Trials and Pleasures of Home Life

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Mother continually tells me, “I wish I could be a teen again, living at home with no bills to pay and responsibilities”, then I think to myself: “Why did you leave home in the first place, if adulthood is SO bad, why move out?”. We all have to grow up sometimes, however I’m not ready to sacrifice this life of entitlement.

Awesome is how I would define home life, one that is full of ‘trials and pleasures’ and I wonder how cool it would be to live in a place of my own and not have nobody tell me when to do this, or when to do that, just pure peace and relaxation. Unfortunately, I am still at school, doing matric and I need my parents, my home, and, sometimes I may think he is a pain, but I need my brother too.

I consider living at home as a dependent ‘the good life’, something my parents always state to me about how great it was being at home. When I have a problem, mother will sort it out. When I need something fixed, father rescues me. When I’m sick, they care for me and when I need a friend, my brother is there.

Free food, free Wi-Fi, free boarding and free entertainment are just some benefits. I just open the fridge and, ta-da! FOOD! I am not required to pay a cent for any of those luxuries that are handed to me from my loving, providing parents, ‘gratis’. If I need to go anywhere, all I have to do is ask my mother, who initially would nag, “How about you get a job and a license, and you can come and go as you wish without harassing me?”. She’s a real hoot, that would mean I am required to study to get a license, and I would be obligated to work to get a job which is not something on my to do list. Ultimately, she would relent and take me to my destination, with some cash, of course.

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That’s the good stuff, the free stuff, and the pleasures of home life.

The trials however, are a whole different ‘kettle of fish’. The free luxuries cost me a smelly job of ‘poop patrol’ that, not MY pets, MOMS pets, excrete all over the garden. Taking the groceries out of the car, as shopping in moms’ eyes is a strenuous task, and after filling her trolley with all the goodies at the shop, she now cannot carry it herself. Laundry and dishes and then there are those family gatherings that no one ever wants to attend, or helping father in the garage. In order for me to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal that mom slaved over for the last two hours, which didn’t just magically appear in the pot for her to cook, or when I open the super clever fridge, that’s always full of thirst-quenching beverages, that was the paraphernalia I lugged from the car to the house like pack-horse. Occasionally I think she considers me her personal slave to order around but as it goes, chores and responsibilities is my payment for those good things.

I love the pleasures of home life which really does supersede the trials, which I hate, although I complain a lot about those chores, which I feel my parents make me do so they can sit on the couch and chuckle, while I break a sweat cleaning up.

Nonetheless, it is a sacrifice I have to make for this perfect home, with the amazing contents, and if I think about what I need to do to enjoy it, I would rather be a teen at home, than a responsible grown up who has to do the adult things like working, raising kids, shopping and cooking, and having to cart kids around. I have come to understand that everything you enjoy or want has a price. Something we ultimately learn when we have to grow up and take on the big bad world.

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