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A personal identity, level of self-esteem, and body image are all incredibly important to an individual’s mental health and well-being.

Personal identity refers to how a person sees themselves and it is very closely linked to self-esteem and body image. Personal identity I’d the way people see themselves and it is ...

an important part of it because it affects the way people feel about themselves and how they behave in situations. Personal identity is what makes a person unique it is their values, characteristics, and personality. As a part of growing up people will establish their own personal identity, their feelings and experiences will build their level of self-esteem and inform their mental well-being. When establishing personal identity, self-esteem, and body image it is important that children and young people learn not to compare themselves to other people unfortunately this seems to be a problem in modern society, especially with areas such as social media, Instagram, they are pushing what they think are socially acceptable ideas of what they should look like but many looks are unachievable and in some instances unhealthy especially when images used are photoshopped or have filters applied. Being bombarded with images of particular types of looks or body shapes is potentially damaging to people who are trying to find their own personal identity and those that may have low self-esteem. They will be trying to achieve goals or targets to form their well-being which are just unsuitable for them and as mentioned before damaging as potentially they are unable to reach the goals and targets they are setting and this, therefore, reduces their chances of mental well-being. Both boys and girls can be affected by seeing images of people looking a certain way and this can affect them and increase their chances of self-harming and having eating disorders as a result of guilt and shame and wanting to achieve the perfect look or body image and not being able to. Low self-esteem and a poor body image can lead to negative self-talk, low mood, anxiety, and increased isolation. Research has found that after conducting interviews with 5,165 girls aged between 10 -17 that more than half of the girls that have low body esteem struggle to be assertive. The majority of those girls skipped meals and isolated themselves from friends and family. It also noted that in the UK 9 out of 10 girls with low body esteem stopped themselves from eating even though there was a risk to their health. This shows just how damaging the effects of low self-esteem and body image can have and that these effects can be long-lasting and extremely detrimental to one’s mental and physical health.

It would seem that low self-esteem and body image are affecting children at a younger age and that an increasing number of boys are also being affected. This has been noted to be a result of social media and the images that celebrities portray on their own pages. The pressure of what you look like is becoming more and more and unfortunately, those of an impressionable nature or those from risk groups can be greatly affected by seeing such images. Appearance is also one of the main causes of bullying in school. This could be from a body image point of view but also from a materialistic what are you wearing point of view. Has the person got their hair the ‘in’ color or do they have the latest designer top? This in itself can affect someone’s personal identity as they may not like the ‘in’ clothes and want to be more unique in their identity but they may feel pressure from those around them and be bullied to be like others.

There are organizations and groups that are looking to help increase people’s body image such as the Be Real Campaign where individuals and businesses can sign up to be more diverse in their marketing, use fewer filters or photoshop and be more inclusive. The networks are slowly gaining support which is great and means that children and young people will slowly get to see a more realistic representation of body image and learn that we are all amazing and should celebrate who we are and build positive self-esteem and body image so that we do not suffer from possible mental health concerns in later life.

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Concept of Personal Identity in Metaphysics: Analytical Essay

Metaphysics, according to Merriam-Webster, is the part of the philosophy that is concerned with the fundamental nature of reality and being. Personal identity is one of the main topics covered by the study of metaphysics. Personal identity is associated with the theme of the One and the Many and with a paradox: the individual remains the same despite their changes over time. The rationale for this paradox is the big challenge faced by metaphysics. Several philosophers tried to define personal...
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Essay on Personal Identity: Views of John Locke and David Hume

There are very distinct opinions between philosophers John Locke, an English philosopher, and David Hume, a Scottish empiricist and skeptic philosopher when it comes down to the topic of personal identity. Both, Locke and Hume, give many reasons for their beliefs, which help support their positions. While both provide their reasonings for their beliefs, one does seem to be a bit more convincing in their argument than the other. It is important to understand both philosophers’ points of view regarding...
2 Pages 745 Words

