From Stress to Peace of Mind

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Many may describe peace of mind as the state of mental and emotional calmness, with no worries, fears or stress, the mind is free of any overcoming issues and is in a positive, up lifted mindset. Achieving peace of mind may feel impossible to many due to the amount of stress and negative factors that play a role in straying the mind from peace. But achieving peace of mind can be done in many ways, therefore one individual's peace of mind can be totally different than another person's peace. A lot of the time, peace of mind is undermined due to the lack of drive, happiness, or the overload of stress that may distract someone, but it is important to prioritize it due to the impact it has on someone's long term happiness and success.

A major factor that plays a role in peace of mind is stress, and stress can come in many forms, so it is important to determine what is bringing an individual stress. There are two main branches of stress and that is physical or mental stress, these can branch into other types of stress whether it is social stress, relationship stress, work stress, financial stress, and much more. Stress reducing practices are very important to achieving peace of mind and there are many ways that one can reduce stress. Accepting who you are, and the position you are in, is a great way to set a base ground to start path on reduces stress. For example, exercise has been proven to reduce stress from the human mind, although it may bring another form of physical stress it releases the main hormone of stress which is cortisol and other natural endorphins (pain killers). Fear is a feeling of anxiety and can be caused by stress, a great to resolve this fear is to expose yourself to the fear which can reduce this feeling of anxiety, overall reducing stress on the mind. Relieving stress may not be as easy as it sounds but it brings cleansing to the mind which can help. The human mind naturally wants a safe and comfortable environment so separating yourself and putting yourself in an environment with more positivity, love, happiness, and less toxicity will reduce the amount of stress on one person. Many people across the world may ask themselves, ‘How can I achieve peace of mind with the amount of stress I have?’. Every human has stress, there's no denying it, but it is the individual's choice to let stress inhibit their ability to achieve peace of mind. When doing practices that strays a human mind away from stress they may encounter in life, they are achieving a form of ‘peace of mind’.

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Understanding the psychological/analytical perspective of the brain and mind, and the environment it is in, is also an important factor in achieving peace of mind. The brain creates numerous amounts of hormones each day to balance your stress, happiness, and many other factors that play a role in the conditions of the mind. Bringing peace to the brain creates a balance of all other functions that the brain conducts. The brain is a multitasking organ and throughout the day it is working hard, creating sensations, feeling, thought process, and everyday functions that people don’t normally realize. So, for the brain to remain functioning normally everyday it must reset. But stress a lot of the time may throw the brain off center, creating an imbalance in the mind. That is when practices to help achieve peace can be used to counteract the damage of stress, reversing what the stress has caused and allowing the mind to reset. A human must put their mind in a zone of peace in order to balance out the negative component of stress. This allows the brain to remember a time of calmness so that every time a stress inducer appears, the mind has the capability to reset to the moment of calmness, bring peace to the mind.

The path to peace of mind is different for all individuals but there are many practices that all humans can do to help because we all have brains that share the same components. Finding something you love, changing to a positive lifestyle, take part of actions that are beneficial to you in a long-term mindset. Another helpful practice that can help every human on their path to peace of mind is focusing, when are you able to focus as such a precise level you can reject all negative thoughts, temptations, fears, anxiety, because you’re in control of what you want your mind to receive or deny. “Set peace of mind as your highest goal and organize your life around it”, - Brain Tracey. Peace of mind should not be ignored, seen as less important, and should be held to a higher priority. This quote by Brain Tracey brings light to how the mind should be the base of the human life and that we should build from the mind on, not in reverse.

In our lives we encounter many different types of stress and confusion that may create questions that may never be solved, but that is a part of life. Stress is essential to life, and that is what makes us human, and some may even say that peace wouldn’t exist without stress. Understanding your mind is very important to understanding the world. This brings more peace, positivity, love, and less stress, fear, anxiety to your mind. Prioritizing your mental peace is a key factor to living in a less stressful life, and human sanity.

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