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Impact of Growing Season on Population Dynamics: Analytical Essay

Introduction Population dynamics can be a challenging topic of study for a variety of reasons. In any given ecosystem, there is a variety of density-dependent and independent factors at play (Peterson 1977). It can be difficult to analyze the relationship between only two variables, because the confounding effects of other factors in the ecosystem may influence the relationship. For example, birth, death, immigration, and emigration are four of the most significant influences on population size (Peterson 1977). However, immigration and...
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Climate Change: An Epidemic Faced by the Indigenous and Global Population

There is no denying the problematic truth of climate change. The effects of climate change can be seen through the global temperatures rising, the oceans warming, the ice sheets melting, retreating glaciers, rising sea levels, ocean acidification, and extreme events (Government of Canada, 2015). As the temperature continues to increase, it is changing the structure of the surrounding areas that people live in, thereby affecting crops and farming and making construction more difficult. The increased pollution is also directly having...
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Ethical Issues Regarding Marketing and Advertising to Vulnerable Populations

According to Marketing Abstracts, 1967 Journal of Marketing, contemporary marketing is characterized by the marketing concept which enjoins marketers to determine the wants and needs of the customers and then try to satisfy them. Marketing and advertising as brought out by Palmer & Hedberg, 2012 are the actions and tactics a company publicly takes in order to promote their goods and services. This ranges in many ways from word of mouth to billboard advertising, and television and radio commercials. This...
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Why The Population Of England Double During The Victorian Era

The Victorian era witnessed a snowballing rise in population. This unpredictable phenomenon was unique down the corridors of British history. Britain was sailing through a new technological revolution with novel scientific discoveries. They proved a good omen for the society and it became more civic and learned. Disraeli popularized the phrase ‘the workshop of the world’ to denote Great Britain at that juncture of history. There were myriad reasons that added to Britain’s flourishing population in the 19th century. One...
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Population Control Strategies And Policies In India, China And Japan

Population policies are directly dealing with the rapid increase of nation population in order to control the state population density. With the increase of the population, consumption level of the natural resources is growing. Hence, natural ecosystems cannot produce their resources for the entire human being. Consequently, since 1950 to 2009, there has 4.6 billion population increase of entire world. Then, population policies have been introduced in many countries to control the population in order to manage the available resources...
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Essay on Mexico Population Policy in 1974

Abstract This is paper discusses the family planning population policy implemented in Mexico in 1974, and also covered its effect on Mexico’s fertility and population age structure by comparing the demographic data before and after this policy. To better understand this policy, there is also some demographic background of Mexico in the last century. This population policy is for how to lower Mexico’s fertility rate to make its economy grow better. And it made a good performance on change Mexico’s...
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Essay on Population Problem in India

Some people argue that a majority of pressing global issues are engendered by population explosion. In my opinion, I completely agree with this point of view for some reasons. We need to control our population. One vexing problem worth mentioning is the chronic shortage of housing in many major cities worldwide, especially in densely populated areas in the city center. The primary cause of such an issue is the massive influx of rural migrants who flock to cities in search...
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Types And Factors Of Population. Effects And Solutions Of Overpopulation

What is Population? Population as a phenomena has different definitions in particular but the main one that is said everywhere is, population is the total number of people that occupy a specific geographical area. Population in a certain area affects the standard of living and amount of resources that will be provided to the habitants of the area. Factors Affecting Population There are certain factors which affect the increase or decrease of the population of a particular geographical area. Birth...
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Population Genetics Changes And Their Effects

Mitosis is a type of cell division which produces two new cells genetically identical to its ‘mother cell’. In terms of the cell cycle, mitosis is the part of the division process where DNA in the cell’s nucleus is divided into two equal sets of chromosomes. Mitosis is broken down into four phases: prophase (sometimes separated again into early & late prophase), metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. Mitosis is a process used for most of our body’s cell division requirements. Mitosis...
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Recycling in Dubai and Its Impact on the Population and Environment

Introduction Recycling is an effective strategy of cleaning the environment from hazardous materials and pollution (Zailani, Eltayeb, Hsu & Tan, 2012). The following research proposal focuses on how recycling can be conducted in the city of Dubai. The proposal provides insightful information as to why recycling has become a necessity for cities around the world. In this regard, identifying what materials or objects are to be recycled is imperative. In addition, establishing recycling strategies that are effective and cost-efficient is...
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Alcohol Remains a Dangerous Problem for Canadian Population

In June 2017, Andre Picard brought public attention to seemingly trivial issue of alcohol in his article at the Globe and Mail ‘We Need to Stop Romanticizing Alcohol’. According to the Globe and Mail, Andre Picard is known for his dedication to improving healthcare. “He was named Canada’s first ‘Public Health Hero’ by the Canadian Public Health Association and as a ‘Champion of Mental Health’ by the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health. His work has been recognized...
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Population And Demography Factors

Population Many factors play into the evolution of our population now compared to a century ago. As mentioned in our book “Population; An Introduction to Concepts and Issues,” the rise of life expectancy is the “most important phenomenon in human history.” Population growth has presented transformations in human society since the beginning of human history. The increase in population growth has led to a longer life expectancy due to healthier eating and medical advances, in comparison to a century ago...
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Population of the World: Causes, Effects and Solutions

Introduction This assignment attempts to discuss the evolution and assess the effects of the current population of the world on our natural resources and the environment in general. These effects would be further dug deep to uncover the underlying spectrum of root causes – ranging from technology to education – that directly or indirectly led to the present observable situation. A range of plausible solutions would be outlined to counter and mitigate the causes and make this world a better...
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The Consequences Of World Population Changes

The word population is defined as “all the people of a particular type or group who live in one country, area, or place” ( As we all know, nowadays, humans on our planet are ever increasing so rapidly at a very scary rate. In the past, the number of lives and the number of deaths were more or less equal, having the Earth’s population at a fixed rate. This was before the humans really started farming and other agricultural activities....
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Impact of Population Control on Chinese Culture: Analytical Essay

Intro A Chinese woman was seven months pregnant with her second child. A group of people barged into their house and took her away. She was taken to a hospital while her husband pleaded for them not to take her. They didn’t sign any papers or agree to anything. She was shoved into a room where against medical advice, they injected a needle into her stomach. 10 hours later she gave birth to a dying infant. She wasn’t even allowed...
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The Ways To Accommodate Population In India

India is the second most populated country in the world with nearly a fifth of the world’s population. According to the 2019 revision of the World Population Prospects population stood at 1,352,642,280. Population Growth is becoming a huge issue in our country and world today. The reason that it has become such a pressing issue is that our growing population needs a growing economy and has growing needs. As our population grows, the needs of the population become bigger. Very...
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Impact of “Overpopulation’’ on the Economy of Pakistan

Background In the beginning of twenty 1st century, overall the world population was spreading around 6 billion and increasing with the increasing ratio in last few years. In every new year about seventy of million of people were enhanced in the world, population; while in the overall population there is an 8o percent share of underdeveloped nations and a major part of developing countries. In developing and developed countries, the population situation is entirely dissimilar and in the developed countries...
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