Self Awareness And Personal Identity

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Self-awareness, has evidently been the key issue from a formative and a transformative point of view', is a rich and entangled topic. As individuals, we can never completely comprehend ourselves, if there is such a desire. In any case, maybe it is simply the adventure of investigating, understanding and getting to be ourselves that entices our life worth living. (Jessie zhu 2017) From the old Greek Aphorism 'know thyself' towards the western world, the theme of self awareness has dependably been an interesting subject of inquiry for the last century.

Self awareness is having a clear view of your identity, including your positive, negatives, thoughts, beliefs, inspiration, and feelings. It also enables you to comprehend other individuals, how they see you, your attitude and your reactions to them at that moment.

Self awareness is the initial phase in making what you want and mastering your life through it, where we pivot on our feelings, responses, identity and behavior which determines our future or basically our dream destination. Having self awareness enables us to see where our thoughts and feelings are taking us. It additionally empowers us to take control of our feelings, conduct, and identity so we can make transformations that are necessary in our life. Until we are aware of our thoughts, behaviour, words, and emotions, we will have difficulty making changes in our direction of life.

Self awareness is essential because when we have a superior understanding of us as a whole, we can encounter ourselves as unique individuals. We then are engaged to embrace changes and to expand on our territories of solidarity just as we recognize the areas where we might want to make improvements. Self awareness is being aware of what you're great at while recognizing what you still have yet to learn. This incorporates admitting when you don't have the appropriate response and owning up to your faults.

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In our highly competitive culture, this can appear to be irrational. Actually, a large number of us work on the conviction that we should seem like we know everything constantly or else individuals will scrutinize our capacities, and then possibly judge us. Honestly, you ll agree that really the opposite is true. Whether you recognize your shortcomings or not, every person still observes them. So rather than conceal them, the individual who tries to hide his shortcomings actually features them, creating a crystal clear view of lack of integrity and self-awareness.

As Goleman states, at the heart of being an ultra efficient pioneering leader is simply the idea of knowing ourselves, of being naturally self aware. This idea becomes an integral factor when we communicate with people who don't appear to comprehend their own emotions as well as intellectual states. A few people appear to respond to the feelings, unaware of how they feel and therefore react with whatever ideation is going through their head right now. Others appear to know about their feelings and how those feelings affect their considerations. These people are aware of how they are feeling and utilize these feelings to properly react to the current circumstance.

It is crucial to put the time, self-awareness is not acquired through reading a book, but achieved through self-reflection by using your comprehension about yourself in making inform decisions, behaviors, and interactions with others. Being aware of our own limitations is very important to achieve true agility. In the race between the tortoise and the hare, the tortoise understood his limits and didn’t try to outrun the rabbit. Agile leaders know their positives and negatives. They utilize this knowledge to make mindful choices and tune others to succeed in areas they themselves are not as skilled.

In a nut shell, “Self-awareness is about identifying personal idiosyncrasies — the characteristics that executives take to be the norm but actually represent the exception.” Self-awareness is a basic keystone for the development of the professional maturation and professional self, which needs to be nurtured and cultivated. We need to restore this legacy, to enable us to develop optimally and become empowered to offer quality service standards.

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