyny In India: A Virulent Form Of Hate Speech

Over time, our supposedly egalitarian society has nourished misogynist attitudes and beliefs and pushed ideologies that glorify the speaker as a maverick but inflict hatred on women for being as unfortunate as they are, to be women in men’s world. The laws that govern Indian women are dictated by social perceptions formed by the self-acclaimed censorious champions of morality. This exclusively masculine and misogynist society that has tied women in the fetters of these laws, endorsing sexism, has been complicit...
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The Conception Of Misogyny And Me Too Movement

The #MeToo movement exploded in 2017 after the Harvey Wienstein incident, and it has spread all over the internet. It has reached places all around the world and has even taken hold of conservative countries like Korea. #MeToo movement has once again placed the term misogyny as a trending keyword in our everyday conversation and has put the topic up for debate. Unfortunately, the #Metoo movement is not the first time misogyny has been an apparent problem that affects our...
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Empowered Characters And Misogynists? Internalized Misogyny In Pop Culture

In a misogynist society, many of the favourite characters in film and television are women who hate women. According to most dictionaries, misogyny is the feeling of hostility, distrust, hatred or contempt for women. It is, therefore, an important basis for the exercise of sexism and female oppression and can manifest itself in several ways – from seemingly harmless jokes to social exclusion, discrimination, sexual objectification, control and violence against women. From the definition of the word, one would expect...
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How Deeply Is Misogyny Embedded In Society?

What is misogyny? Misogyny is defined by Cambridge dictionary as “feelings of hating women, or belief that men are much better than women”. Prejudice against women of any age is also considered to be misogynistic. Common places misogyny is present is in the workplace, school, home/family life, and in many social settings, whether we realise it or not. Misogyny can be found in differing forms, in more blatant behaviours of gender-based hate crimes and violence (including homicide and rape) and...
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