Peace and Its Importance

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I would like to express my thoughts on the topic 'Peace'.

Peace, according to Oxford dictionary is a “state of tranquility and calm” or rather a “state of non-violence and no war”. The theory of peace implies solving disputes, difference of opinions and misunderstanding without use of violent methods.

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Peace is universal. It is seen at various situations and at various levels like individual, national level, etc. At individual level if we practice peace, we can solve our problems amongst ourselves by talking it out. It can save us valuable relationships.

Peace at societal level should be practiced for a harmonious society and which in turn gives us a prosperous nation. Every other day, we see people coming on road for protests, hunger strikes to protest against the government's newly passed bills, laws, corruption, etc., but in a snap of a finger a peaceful protest turns violent eventually end in riots, public fights, etc. This disrupts peace. To avoid this, there should be good communication between the government and the people. Thus, there arises a need of a good communication between the government and the masses. This bridge is made by the media. The media should be transparent and honest to the people to maintain peace.

At national level, misunderstandings and suspicions amongst nations have caused many wars. Wars cause loss of loved ones, it causes unnecessary bloodshed. On a longer run, it crushes the nation's economy and affects the nation’s development which reels in the nation spiraling down. We should remember, the devastation caused by the World War I and World War II and how it not only affected the nations participating in the war it also affected other nations rather it affected the whole world. Avoiding wars and promoting peace should be topmost priority of a nation. We currently live in the 'Nuclear Age', and if, unfortunately, war breaks out at this time, the whole world will perish. So, peace is of utmost importance right now. We should remember that while safeguarding our national interests we should also think of human interests.

Lastly, as Holiness Dalai Lama once said, “We can never obtain peace with outer world until we make peace with ourselves”. So, we should practice peace first learn to communicate with others. We may have different opinions and thoughts, but we should respect that and make a beautiful world which enables us to grow and evolve as better individuals.

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