Recycling in Dubai and Its Impact on the Population and Environment

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Recycling is an effective strategy of cleaning the environment from hazardous materials and pollution (Zailani, Eltayeb, Hsu & Tan, 2012). The following research proposal focuses on how recycling can be conducted in the city of Dubai. The proposal provides insightful information as to why recycling has become a necessity for cities around the world.

In this regard, identifying what materials or objects are to be recycled is imperative. In addition, establishing recycling strategies that are effective and cost-efficient is important (Zailani, Eltayeb, Hsu & Tan, 2012). From the proposal, the importance of having realistic objectives for the recycling program in Dubai is realized. The proposal provides an insight into how recycling can be conducted and respective benefits of the same on the environment.

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Key information

The proposal will highlight recyclables that require a focus in Dubai. For example, recycling paper products such as the newspapers and cardboards is vital in the city (White, 2011). Plastics are a global concern in terms of polluting the environment (White, 2011). In this regard, recycling of plastic water bottles, lid and containers are critical (White, 2011). Littering of metal objects and materials is an issue of concern in Dubai. Additional recyclables include glass materials and organic materials. The importance of recycling organic products especially those from food joints and restaurants is importance since the city has many hotels. However, utilizing water through recycling is vital since the city is located in a dessert.

The importance of Dubai embracing the concept of green living is vital in preserving the environment (Aboulnaga, 2013). In this regard, the importance of establishing a recycling program is inevitable. First, implementing a waste management program through private investors who specialize in the concept is critical. The waste management service providers are effective in collecting and transporting recyclables (Svara, Watt & Jang, 2013). In addition, the service providers provide waste collection bins, conduct research and promote recycling through public awareness programs.

It is imperative to ensure that the recycling program is sustainable for optimal benefits. There are effective strategies for recycling that could help in Dubai (Aboulnaga, 2013). For example, encouraging people to use Tupperware box for carrying food products instead of foil is effective (Svara, Watt & Jang, 2013). In addition, educating the public the importance of using shopping bags instead of plastic papers can be essential in preventing the hazardous material from polluting the environment. Recycling goods by giving them away to the needy through a global recycling network is necessary. Recycling water by treating and reusing the same to water plants and washing in households should be prioritized.

Ideas for thesis

The research proposal will entail a background fact-finding about recyclables in Dubai and how they affect the population and environment. Conducting a researching on previous recycling efforts in Dubai will be critical in understanding the efficiency for the same. The proposal will entail some objectives for a recycling program and how it intends to impact the environment. The proposal will be supported by an in-depth analysis of modern and efficient recycling strategies. In addition, the proposal will provide details of the expected outcome from the recycling program. Nonetheless, the main idea of introducing recycling in Dubai is to improve on environment preservation initiatives that have become a global issue. In this regard, maintaining recycling programs that are consistent with the global objective and cost-efficient is critical.

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