Theories of Personal Identity: Discursive Essay

In this paper, I shall attempt to discuss personal identity and the different theories of personal identity. I shall make the particular case of the Cartesian theory, and provide a refutation against the soul theory, and a counter-refutation to the same from Indian philosophical thought. Personal identity theory is a philosophical investigation into the concept of self. Decoding the problem of personal identity means exploring the concept of the persistence of “entities”. Truthmaker theory establishes a link between the truth...
4 Pages 1718 Words

Identity Crisis Essay

Foreword An old story written by Wayne Cordeiro in his book, “Doing Church As A Team” tells of a rabbi living in a Russian city a century ago. Disappointed by his lack of direction and life purpose, he wandered in the chilly evening. With his hands thrust deep in his pockets, he aimlessly walked through the empty streets, questioning his faith in God, the Scriptures, and his calling to ministry. The only thing colder than the Russian winter air was...
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Parfit's Reductionism Of Personal Identity

Reductionism is a belief that all complex phenomena can be explained by simplifying the whole concept into basic constituent parts. In his book ‘Reasons and Persons’ Parfit outlines how a reductionist would explain personal identity. The idea is that by conceptually isolating certain features of a person, we can come to understand what the crucial feature is that bases the concept of a person. He claims a person’s existence to involve nothing outside of the physical and psychological experiences one...
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Importance of Personal Identity for Survival: Argumentative Essay

Introduction Parfit argues that personal identity and psychological continuity cannot both be what matters in survival because the former cannot admit a degree, whereas the latter can. Parfit takes a reductionist view of personal identity reasoning that what is of importance is facts concerning brains, bodies, and physical and mental events; we should not be concerned with another sense of identity that cannot necessarily be explained by physical brain activity. I argue that psychological continuity and personal identity are not...
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Essay on Personal Identity

A personal identity, level of self-esteem, and body image are all incredibly important to an individual’s mental health and well-being. Personal identity refers to how a person sees themselves and it is very closely linked to self-esteem and body image. Personal identity I’d the way people see themselves and it is an important part of it because it affects the way people feel about themselves and how they behave in situations. Personal identity is what makes a person unique it...
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Importance of Personal Identity: Analytical Essay

What is it that makes me different from everyone else? This is a question most philosophers ask when it comes to personal identity. This precisely is a question of life and death and the accurate answer is to decide on which changes a person can undertake without coming to an end. There are some questions of our own existence like is there life after death? Who am I? To differentiate these changes that makeup survival to death, there is a...
3 Pages 1382 Words

The Impact Of Society On Personal Identity In One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest And Americanah

One’s identity is what makes them stand out from society; without identity the world’s population would be able to fit into one common mold. At the same time, individuality is one of the numerous challenges faced by youth today. While the idea of acceptance is spreading continuously, everyone faces a period in life in which they are told by society or peers that it is inappropriate to be different. The novels, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey...
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Philosophy Essay about Personal Identity

A Discussion Between Socrates and Hume on Personal Identity and Moral Agency On a quiet Sunday afternoon, Socrates and Hume meet at a coffee shop in a small town, well away from the hectic big city. They explore the philosophical topics of personal identity and moral agency and find their philosophies differ greatly. Hume leans back in his chair and considers his guest. “What are your thoughts on the subject of personal identity, Socrates?” Socrates sets down his cup of...
1 Page 561 Words

The Idea of Collective and Individual Identity in The Dead, Daddy, Brave New World and The Handmaid’s Tale

This essay will focus on the ideas of collective and individual identity and how they are presented in ‘The Dead’ (1914) by James Joyce, Brave New World (1932) by Aldous Huxley, ‘Daddy’ (1965) by Silvia Plath and The Handmaid’s Tale (1985) by Margaret Atwood. The idea of identity, in general, is a central theme in all of these texts. Gordon Marshall (1998) describes identity as centred on two distinct areas, namely the psychodynamic and the sociological. An example of sociological...
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To What Extent Personal Identity Consists Solely of Appearance

The stimulus is an extract from ‘The Office’ in which Jim dresses up as Dwight, such that he looks similar to Dwight. The stimulus brings up issues surrounding identity as, when Jim dresses up as Dwight, Dwight considers this ‘identity theft’. Moreover, other people, such as Pam, around the office consider Jim dressed up as Dwight to be Dwight. Therefore, this gives the impression that Jim’s identity is purely made up of his physical appearance. Hence, it evokes the question...
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Identity Vs Personal Branding

