Essay on Whether Andrew Jackson Was a Good President

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Andrew Jackson once quoted: “Every good citizen makes his country’s honor his own and cherishes it not only as precious but sacred. He is willing to risk his life in its defense and its conscious that he gains protection while he gives it”. This memorable quote of Andrew Jackson defined his views not only as an armed leader, American citizen, but most importantly Americas’ seventh president of the United States of America.

During the years 1829-1837 Andrew Jackson took official position of Americas elected leader. Jackson was a self-proclaimed common man, who had many great visions for the United States of America. Andrew Jackson obtained the official name Old Hickory, because he was tough as wood and was strict. Jackson was a man who was either loved or hated. While his actions may seem brutal and brutal to many Americans, they seemed to be directed towards the very best intentions of American citizens. In 1830, Jackson immediately signed the Indian Removal Act into law. The Indian Removal Act was signed with the expressed intent to resettle Indians west of the Mississippi River. Although his political actions seem ‘un-American’, it realistically was in the interest of ordinary citizens of the United States that all citizens be legal and abide by specific laws.

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When it comes to the belligerent government, Andrew Jackson thought of them to be corrupt and if given the chance they would overrule the citizens of America. Andrew Jackson instantly took measures to free Congress from the corruption of past organizations.

Presidential examinations were commonly held in all official workplaces and offices of the Cabinet. Jackson respectfully requested that Congress change theft laws; diminish fake applications for bureaucratic annuities and pass laws to anticipate avoidance of custom obligations and improve government bookkeeping. Andrew Jackson believed that government should not be complex, but should be modest and accessible. It seems that nothing has changed with the corruption of the current government. To this day, the rich and powerful tend to manipulate the laws for their own selfish ends.

Because of Jackson’s perseverance, his actions have restored America become what it is today. If Jackson would have never stepped in as legitimate president our liberty would be non-existent. Jackson fought fiercely for the ‘common’ man’s civil right to declare and adequately express his rights as a civilized human. So, I'm convinced that Andrew Jackson was a good president because he stood up for what he believed in, which is exactly what America needs, a back bone.

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