Home as My Significant Place: Narrative Essay

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My significant place would and will always be my home. My home has many different significance and characteristics that I feel are important. I spent my entire childhood there, especially some memorable moments that were special to me and my family. My home feels unique to me, more unique than any other place I know. There are features that made me feel that my home is very special to me.

My first reason for my home being so special to me is that it was a place where my parents and I were able to come together as one. There were different occasions that happened at our home which made us the family we are today. There’s always joy whenever we do a special event like, for example, Family Movie Night. Family Movie Night is when my parents and I would watch movies that are premiering on TV or go to the movie theater. These are the moments that allow us as a family to come together and be one and create special moments that will replay.

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My second reason for my home being so special is because my parents were a huge part of what made the place I call home special. From special birthdays to surprise get-together. Having special birthdays were a huge part of what made my parents show how special our home was during my childhood. There were different birthday party themes for how old I was turning. From cartoon parties to dress up to Mardi Gras, which allowed my parents to turn them into special moments for me. With special gatherings, there’s normally people that my parents grew up with will always come and see us, which allowed me to welcome them into my life as family. These weren’t just regular people, these were people that my parents believed that I would welcome them into my life like they did as well.

My third reason for my home being so special is because there were times when in the summer we would go on family trips, leave our home and return feeling as we left something. Summer trips would consist of either a trip to the beach or visiting family in Georgia. Our beach trips were just about every single summer, we go to Myrtle Beach and spend time there, go shopping or go play putt-putt. But trips to Georgia were always a second go to. Trips to Georgia were different because we were visiting family instead of taking an actual vacation, which was another way of making special memories.

In conclusion, my home is so special because it's where I grew up and is still full of memories to this day. These memories include when I lost my first tooth, taking my first steps, and all the way to my first-time seeing snow.

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