Essay on the Effects of Unemployment

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Unemployment is the state of being unemployed or unemployed, or the proportion of people who are able to work, are actively looking for work, but are unable to find one. Unemployment is a huge problem in today's world.

One of the effects of unemployment among graduates is make a difficult life for unemployed. This effect is focusing on individuals. They were unable to earn money to meet financial obligations. People that had made loan from bank have to settle down the loan bank. Graduated also have to pay off the study loan too. What a fortune when you went further study to get a better job but you have to make a study loan and in future you do not get your dream work but you have to pay the loan? It is nothing. In the certain cases, some people unable to overcome this problem. Then, it will generating the homeless crisis. Unemployment increases susceptibility to cardiovascular disease, somatization, anxiety disorders, depression, and suicide. In addition, unemployed people have higher rates of medication use, poor diet, physician visits, tobacco smoking, alcoholic beverage consumption, drug use, and lower rates of exercise. We had heard that many of the unemployed died of these terrible issues.

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Second effect is no income and lead to poverty. The unemployment issue may lead to high level of poverty cause no income gain by the unemployed. It causes the rising of the number of family facing poverty. The unemployed don’t have enough money to accommodate their own live and also their family. Therefore, they also have to support their children or others family members on education too. Poverty will lead many causes, such as crimes, deadness, mental illness and others. People would be pressure of the surrounding more over if other got a job but they did not. They will ashamed of themselves cause can’t provide good things for their family. The further effect, the family relationship will be affected.

Lastly, many crimes are committed by individuals who are unemployed living poverty. The person that having difficult live to survive on unemployed living might take action involves in many crimes. Hence, it threatened our community safety. Some of the unemployed have no ideas on how to overcome their finance problem and it leads them to involve in this immoral activity. It was too sadness when they took this action to get ‘income’. People have to think twice before do anything especially involving this activity. Somehow unemployed do these crimes because they have to support their lives. Think wisely, if they have enough money, they would not do this activity. But unemployed be a not a good role model for teen nowadays It was not surprisingly, if we look at the rate of the statistic of our country crimes. Most of the unemployed involve in snatch theft and robber. Among of them were teenagers too. It had been for sure the teenagers emulate the unemployed that involve at these cases too. This unemployed issue also leads the community to commit the crime.

Actually, the problem of unemployment is not a new issue. People should think positive and try to elevate their own skills. The world of work often changes according to technology and those who often improve their skills can only sit at the same place throughout their lives. In conclusion, this unemployment problem would remain unchanged and can cause instability of the country economy if the country fails to control it well. Together with the private sector, the government needs to realize the importance of working together to revive the country's economy in the near future. Without cooperation, the economic problems will continue to cause a lot of problems for the people. Hence, people will have difficulties to find good employment opportunities especially for young people among fresh graduates from universities or school.

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