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Is a Decrease in the Unemployment Rate Necessarily a Good Thing for the Nation: Argumentative Essay

Unemployment is a term that everyone is familiar with, whether they have experienced it or someone they know has been unemployed. Unemployment is not a pretty term, usually it is a term that is frowned down upon by many people. Unemployment can lead to families having to live day by day on a paycheck. Unemployment can be due to many reasons like a layoff, illness, or a car accident. In Ashland, Kentucky there is two hospitals, one of which is...
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Role of Propaganda in Terms of Governing a Nation: Critical Analysis

Governments commonly wield propaganda as a weapon meant to control. Propaganda is the action of influencing public opinion by omitting or manipulating information (“Propaganda”). Governments of varying ideologies utilize propaganda, and some of the most persuasive and convincing examples are from extreme left or right-wing leaders. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong are all prominent instances of leaders who employed propaganda as one of their main means of control over their people. These specific leaders often used propaganda in...
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South Africa: Rainbow Nation Concept

Introduction and focus Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu made the term rainbow nation official after the apartheid era. This term is a symbol of hope, promise and a country that has managed to reconcile after years of racial segregation. Societies historical problems were believed to be conquered through commitment to the ideals of national reconciliation and the rainbow nation. National reconciliation and the idea of the rainbow nation were generally regarded as the main supports of social cohesion...
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First Nation’s Life & History

Thoughts and beliefs According to writer First Nation people are following their traditional values and beliefs from ancient time. There is no change in their thought about their culture and they have connection with their land to stay in touch with historical events. They have respect not only for their language, family, community and land but also for other culture and nations. They believe that in community work all people are same and show their efforts for a better community....
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How Are The Nation And Nationalism Constructed In Indian Cinema?

This paper aims to emphasize the cinema’s role in building and reconstructing a state’s nationalism. the paper is divided into three sections. In the first section, with the help of academic sources, I will conceptualize the conceptions of nationalism and popular culture and then attempt to formulate a relationship between these two concepts and examine how they are associated. In the second part, I will clarify the role of cinema within the building and reconstructing the values, behaviors, and artifacts...
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Nation Branding: History And Definition

ABSTRACT Nation branding has reached its turning point. The past years have seen a massive growth in the activities and interest in the subject, there have been several publications, studies and consultancy projects. The sad truth is there has been almost no progress in theoretical development which seem to be the most important thing to help move this wonderful idea of branding a nation forward (Fan, 2004, 2006; Dinnie,2007). Due to this nation branding goes on to face a great...
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Architectural Landmarks And The Making Of A Nation

When I reached the deck, there was a beautiful, bright sky which stung my eyes after so many days below, and I had to squint to see at all. Then I saw it, a sight that would burn itself forever into my memory. Grandpa Giuseppe had told me about Lady Liberty . . . When you see the Statue of Liberty, you will be in America. – Antonio Russo, Wrestling with the Devil Nations are built around shared symbols and...
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Nation Building In India

‘We shape our buildings and afterwards, our buildings shape us” (unquote Winston Churchill) Nation building is the process of the conception of a country that functions, encompassing the bits of a non-functioning one. It’s an evolutionary progression, not revolutionary, as it takes a long period of time. Despite the movement of people from the present to the future, they continue to maintain links from their past, which is what paves the path for this evolution. The beauty of the term...
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Role Of Architecture In Nation Building

Nation-building refers to the process of developing a national identity using the facilities of the state. The aim is the unification of the people in a society with different origins, histories, languages, cultures and religions, within the boundaries of a self-governing state, forming a unified constitutional and legal dispensation. Such examples are the national public education system, an integrated economy, shared symbols and values. This could work towards eradicating the divisions and injustices of the past and foster unity by...
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What Role Does Sporting Success Play in a Nation Development?

Achin Bhattacharyya (2019) states that the feeling of nationalism is indispensable to the idea of building a nation. Bahattacharyya (2019) states that apart from religion, sport is the only common thread that binds people together and helps in developing a feeling of patriotism and unity that can counter regional factionalism and sinister design of various separatist forces. There are many examples of when sport brought a nation together such the 1995 Rugby World Cup. According to The South African Government...
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The Role Of Television In Developing Nation State And National Identity

This essay will draw on appropriate scholarship and use relevant contemporary and historical examples to explain the arguments around the role played by television in the development of the nation state and national identity, and clearly explain both terms. To understand the role played by television in the development of the nation state we must first explore what the terms nation state and national identity imply. Anderson (2006) links the attributes and origins of nation states historically, traditionally and politically...
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Television Role In Development Of Nation State

Drawing on appropriate scholarship and using the relevant contemporary and historical examples, this essay will explain the arguments around the role played by television in the development of the nation state and national identity, and clearly explain both terms. To understand the role played by television in the development of the nation state we must first explore what the terms nation state and national identity imply. Anderson (2006) links the attributes and origins of nation states historically, traditionally and politically...
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Thoughts on Whether the Key to International Peace Is to Populate the World with Powerful Nations

Before considering whether the key to international peace is to populate the world with powerful states, the very definition of ‘international peace’ must first be contested. As the concepts of ‘peace’ and ‘power’ are human constructs, every theoretical approach defines them in different terms. Peace is most often considered to be the absence of war between states, or the ability to work through conflicts without resorting to violence. However, peace cannot be considered simply an ‘antonym of war’. Thus, to...
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Federalism as a Way to Overcome Political Divisions Among the Nations of the United Kingdom

Wales and England became united when Wales was conquered in 1262. The unity between Scotland and England was established through the Acts of Union 1706 and 1706 and although the history of the union of Northern Ireland with Britain is a long and tortuous one, the result of the political union of these four countries is the United Kingdom and the Great Britain. Through devolution, there has been transfer of powers from the Westminster Parliament to the constituent nations, however,...
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Application of Social Contract Theory: An Insight into the Divine Formation of Nations

A Constitution is a document which comes into existence primarily when a Nation is formed. Tracing back to the history of governing authority of the State, the inception can be marked from the time when the Divine Power (Almighty) governed the humanitarian society. When, gradually the society started growing, the Divine/ Supreme power was vested the authority in certain chosen humans which came to be known as Kings. When power corrupted these Kings, we witness a chaotic society coming into...
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Influence of American Revolution on Nations and Nationalism in Modern Europe

In submitting this work, I/we declare that, unless otherwise acknowledged, this work is wholly my/our own. I/we understand that my/our work may be submitted to Blackboard and consent to this taking place. The concept of imperialism has played a crucial role in shaping historical events throughout centuries. Long histories of repression have plagued many nations but have also witnessed the birth of resistance movements and rebellious eras. A crucial characteristic of history, repressive regimes have garnered attention in the form...
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Globalization Removes Barriers Between Nations

Globalization promotes the flow of goods, services, people, and ideas. This phenomenon has existed for thousands of years as people have been moving around the world trading goods, ideas, and technology with one another. However, technological improvements over the last century have significantly accelerated these exchanges. As such, change is occurring faster and people are questioning whether these changes are good or bad. A major argument in favor of globalization is that globalization’s interconnected factors of increased trade, communication, foreign...
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