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Home as My Significant Place: Narrative Essay

My significant place would and will always be my home. My home has many different significance and characteristics that I feel are important. I spent my entire childhood there, especially some memorable moments that were special to me and my family. My home feels unique to me, more unique than any other place I know. There are features that made me feel that my home is very special to me. My first reason for my home being so special to...
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Necessity of Place: Critical Essay

In ‘Why Place Matters’ by Wilfred M. McClay and Ted V. McAlister, the two authors express the importance of physical place within society. With the advancement of technology and the increase of globalization, the idea of physical place is becoming insignificant in our world today. As a result of rapid technological advances, society feels as though you do not need a physical place to be settled in, because of the way that expeditious technology has made it convenient for commerce,...
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A Place That Is a Part of Me: Personal Narrative Essay

I could see the beaches, stretching for miles. Rocks, broken down by the almighty sea for millions of years to form the very dunes that were situated before me. Precision crafting used to form the beautiful agricultural landscape that spans the entirety of the island. The tall, emerald-colored grass greeted me as it waved in the strong ocean breeze. The blazing sun, beaming down and reflecting off the majestic, turquoise sea. It blinded me. The unmistakable scent of peat, carried...
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A Place from my Childhood Memories: Narrative Essay

Traveling is a very crucial part of every human being’s life because people travel from one place to another for different purposes. For example, it can be related to exploring the new place, work, and so on. I have traveled to certain places in my life and I enjoyed it a lot. But I would like to write about a zoo which is located near my hometown in India. That zoo is very popular because of numerous animals and its...
1 Page 453 Words

Favourite Place for Me: Personal Narrative Essay

Most of us have a place where we feel like to go to with friends or maybe alone to make the weekend unforgettable or to just chill out. Some of us would like to go to the stadium to support our football team or somewhere near the lake with a quiet atmosphere. This is a place I always go whenever I am out to hang out with friends because the car park, the swimming pool, and the shops are the...
1 Page 421 Words

Are We Losing Our Sense of Place in Life: Persuasive Essay

Memory as a form of constructing reality is a mechanism for the formation of not only an individual but also a social experience. The amount of knowledge about the past of the social group in which the individual finds himself is one of the most important factors of his social identification. The identification function of social memory is embodied in the desire of modern society to clothe the past in symbolic and ritual forms. ‘Places of memory’ exist because of...
3 Pages 1228 Words

The Place Where My Heart Is

It was the crack of dawn on June 21st which used to be one my utmost favorite days of the year. As I woke, I could smell the comforting familiar scents that I had longed for all year. I could hear the calm yet bustling sounds of chatter coming from family members whom I loved with every fiber of my being. And, I could see several items which represented an abundance of memories from summers past. They say home is...
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Does Animal Testing Still Have A Place In Medical Research

Humans have been using animals for many uses like food, commotion from one place to another, games, and for many other purposes. One of the extended uses of animals is their use in research. With the advancement of medical technology, the count of animals being used in the experimental research has sky rocketed. Millions of experimental animals are used for the research purposes all over the world. For example, in UK, in the year 2011, the number of experimental animals...
3 Pages 1583 Words

In Praise of Margins: Essay

Purpose of Life In a chaotic world and the pressures that come along with it, people tend to make time for themselves to clear up their minds and alleviate their stress. Ian Frazier’s essay, “In Praise of Margins” focuses on the importance of “marginal” activities and places. The essay construes marginal activities as a time and place where one can be carefree and true to themselves. Frazier is able to define “marginal” activities and places as “a higher sort of...
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The Effectiveness Of Legal And Non-legal Responses In Dealing With Issues Of Domestic Violence

The Australian Legal System is frequently amending legislation to reduce offences and to parallel with the changing societal views and attitudes. Domestic violence is highly prevalent in today’s growing society and is one of the most committed but least reported incidents.It is shown through this as ,”on average at least one woman a week is killed by a partner or former partner in Australia.”.There are legal and non legal structures in place to either aid and help those affected or...
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