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The Cost of Survival: Argumentative Essay

Introduction Survival is a primal instinct embedded in the human psyche. Throughout history, individuals and societies have faced challenging circumstances that forced them to make difficult choices to ensure their survival. However, these choices often come at a cost, raising profound ethical dilemmas. This essay will argue that while survival is a fundamental human right, the cost of survival must be carefully examined to ensure that ethical principles are not compromised. The Value of Human Life Human life is inherently...
1 Page 523 Words

Statistics in Everyday Life Essay

As we go about our daily lives, statistics quietly weave their way into various aspects, guiding decisions, shaping perceptions, and offering insights into the world around us. From simple observations to complex analysis, statistics play a vital role in understanding patterns, making informed choices, and navigating the uncertainties of life. Let’s embark on a journey that highlights the ubiquitous presence and significance of statistics in our everyday experiences. Imagine standing in a crowded coffee shop, waiting in line for your...
1 Page 593 Words

Physical Aspect of Personality Essay

Introduction Personality is a complex and multifaceted construct that encompasses various dimensions, including thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. While traditionally, personality has been associated with internal traits and psychological factors, there is growing recognition of the influence of physical appearance on one’s personality. This essay aims to explore the physical aspect of personality, examining the ways in which appearance can impact perceptions, self-esteem, and interpersonal relationships. By understanding the connection between physicality and personality, we can develop a more holistic view...
1 Page 587 Words

Personal Credo Essay

Introduction In life, we are constantly navigating through a myriad of choices and experiences that shape who we are. Throughout my journey, I have come to embrace a personal credo that centers around the value of authenticity. This narrative essay will delve into the essence of my personal credo and how it has guided me in living a fulfilling and meaningful life. Body Authenticity is the cornerstone of my personal credo. It is a commitment to staying true to myself,...
1 Page 528 Words

Nursing Self Evaluation Essay

Introduction Becoming a nurse has been a transformative journey filled with learning, challenges, and self-discovery. As I reflect upon my experiences, this personal narrative essay aims to provide a candid self-evaluation of my growth as a nurse, highlighting the areas in which I have excelled and those that require further development. Through introspection and self-assessment, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of my strengths, weaknesses, and the steps I can take to continuously improve as a healthcare professional. Compassionate...
1 Page 576 Words

My Ideal Partner Essay

Introduction Finding an ideal partner is a desire that resides deep within the hearts of many individuals. We all have our own unique preferences and qualities that we seek in a partner. In this essay, I will share my vision of an ideal partner, describing the qualities and characteristics that I value the most. Shared Values and Goals For me, an ideal partner is someone who shares similar values and goals. We should have a mutual understanding and alignment in...
1 Page 488 Words

My Favorite Sport Is Football: Essay

Introduction Football has been my favorite sport ever since I can remember. From the moment I watched my first game, I was captivated by the intensity, teamwork, and exhilaration that the sport offers. In this essay, I will share my personal journey and experiences as a football enthusiast, highlighting the reasons why football holds a special place in my heart. Early Encounters As a child, I vividly recall watching football matches with my family. The atmosphere in our living room...
1 Page 533 Words

Is a Positive Attitude Necessary for Success: Persuasive Essay

Introduction A positive attitude is often touted as a key factor in achieving success. While some may argue that skill, talent, and hard work are the primary drivers of success, the evidence overwhelmingly supports the notion that a positive attitude is necessary for success. In this persuasive essay, we will explore the impact of a positive attitude on various aspects of life, including personal growth, relationships, and professional achievements. By understanding the benefits of maintaining a positive mindset, we can...
1 Page 563 Words

How Does the Desire for Independence Affect Our Choices Essay

Introduction Independence is a fundamental aspect of human nature. From a young age, we yearn for autonomy, freedom, and the ability to make our own decisions. The desire for independence significantly influences the choices we make throughout our lives. In this synthesis essay, we will explore how the pursuit of independence impacts various aspects of our lives, including personal relationships, career decisions, and self-discovery. Independence and Personal Relationships The desire for independence can shape our relationships in profound ways. It...
1 Page 554 Words

Volleyball Is My Favorite Sport: Narrative Essay

Volleyball has been my passion ever since I was introduced to the sport in middle school. The first time I stepped onto the court, I was immediately captivated by the energy, teamwork, and exhilaration that volleyball offered. It quickly became my favorite sport, and over the years, it has not only provided me with countless hours of enjoyment but has also shaped me into the person I am today. I remember the first time I held a volleyball in my...
1 Page 635 Words