Identity can be defined as, the characteristics that defines someone, for example a person’s name is a form of identity. Identity can refer to one’s personal identity as an individual, or one’s social identity as a member of a group (Marwick 2013, p. 355). Identity changes for each individual, as people present themselves differently based on context and audience. For example, one’s identity may be different to when they are around family, compared to when they are around friends. Personal...
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Personal Identity: Definition And Formation Factors

People usually look at a person, acknowledges that they are there, judges them on something, and then walks away. Many things make up a human being. We are all individuals, and I believe no one is the same. If you are Hinduism then your essential self is transpersonal, it is the same within all individuals. But I never see two people who are exactly the same. I also believe that our personal identity is constructed over our lifetime. The definition...
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The Relation Between Identity And Personal Choice

Being a human, everyone has their personalities and properties which people can base on to distinguish a group of people or an individual. There are many factors that affect our characteristics. Value and identity differ from person to person, therefore people should respect and accept it even it is good or bad. According to the writers in chapter one, there are three assumptions which are used to define the word “identity”: “Identity is what we’re born with”, “Identity is shaped...
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The Kite Runner and The Great Gatsby: Personal Identity Development

Identity can be defined as the way you think about yourself, the way you view the world and the characteristics that define you. It is a typical feature for authors to create unique identities for their characters which shapes the rest of the book. Both novels explore the ambitions, dreams and personality of their protagonists in order to portray their sense of identity. Firstly, both Gatsby in ‘The Great Gatsby’ and Baba in ‘The Kite Runner’ attempt to create an...
7 Pages 3088 Words

Personal And Social Identity: David Elkind And Erik Erikson's Theories

INTRODUCTION The study of Society and Culture enhances the development of social and cultural literacy, primarily focusing on the interactions between persons, societies, cultures, environments and time. Founded upon conceptually based topics, a variety of cross-disciplinary concepts are drawn upon, utilizing a series of social and developmental theories in the teachings of personal and social identity. In an attempt to better understand the development of identity and social self, numerous theorists have constructed explanations to account for these processes of...
3 Pages 1312 Words

Self Awareness And Personal Identity

Self-awareness, has evidently been the key issue from a formative and a transformative point of view’, is a rich and entangled topic. As individuals, we can never completely comprehend ourselves, if there is such a desire. In any case, maybe it is simply the adventure of investigating, understanding and getting to be ourselves that entices our life worth living. (Jessie zhu 2017) From the old Greek Aphorism ‘know thyself’ towards the western world, the theme of self awareness has dependably...
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Self-Efficacy And Personal Identity

Self-Efficacy is a person’s belief that they can accomplish a difficult task or challenge. My self-efficacy can lead to growth mindset if I believe that I can accomplish a difficult task or challenge. I can accomplish a difficult task by practicing or studying hard. I can also use positive self-talk to keep me focused on positive thinking instead of negative thinking. Self-talk is the practice of a person talking to oneself aloud or mentally. Self-talk can be positive or negative....
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Concept of Identity The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid: Analytical Essay

Let me start by asking you all some questions, who are you, what is your purpose, what do you aspire to be? Now I’m sure some of you have your whole future seemingly planed out but, for the large majority of us we’re still unsure. In psychology, the concept of identity is described as “the qualities, beliefs, personality, looks and/or expressions that make a person or group”. The 2011 Novel, The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid, takes this concept on...
1 Page 539 Words

Elie's Identity Crisis in the Book 'Night'

Identity is what makes a person who they are and when one goes through trauma and dehumanization the way they see things changes, which causes their identity to reshape. ‘Night’ by Eliezer Wiesel is a Holocaust memoir where Elie narrates his life experience in the concentration camps during the Holocaust. Elie provides horrifying details of the atrocities he and the Jews suffered in the camps. The suffering and trauma Elie endures in ‘Night’ affect his choices, resulting in a loss...
2 Pages 1033 Words

