Suicide: What Happens After

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The feelings of people are private, most people do share feelings. The stigma of sharing suicidal intent is one of the reasons for not sharing all of them. It is the feeling that are not shared or communicated, that leave people with the ideas that there is no other option but death. Once the act of suicide has happened, society tries to find better interventions to prevent death and help offer for the families affected by the death. the intentions of society are to prevent suicide. still unknown is how to really do this, to get it to every person. So as a society we are always looking for better interventions. Little is known about why those at risk of suicide do not seek help. By also trying to come up with more interventions to prevent suicide. the effect left behind on loved ones and society to help put back the pieces.


The ideas come from the article, Suicide written by Hawton, K., & van Heeringen, K. (2009). Suicide endangerment is tough to determine as it is dependent of the person telling someone that they intend to kill themselves. There are other indicators like self injury (seeing cut marks on a person are or legs) suicidal thoughts and intent. This occurs at high rates in young adults. There is really no way to know about a suicidal intention unless the person states this. With the amount of suicides that happen in a year, you could see why it is receiving increased attention. Suicide happens in every country in the world, the only thing that differs is the numbers between them.

From the article, Do suicide survivors suffer social stigma, Author is Cvinar, (2005). There are studies that shows social stigma us evident after death by suicide. Losing a loved one to suicide, resembles the grief of losing any loved one. “However, people grieving a suicide differ in the way that the aspects of the way the death occurred can cause intense feelings of rejection and a need to conceal the cause of death, have more shame connected to the death”. (Pompili, Belvederi Murri, Patti et al 2016).

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Eggertson, (2017). Federal suicide prevention framework underwhelms. Puts in their article that nearly four thousand Canadians take their own lives every year according to health Canada and most likely vastly underreported says the suicide prevention researchers say.

Society has not figured out a way to stop suicidal intentions or a way to spot an individual who has suicide ideation keeps this to themselves. So currently we only have suicidal risk prevention for people who have had a suicide attempt previously. The number who repeat and attempt is 25% (Coppersmith, Nada-Raja, Beautrais, et al 2017).


Suicide intent is tough to figure out as most people do not share these feeling with people that could help. This does not stop our society to keep looking for ideas to help people and find the interventions. When suicide happens to be there for the family and loved ones left behind. To help them through the healing process, the bad stigma suicide gives, and the feelings of shame brought with it. Little is known about why those at risk of suicide do not seek help. The effect it leaves behind on loved ones and society to help put back the pieces. By also trying to come up with more interventions to prevent suicide.


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