What Is Important to You: Narrative Essay

What is most important in your life? Numerous people have been asking this question throughout their life. I thought for a long time about this question. It’s not all about material wealth or power and reputation. Rather, it’s all about what you want to be in your life. For me, living a life to the fullest with no regret is what I want. Life is a very fragile thing to me. I’ll try to make each day to be the...
2 Pages 981 Words

Goal Setting and Time Management: Informative Essay

Goal setting involves formulating action layout designed to motivate people to obtain their goals. It can be guided through aim putting standards such as SMART standards. Goal setting is necessary on private improvement. Setting goals helps a person initiate a new behavior. Goals also help one to align their focal point and promote a sense of self mastery. Goals can be short-term or long-term. Short-term goals are goals which can happen quickly, for example, earn a new degree, while long-term...
1 Page 648 Words

Theme of Time in the Poems ‘The Loom of Time’ and ‘Package for the Distant Future’': Critical Essay

Poetry is a type of literature that expresses emotions or an idea through poetic devices about a genre. Through powerful devices such as imagery, metaphors and similes, the reader deciphers the poem from the literal meaning to what the poet is actually trying to say. ‘The Loom of Time’, written anonymously, and ‘Package for the Distant Future’, written by Sylvia Kantaris, express emotions about time. ‘The Loom of Time’ explores time as a significant part of each individual’s journey through...
2 Pages 747 Words

Theme of Time in Kenneth Slessor’s Poems ‘Out of Time’ and ‘Wild Grapes’': Critical Essay

Texts are able to represent and explore the human experiences that shape our society and world. Have you ever felt like time was running past you? That the world kept spinning, while you just stood still? Time is a central theme in many of Kenneth Slessor’s poems, however it is primarily explored through ‘Out of time’ and ‘Wild Grapes’. Slessor has made it obvious that he is aware that time continues, whether we want it to or not, and this...
2 Pages 1124 Words

Reflections on What Shaped Me

Did you ever wonder what shapes a person? Well, I will tell you what made me, well me. It all started in kindergarten when my mom said, “Let’s go to the park”. I run and get hit by a jeep. That showed me life can easily be taken, no matter what. Later in life, I found someone who later in life will mean a lot to me. This makes me feel happy knowing I have someone who can mean a...
2 Pages 856 Words

Describe the World You Come From: Narrative Essay

Edward James Olson in the film ‘Selena’ said: “We have to be more Mexican than the Mexican, and more American than the American. It is exhausting! Nobody knows how tough it is to be a Mexican American”. That is very true, it is hard to be a Mexican American. If you do not speak perfect English, Americans think less of you; you also have to speak flawless Spanish or Mexicans will label you a ‘pocho’. No matter what we do,...
2 Pages 758 Words

Personal Development Planning and the Value of Goal Setting in It: Narrative Essay

Personal and professional development represents a way for individuals to evaluate their skills and abilities, to examine their aims in life and institute goals with the purpose of realizing or maximizing their true potential. Through professional development the individual ensures that his knowledge and aptitudes remain up to date to certify his competency and ability in practice and follows the outcome of a promotion, career change or the development of soft and hard skills. Personal development focuses on building up...
2 Pages 967 Words

Personal Development Plan and Goal Setting

Personal development is an integral part of an employee’s professional and career advancement. The entire notion of personal and professional development is based on one fundamental factor: the most effective development of individual talents and knowledge. Personal development encompasses a wide range of areas, as well as knowledge and skills within those subjects. Personal aims are focused on the individual’s growth, whether it’s through the acquisition of a new hard skill or the enhancement of soft skills. Work objectives, on...
3 Pages 1328 Words

Narrative Essay about My Passion for Music

I am an addict, wait, not that kind of addict, but a music addict. I can’t go a whole day without, at the very least, humming or whistling tunes that crowd my head. I need to listen to music and play music every day. I suspect that if someone were to look at my blood under a microscope, they would see, between each blood cells, little black musical notes coursing through my body. Music, for me, is a collection of...
1 Page 618 Words

Narrative Essay on What Being a Mother Means to Me

What does being a mother mean? As a mother to my three-year-old son, I can say that for me, being a mother means discovering strengths you didn’t even know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed. Some people would say that it’s a good thing and others would say it’s a bad thing. Personally, my mindset as a mother is that a mother’s love is so powerful and strong that it has caused my perspective on life...
2 Pages 773 Words

Narrative Essay on Home Away from Home: Where Do I Belong?

