Poverty, Illiteracy and Unemployment, or Why Does Education Matter? Essay

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Education is the hope for the development and success of most third world countries and the world dominates the country. Compulsory education creates a space for better growth and development. Education has the potential to completely change the course of a country: to train trained and educated young people. A country achieves its goal of economic growth at a higher rate and joins the list of alliances known as developed countries. A well-educated country will discard any obstacles that hinder its development and strive to achieve sustainable development.

Education in India refers to the process of learning, training and teaching human capital in schools and universities. The Indian government has reflected specific economic policies that emphasize the importance of education in India.

Factors Affecting the Importance of Education in India

Eliminate the Impetuousness of Unemployment

The substantial impact of illiteracy is ‘unemployment’. Unemployment hinders the progress of a country, leading to low living standards and rising crime rates. India is in a critical situation, with nearly 58% of unemployed graduates and 77% of households lacking a fixed income. About 67% of people have an annual income of less than 120,000 per year. In such circumstances, India cannot risk making any child illiterate, because that will lead to a miserable and jobless life.

The Eradication of Poverty

With India being one of the fastest growing economies in 2020, poverty in the country is declining and it is one of the biggest scourges of illiteracy. Until 2012, India won the title of the poorest people in the world. In India, almost 70.6 million people still live in extreme poverty, and the way to escape the vicious cycle of poverty is through education. The higher the literacy rate, the more job opportunities there will be, which will provide better living conditions.

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Eradicate the Caste System

The caste system is the oldest Indian social hierarchy in the world. Caste discrimination hampers sustainable development in India. A society that discriminates on the basis of caste, belief, race, religion, or color is still entangled in a web of hatred, poverty, and insufficient resources. The factor that leads to the prevalence of orthodox customs is illiteracy. Education has changed the individual perception of caste discrimination. It makes the individual caste neutral, progressive in mind, and ready to make a fruitful contribution to the country.

Economic Stability and Growth

Education is an indispensable tool to help a country achieve economic growth and stability. Every year, 20 million young people in India graduate from various disciplines and begin to help the economic development of the country. Educating youth and adults to reveal hidden potential can lead India on a path of development.

Improvise in Health and Hygiene

Countries with high illiteracy rates have poor sanitation and sanitation conditions. For decades, India has lost millions of lives due to disease due to a lack of medical and healthcare facilities and poor sanitation. In order to improve the country's health and sanitation sector, programs such as 'Mission Swachh Bharat' and 'Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram' attract people to participate safely. Educated people gain and benefit from knowledge about health and hygiene issues and government programs.

So, education is a powerful weapon that can help people cope with adversity in life, overcome social stigma such as poverty, fear, and status, and achieve success.

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