Theme of Identity Formation in the Novel 'Jasper Jones' and the Film 'In the Wild'

Memories are the architecture of our identity, designed by our parents. Together the protagonists from the novel ‘Jasper Jones’, and the film ‘Into the Wild’, have grown up with memories built around their parents, and what their parents have emphasized as their identity. Charlie and Chris have had their identities shaped by the way their parents have raised them. Ever since a young age, parents have always been there in our memories. The things that have been there since childhood...
4 Pages 1761 Words

Essay about Identity Crisis

The identity crisis of women from the perspective of ‘The Darling’ and ‘Profession for women’ The concept of “identity crisis” originates in the work of developmental psychologist Erik Erikson, who believed that the formation of identity was one of the most important parts of a person’s life. When people are confused about their role or goal in life they face an identity crisis. Identity crisis is one of the common conflicts people face during their development. Erikson described identity as...
3 Pages 1311 Words

Double Consciousness and Identity: Analytical Essay

The problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color line. This was one of the quotes by American sociologist W. E. B. Du Bois. Du Bois had many occupations: he was a professor, historian, journalist, and others. He was the first African American graduated from the integrated public high school in Great Barrington; aside from that, he was also the first African American who earned a Ph.D. from Harvard University. In his book “The Soul of Black...
3 Pages 1399 Words

Concept of Linguistic Identity: Essay on Speaking Foreign Languages

Linguistic identity refers to a situation whereby a person considers himself or herself to be part of a certain group that speaks the same language. Most people become fluent in a second or third language at risk of losing their identity. My linguistic background is that I was raised in a linguistic environment where I used Xhosa as my home language and English at school. After that, I found myself in a different language where I need to use isiZulu....
2 Pages 1028 Words

Exploring Personal Identity in Henry Lawson's Short Stories ‘Our Pipes’ and ‘The Drover’s Wife’

The environment of an individual’s identity shapes the community’s identity due to isolation. When coming together everyone has so much to express and share as everyone has missed out on so much due to being Australian bush men or women. ‘Our Pipes’ and ‘The Drover’s Wife’ explore the culture, identity, and language on both an individual and community aspect. The individual identity explored by Lawson through both texts is the characters and in which they affirm, ignore, challenge, reveal or...
2 Pages 904 Words

Issues of Identity in The Woman Warrior: Analytical Essay

Identity being yourself not trying to fit a mold set up by society due to your race or ethnicity; to be true to yourself is to uphold your bicultural identity. There are many races and cultures throughout the world that uphold many different beliefs and ideas on how life should be lived and how one should act; to fall under a social construct and oblige to please others leads to you being unsatisfied knowing you’re more than what society is...
2 Pages 894 Words

Discussion on Poverty, Religion, and the Pursuit of Identity in The Bluest Eye

The Bluest Eye is a book ahead of its time. Published in 1970, The Bluest Eye tells the story of an 11-year-old girl, Pecola who fervently wishes for beautiful blue eyes, in the hope that happiness love and acceptance would follow. Though many of the characters in the bluest eye possess dark and gloomy lives their stories shine a light on many of the problems modern society has today. Furthermore, Morrison uses this book as a vehicle to drive discussions...
5 Pages 2201 Words

Lack of Identity in The Handmaid's Tale and Brave New World

In both The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the writers explore how control and oppression establish a lack of identity in individuals. This exploration is achieved by focusing the novels around how the main characters live under governments who manipulate individuality, relationships and knowledge to create their own visions of stability. Huxley’s government in Brave New World is known as the World State, who are responsible for the entire planet aside from a...
4 Pages 1819 Words

Critical Analysis of the Identity of Black Boy

In the third chapter, the quest for identity in the Black Boy is examined. The work is the autobiography of Richard Wright’s own life in the South during his childhood and youth. It is a true document of race relations in America. Although an autobiography it is highly personalized, the author’s eyes and ears and emotions were vibrantly sensitive, so he missed as little of what went on around him as what went on inside him. In Black Boy which...
2 Pages 706 Words
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