‘Where are you from?’. This is one of the biggest questions I have heard since I left Burundi in 1999. And most of the time, it was quickly followed up by: ‘Where is Burundi?’. My Burundian folks would understand the struggle that comes with explaining where this tiny little East African country is located. I am not going to lie; it gets annoying at times which makes me wish that certain African people should know better their own geography. Then...
2 Pages 756 Words

My Difficult Journey on the Way to Success: Personal Narrative Essay

From preschool up to my last year of high school, I have gone through struggles to reach the top percentage of my graduating class as well as come to terms with who I am as a person. My experiences with inspirational figures have engraved in my mind a philosophy that if I just go that extra mile, I will obtain a victory within myself and so much more. As many others have experienced my situation of the hardships involved in...
5 Pages 2207 Words

There Is Definitely More Than What We Perceive as Reality': Critical Essay

Reality is often defined as our five senses: our nose, ears, touch, eyes and taste. It is also objects or events that are ‘real’ or existent, as opposed to things that are only ideas or imaginary thoughts. The general term, however, is anything and everything in the universe, both discovered and undiscovered. This also leads to the question: ‘Is there more to life than what we see in the here and now?’. Well, approximately 68 percent of the Earth is...
1 Page 572 Words

My Dreams and Goals: Personal Narrative Essay

When I was a kid, somewhere in the 3rd or 4th grade, I was thinking what I want to be when I grew up. Should I be a nurse? But I am afraid of blood. Should I be a teacher? But I am not that smart. Should I be a police woman? But I am afraid of guns. I am quietly searching and thinking what I want to be. While in the 6th grade, I realized what profession fits for...
1 Page 613 Words

How My Parents' Divorce Affected Me: Personal Narrative Essay

“You promise everything’s gonna be okay?”, I ask my mother every night before hopping into bed. It’s almost as if every time I do this, a huge weight is lifted off my shoulders and I can peacefully fall asleep once I hear her reply with, “Yes I promise, now goodnight”. I’d say it’s my way of receiving that reassurance I’m constantly searching for. I never used to do this, but as you get older, life becomes a much more shifter...
2 Pages 876 Words

My Health Behaviour Change Project: Proposal Essay

I have been giving it some thoughts about slimming down on my weight and just overall wanting to feel healthy. I have tried all the diets that you can think of, but never fully committed to one as I always see no results and eventually give up. I have been doing some research and looking into video ideas of what it would be like and the timeline and the result that could be achieved using a vegan or vegetarian option...
3 Pages 1413 Words

Are We Losing Our Sense of Place in Life: Persuasive Essay

Memory as a form of constructing reality is a mechanism for the formation of not only an individual but also a social experience. The amount of knowledge about the past of the social group in which the individual finds himself is one of the most important factors of his social identification. The identification function of social memory is embodied in the desire of modern society to clothe the past in symbolic and ritual forms. ‘Places of memory’ exist because of...
3 Pages 1228 Words

What Can I Say About Me, Myself and I: Personal Narrative Essay

I was born in US to an immigrant family from India, at a time when my dad was unemployed and had no health insurance. My dad running from place to place doing a temporary job under the contracting company to maintain the immigration status and earn the living. My mother left me in India when I was toddler and came to US in search for a job. I was raised in India initially without parents living with relatives. It was...
2 Pages 686 Words

Key Questions to Myself: Narrative Essay

Sometimes, it’s funny to think that there are times where we take pride in ourselves that the one who knows about ourselves is ourselves as well. That often happens to me. But, to me, it also causes misunderstanding and eventually…we seem to come to the conclusion that what we are proud of is wrong. With the many and seemingly consecutive occasions that have come into my life, questions have been planting in my mind. Interestingly, the questions that were on...
1 Page 556 Words

My Goal of Improving the Quality of Sleep: Narrative Essay

As a third-year student going into my fourth year, my courses have been progressively increasing in the depth of content and difficulty in assessment tasks. These factors have seemed to affect my sleeping patterns and quality through the whole year. From doing some research by looking into studies and research papers, I have formulated a SMART goal to improve my quality of sleep. Improving the quality of my sleep will mainly involve increasing the length of sleep, as well as...
1 Page 570 Words
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