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Le Corbusier is a famous Swiss-French architect, writer, designer, urban planner, painter, and the successful pioneer of modern architecture who was born on 6 October 1887 and died on 47 August 1965 (aged 77). Le Corbusier formulated Les 5 Points d' une architecture nouvelle in 1926 delivering the concept of the five points of architecture and why it is consequential and necessary to be applied to buildings. These five points included the pilots elevating the mass of the building off...
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If you were forced to leave behind all of your valuables, unsure if they would still be there when you returned, how would you react? Two years ago, I was finally able to answer this burning question. I had just moved from my house in Santa Clarita to a larger house that was also in Santa Clarita. I was teaming with excitement since it was almost double the size of my old house and in a nicer neighborhood. I could...
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For the past decade, the technique used in houses has considerably improved in quality. This is seen throughout this report including ways in which the foundation of the house is the most vital component to keeping a well-formed structure. The way in which this is conveyed is by specifically explaining each of the elements, materials, and products of the foundation and the role they play. Through the use of sketches, I have gone from the route into the house and...
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Last week we moved to a new house. My father has been promoted to chief executive position and the company has allotted us a bigger house. It has five rooms, both of us, my older brother and I, got our separate rooms. My brother’s room is smaller than mine and also at the very last corner of the house. Mine is exactly beside the dining hall. My room is unique as compared to everyone else’s room in the house because...
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The word ‘Chore’ came from the word ‘Chare’ which means an odd job in Middle English. Before the Industrial Revolution, economic fabrication was organized in and throughout people’s houses. All household members, resident servants, and apprentices contributed to the good maintenance of the home and to the production of goods that benefited the family. When we were young, we used to do chores every day at home to earn what we wanted from our parents whether its playing games, going...
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The early 20th century was a time of significant change in domestic Interior spaces. In this period, Britain saw a vast improvement in the standard of living, despite having two great world wars occur and severe recessions. The transition from the Victorian to Edwardian times allowed many changes due to the development of gas and electrics, leading to new appliances becoming accessible for all classes gradually over the period in the 1900s. A space I believe in the 20th century...
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Hearing or reading in the news about the increasing number of home burglaries, people today are more concerned than ever about how to keep their homes safe and secure. Since this topic worries me too, I would like to devote my essay to it and explore effective and budget-friendly ways in which I can achieve the security and safety of my home. The first step towards achieving the above-mentioned goal is investing in smart LEDs. Even when I am not...
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Household consumption is a core issue in sustainable development and has been at the centre of governmental policy making and the push towards sustainability due to its ease of access and influence. The household is considered low hanging fruit (Vandenbergh, Barkenbus and Gilligan, 2008) and is therefore targeted as a potential baseline for sustainable change. Consumption itself is clearly a major issue within sustainable development, with increases being seen across the board from household water consumption in the UK having...
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