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Love Myself: Take Actions To Make A Difference

Child violence has been an extremely serious problem for many decades. Do you know that 75% of 2 to 4 years old children have received corporal punishment frequently by their caregivers, and 50% of adolescents worldwide have encountered peer violence near school area (UNICEF, 2017)? What’s worse, every seven minutes, there is a teenager dies of violence (UNICEF, 2017). Thus, child violence has become a crucial issue that needs everyone to take actions immediately. Fortunately, there are some people and...
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Improving Self Awareness: A Road To Self-discovery

INTRODUCTION Firstly, I will put a focus on self-concept and tell something about personal inventory like my moods, physical conditions, beliefs, social characteristics and then an analysis of self-concept what’s my thinking and what’s people’s perception about me. Secondly, I would be explaining about social identity and more about the Johari window and four areas in that open area, hidden area, blind area, and undiscovered area. Lastly, I would be telling about me and how self-awareness leads to organizational effectiveness....
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How To Improve Your Self-Awareness

We often hear about self-awareness, but do we know the meaning of this term? And why is self-awareness so important? Self-awareness is the ability to investigate as an individual by keeping separate from the surrounding environment and other individuals, to learn about our motivations, preferences, and aspects of personality, and to understand how they affect us. Self-awareness makes us better because if we are aware of ourselves we could easily understand our natural inclinations and use them to improve traits...
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Care, Compassion And Communication

SELF AWARENESS Self-awareness is defined as an understanding of one’s personal characters and behavior. It’s necessitated by the fact that individuals are distinctive and every person includes a distinct behavioral pattern. Nowadays, it has become necessary for managers to be trained in a very move meant to make sure that smart leadership qualities are imparted in them (Huxley, 2008). It ought to be noted that self-awareness can really facilitate me in changing into a much better manager due to the...
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Self Awareness And Mental Health

Discussion The primary objective of the current study was to explore the level of awareness, access and usefulness of university mental health and wellbeing services in postgraduate taught students at University of Aberdeen. Secondary aims were to investigate students’ attitudes around help-seeking behaviours and to formulate a deeper understanding on taught students’ needs. The results indicated that most psychology taught students were aware of a variety of mental health services. Specifically, the highest frequencies of awareness were reported for AUSA,...
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The Importance Of Self-awareness And Reflecting

Self-awareness within nursing is necessary in order to become the best practitioner possible. Self-awareness considers the idea that of ‘being conscious’ in order to understand ‘ourselves’ (Burnard 1986, Rawlinson 1990 cited in Jack, Smith 2007). This means that nurses need to understand themselves, their personality, their strengths and their weaknesses. According to Goleman (2005) being self-aware allows a person therefore a nurse to stay in control of their emotions rather than allowing those in the caring profession to be overwhelmed....
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How To Develop Self-Awareness

Self-Awareness is the process of examining the personal strengths, weakness, and emotions which are very significant for the person which are required to be a success in all and sundry concepts and facts of our life even it be the personal matter or social. As when we come to relate the self –Aware with leadership, it helps the person to become a leader of own self because if the person can lead our self by differentiating the positive and negative...
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The Significance Of Personality's Self Awareness

The theory regarding self-awareness tells us that the first step in every problem, is admitting you have a problem. Therefore, according to Bolak, B. (2016), in order for the individuals to understand own behavior is by paying attention to their thoughts and feelings that could be the reason why they behave in a certain ways. Moreover, Jack and Smith (2007) demonstrates that self-awareness involves an individual’s characteristic regarding their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. As result, it helps people to identify...
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The Ways And Approaches Of Self Awareness

Self-awareness is the ability to separate ourselves from the people we associate with, along with the world that we live in, so that as individuals, our decisions, and preferences are understood by ourselves (Howell 2019 p3). Self-awareness comes from our ability to recognize our self-analysis, having the ability to observe the way we interact, and behave, along with being able to understand our emotions. Our self-awareness can be obtained through four specific ways, our behavior, personality, attitude, and our perception....
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Self Awareness And Personal Identity

Self-awareness, has evidently been the key issue from a formative and a transformative point of view’, is a rich and entangled topic. As individuals, we can never completely comprehend ourselves, if there is such a desire. In any case, maybe it is simply the adventure of investigating, understanding and getting to be ourselves that entices our life worth living. (Jessie zhu 2017) From the old Greek Aphorism ‘know thyself’ towards the western world, the theme of self awareness has dependably...
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The Significance Of Personality Self-awareness

Everyone was born with different personalities that make each one of us different. Some might be more talkative, while the other remains shy and quiet; then there are people who like to use their heart over their head, and many more. Self-awareness is important to know the self worth and then introspect. The purpose of this essay is to examine the personalities and communication styles together with self-awareness. The first thing to do is to take the personality test. Then,...
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Brand Myself On LinkedIn

On the journey of pursuing my career, I tend to think what would be the best way to brand myself on LinkedIn. My goal is to let professionals find me and land a job with related field that I am in. Moreover, I want to make people know who am I, what do I do, and why should they like me. How I plan to achieve it In order to achieve my goal, I am going to assume that I...
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How Does Language Carry The Sense Of Self?

We, the people, use language every day to communicate, negotiate, express feelings, etc. We can call the language as a system of different symbols such as; writings which allows us to communicate our ideas when we do not have the opportunity to express in front of an audience. Thoughts and feelings with this I mean that we need language to be able to describe how we feel either physically or mentally. When we pronounce the word language many people create...
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Self-Awareness And Self-Development

INTRODUCTION This assignment discusses and explains how self-awareness and self-development are important and how they will help me to fulfil my role as a successful manager in the future. It also explains the qualities of a good manager that u want to build in yourself by way of continuous self-development and two critical incidents one from residential week and other from my work and also discusses my major strengths and weaknesses and also discloses areas of personal development as a...
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Critical Refection And Self-Awareness & Action Plan

Executive Summary The main purpose of this report is to gather own personal skills, which can help to evaluate what has been learnt and plan how to develop more or improve them. Methods including analyse experiences before and during university to identify skill areas which relate to personal and professional development. Different people have their preferred learning style, which understands own learning style and uses it effectively is necessary to successfully further develop skills. The main finding learning process is...
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Concept of Self-awareness in Song of Solomon

One of the most fundamental characteristics of human beings is the ability to be self-aware. Essentially, self-awareness is the capacity to be introspective about one’s self. In this state, individuals are capable of actively identifying, storing and processing information about their personhood. While awareness of the self comprises an integral part of human thought, many individuals often find themselves being disconnected from this process. There are various reasons as to why individuals become less and less self-aware, but the most...
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Johari Window Essay

Introduction Self-awareness is defined as “an individual’s ability to understand one’s feelings, even as they change from moment to moment.” (Abrahams,2007). self-awareness refers to the person’s potential to become an object of one’s own attention (Duval &Wicklund,1972), in which the person actively identifies, processes, and stores information about the self. Which means it is an awareness of one’s own mental state like perception, sensations, emotions, attitudes, and intentions. According to (Gowing, 2001; Jacobs, 2001 Macaleer and Shannon, 2003; Zuckerman et...
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